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You must understand to love and accept yourself. Your life transforms when you become your source of love. These things affect the quality of your individual and expert connections and the state of your physical health.

A positive outlook is possible because self-love crystals may alter the atmosphere in a space and help people feel better about themselves. Using them can help us gain the self-assurance we need to achieve high emotional heights and find true love.

Self-love is the ability to recognize and appreciate your worth and value. With the help of these crystals for self-love, you can rise above feelings of poor self-worth and begin to believe that everything in this life is yours for the taking.


Crystals For Self-Love: 15 Self-Love Crystals

Rose Quartz

 rose quartz crystal for self-love

Among the most famous crystals for working on self-acceptance and self-love is rose quartz. Rose quartz is the emotional crystal of unconditional love, making it ideal for promoting self-acceptance and self-acceptance in the wearer. Furthermore, the heart chakra and the beautiful pink stone it bears are said to be linked by those who wear it. As a result, this gem is excellent for self-love and attracting love. In addition to its natural patterns, this crystal’s delicate pink color is awe-inspiring. Find more about Rose Quartz meaning and healing properties.

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In particular, if you’re trying to cultivate greater self-acceptance via meditation or visualization, Rhodonite may be of assistance. So that you can exit this position, you need to have this powerful tool at your disposal. In addition, if you have any misgivings or apprehensions about your ability to love yourself, it’s said to assist you in overcoming them. With this crystal, you’ll be able to work through issues and problems without fear of being judged, which will boost your self-confidence. Find more about Rhodonite meaning and healing properties.

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crystal for love- rhodochosite

Rhodochrosite can help folks who have lost touch with their inner child by gently bringing that bubbling to the surface. To cure ourselves, we must first focus on ourselves to extend love to others. The heart chakra is associated with this gem, as are other pale pink stones, and it can help restore a flush of self-assurance and loving awareness to the body. Unresolved concerns are addressed, forgiveness is found, and a new direction in life is charted—a journey paved with happiness, love, light, and compassion.

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It is said that citrine is a good stone for self-love because it is the lucky merchant’s stone. Citrine is recognized for providing happiness, and the color of this stone wonderfully reflects that. This opens their eyes to their inherent beauty, which they may not have noticed before. You can leave it overnight and reap the benefits when you wake up. Its presence will have a profound effect on the vibe in the room. Find more about Citrine meaning and healing properties.

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In general, the amethyst is an excellent stone to use for protection, but it is incredibly beneficial when trying to bring something into your life through manifestation. Use this stone whenever you’re going through a rough patch in your life to have the courage and authority to get through the day. In addition, amethyst is an excellent stone to use to overcome guilt, fear, and obstacles. One of this gemstone’s primary functions is to protect you from outside influences while also helping to bring you good fortune and abundance. Find more about Amethyst meaning and healing properties.

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In addition to being a lovely red crystal, carnelian is associated with the sacral chakra, where many women store their emotional baggage from childhood. Carnelian has vital energy that will inspire you to take on new challenges. Embracing new possibilities and putting yourself in a position to avoid being pushed down are encouraged by this philosophy. These stones for self-confidence are essential to this list since improving your self-esteem and consciousness directly impact your feelings of self-worth. Find more about Carnelian meaning and healing properties.

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Beautiful and captivating, the moonstone is considered to have a specific affinity with the moon’s energy. Therefore, connecting with your intuition can be beneficial when trying to manifest something into your life. For example, you can use it to encourage self-love and utilize it in meditation or imagery exercises to help you focus on the positive aspects of your life. Find more about Moonstone meaning and healing properties.

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If you’re ready to take on the world, amazonite can help you do just that. As a powerful stress reliever and a master at calming the nervous system, this stone also aids in the establishment of healthy boundaries. Amazonite knows that having clear boundaries is necessary when it comes to self-love. So as well as establishing boundaries and maintaining your calm and collected, amazonite will help you develop a good mindset and feelings of empathy for others. Find more about Amazonite meaning and healing properties.

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To show oneself, love, hematite works to turn your bad feelings into good ones so that you can do so. It is essential to practice self-acceptance to help you realize your value and shield yourself from extraneous pressures. With its ability to keep your mind calm and concentrated, hematite is an excellent stone for meditation. It will always draw positive attention and help you cultivate a positive self-image. Find more about Hematite meaning and healing properties.

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Green Aventurine


To help attract people into your life, green aventurine can help you open up to the possibilities in your heart. It is the ideal self-love gemstone to carry with you whether you want to make new connections or keep an existing one going strong. Green aventurine can also help you attract love into your life. It’s a heart chakra stone that can help you attract more love, luck, and wealth into your life. If you’re having difficulty figuring out who you are or allowing positive thoughts to enter your mind, this is a great tool. Find more about Aventurine meaning and healing properties.

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Clear Quartz


Clear quartz, on its alone, possesses great mystical potency. It enhances the energy of other stones in its vicinity. Because self-love requires a lot of healing, it’s a good idea to have this gem in your toolbox. The crown chakra is associated with the clear quartz crystal. Emotional healing and mental clarity can be achieved through this method. It’s an excellent stone for calming the nervous system and allowing you to accept and love your body. Find more about White Quartz meaning and healing properites.

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Kunzite’s high vibrational energy stimulates the heart chakra. Kunzite is yet another stone linked to your heart chakra, making it ideal for those who seek a greater sense of unity or wholeness. Kunzite is an excellent stone to have on hand to boost your self-confidence. After working with this stone, you’ll feel a new sense of oneness, encouraging you to think positively and open up to others. Find more about Kunzite meaning and healing properties.

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Malachite, a stone associated with the heart chakra, is thought to facilitate the experience of love, devotion, and harmony. To attract love, this is an excellent stone for guys, too. In addition to its reputation as a powerful protector crystal, many people believe it to be a stone of metamorphosis that promotes growth, experimentation, and a more passionate approach to living one’s life. Malachite can enliven your adventurous spirit if you lack self-love and value the wishes of others more than your own. Find more about Malachite meaning and healing properites.

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Smoky Quartz

crystal for self love - smoky quartz

As long as you’re holding on to negative feelings, you won’t be able to rise in your vibration and feel self-love. Regular use of this crystal will maintain your clear and sound vibration. Although it has nothing to do with self-love, smokey quartz is an excellent all-purpose stone in your collection. Even though its color ranges from black to pale gray, smokey quartz serves an essential role in anchoring positive energy to your heart. Find more about Smoky Quartz meaning and healing properties.

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Red Jasper

Red jasper is a potent stone that can help you cure yourself by bringing in positive energies. Self-esteem difficulties are addressed by using these red crystals. Love oneself for who you can be prevented from infiltrating your thoughts and feelings by using this technique. It can also serve as a protective stone for persons susceptible to lousy energy, dispelling it and replacing it with a sense of harmony. It can assist you in regaining a sense of emotional and spiritual stability.

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How To Use the Self-Love Crystals?

  • One of the most straightforward tactics for encouraging self-esteem is to write a thankfulness diary every day.
  • Place a stone underneath your pillow to benefit from its healing properties as you drift off to sleep.
  • Decorate your home with large and small gemstones to create a relaxing atmosphere.
  • When you’re feeling low, have a set of self-love crystals in your handbag or pocket.
  • Place a crystal for self-love in your palm during meditation to experience its potent energy.
  • To allow the therapeutic light of a crystal to permeate your entire area of study, set aside a spot for it to sit.
  • You may incorporate them into your self-care routine by soaking them in the water you use to wash your face or bathe.
  • When you wear them, let the stones’ energy rise with you.
  • When starting your self-pleasure routine, use an egg or other self-satisfaction tool to introduce them into the fold.
  • Carry one or a few in your bag at all times. Assemble an altar for your crystals that serves as a refuge for your innermost feelings.



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