Different crystals have different meanings and healing properties, do you know how to wear crystal bracelet? Left hand? Right hand? In this blog, we covered your major concerns on wearing crystal bracelet.

What are the Different Meanings Between Left Hand and Right Hand?

In mystical lore, the right hand and the left hand have different meanings. The left hand is the receiving hand that absorb positive energy into body, while the right hand is the giving hand that release negative energy outside the body. Deciding which hand to wear your crystal bracelet depends on what you do you want bring from the crystal.

Left Hand – Receiving hand

left hand to wear crystal bracelet- receiving hand

Receiving hand to absorb energy

This left hand represents receiving hand, which is in charge of absorbing energies. Wearing crystal bracelet on left hand means that you want receive particular energy from outside.

For example, if you want to attract love, you can wear rose quartz crystal bracelet to absorb its benefit.

Common Crystals suitable for left hand (if you are looking for love, wealth, calm emotion) :

Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Labradorite, Pink Tourmaline, Red Carnelian, Aquamarine, Amazonite, Sugilite, Blue lace agate, Malachite, Pearl, Morganite, etc.

Right Hand – Giving hand


Giving hand to release energy

The giving hand is in charge of releasing energies. You can wear crystal bracelet on right hand to release your inside energy to outside, or protect yourself from receiving negative energy.

For example, if you want to release negative energy, you can wear black obsidian bracelet, it can also protect you from negativity.

Common Crystals suitable for right hand ( if you want to release negative energies) :  

Black onyx, Black obsidian, Black tourmaline, Black Rutilated Quartz, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Clear Quartz, tiger’s eye, lava stone, etc.


Again, be noted that some of crystals can be worn on both left wrist and right wrist, it depends on what you do want bring from the crystal. Therefore, spend time to realize the meanings and healing properties of each crystal, then to decide what hand to wear the crystal bracelet based on your need.

Which Hand to Wear Crystal Bracelet for Left handed?

You may confused on which hand is receiving hand and which is giving hand if you’re left handed. There are some sayings with this question.

Some saying is that it doesn’t matter whatever you’re left handed or right-handed because the direction of energy flow to body is “left in right out”. Left side is for receiving energies whereas right side is for giving energies.

Another saying is that the wearing method is depends on which is your dominant hand. Generally, receiving hand is left hand for right handed. In contrast, right hand is receiving hand and left hand is giving hand for left handed.

Choose one that you feel good.

But let’s say if you wear the crystal on left hand for a period, and you decide to change mind to wear it on right hand, it is recommended to cleanse the crystal first.

Can You Wear More Pieces of Bracelets at Once?


Can You Wear Multiple Crystal Bracelets?

Yes, as long as you do not feel discomfort when you wear multiple crystal bracelets. It is recommended to know the healing properties of your crystal, and make crystal pairing based on your need and know what stones are not recommended to wear together.

If you would like to wear different crystals at the same time, here are the things that you need to know:

  • The left hand is linked with the subconscious and is the pathway to your internal domains. The energetic direction for the left side is toward you, while the current path for the right hand is away from you. So the left hand is for absorbing energies while the other hand is for releasing energies.
  • Healing crystals, in particular, as well as the energizing ones that bring healing and recovery, are best worn on the left hand. The crystals will connect you to the subtle energies released by each stone, so the healing powers enter your body.
  • The left hand or receiving hand represents the yin or feminine powers within you. The balance of yin and yang is ideal and can be accomplished with the help of energy crystals. When you were stones on the left, you bolster your ability to grow as a person and to foster meaningful and rewarding relationships with others. The left hand also strengthens your empathy and compassion and helps fine-tune your frequency and creative transmissions to the Source.

How About If You Wear Crystal Bracelet on Wrong Side of Wrist?

If you really know the healing properties of your crystals, there is no exact answer on which hand you should wear the crystal bracelet.  It depends on your need.

For example of lava stone, it can enhance your courage if you wear it on left wrist. But if you wear on right wrist, it can help you release negative emotion.

Just to remember wearing on left hand is for absorbing energies, while right hand is for releasing energies.

Also, let’s say if you wear the crystal on left hand for a period, and you decide to change mind to wear it on right hand, it is recommended to cleanse the crystal first.

Can You Wear Crystal Bracelet with Watch?

Yes, there is no conflict between them. You can wear crystal bracelet with your watch. However, be take note of hardness of your crystal, its surface is possible to be damaged if you wear it with other materials of jewelry.

Can You Wear the Crystal Bracelet When You Sleep?


Can You Wear the Crystal Bracelet When You Sleep?

It is not recommend to wear crystal bracelet when you sleep. Crystal is able to absorb negative energies at day time, it should be cleanse and recharged during night time. If you wear it when you sleep, it may affect your sleeping quality.

If you are searching crystals for better sleep, read here.

Other Frequently Asked Questions on Which Hand to Wear Your Crystal Bracelet?


Which hand to wear crystal bracelet?

Deciding which hand to wear your crystal bracelet is depends on what you want to achieve, some crystals can be worn both hands. Let’s see different energies of crystals on different hand you may interest.

Which hand to wear black obsidian bracelet?

Left hand: it can help adjust your energetic profile so you can begin finding happiness and contentment with the successes that you have right now.

Right hand: it can aid in personal purification, to rid oneself of negative influences and energies.

Which hand to wear citrine crystal bracelet?

Left hand: to increase their happiness and prosperity while increasing their generous nature and their ability to enjoy pleasure. Also, it can be used to begin manifesting wealth and abundance in their lives

Right hand:  it can improve your motivation and encourage you to express yourself to others.

Which hand to wear tiger eye bracelet?

which hand to wear tiger eye bracelet

Left hand:  it gives the bearer courage of the purest kind – spiritual courage – the kind of courage that you cannot simply dispel or reduce just because the environment is stressful or changing. A truly courageous person is capable of relieving excess stress and tension while maintaining his courage in the most difficult of circumstances.

Right hand: it is known as protective stone that can avoid the transfer of negative energies, protect you from the negative vibrational energies around you

Which hand to wear garnet bracelet?

Left hand: use garnet also to enhance and increase your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Which hand to wear amethyst bracelet?

which hand to wear amethyst bracelet

Left hand: this gemstone is capable of easing communication between people, which makes a great resource for folks who want to reestablish good ties with others

Right hand: can protect wearer from negativity environment

Which hand to wear aventurine bracelet?

Left hand: bring a deep sense of comfort and inner space

Right hand: reduce stress and anxiety

Which hand to wear clear quartz bracelet?

Left hand: it can help to calm your emotion

Right hand: it can release your negative energy

Which hand to wear hematite bracelet?

Left hand: use hematite to regain your confidence and self-esteem. Use it to bring forth your stores of inner strength and courage, so you will be more confident in making decisions and solving problems.

Right hand: hematite can draw away the negativity and create a simple force field that can neutralise additional negativity from the environment.

Which hand to wear black tourmaline bracelet?

Left hand: can help prevent recurrent attacks of anxiety and fearfulness

Right hand:  use black tourmaline as a warding stone or talisman to protect themselves from curses, spells, black magic, and psychic attacks

Which hand to wear turquoise bracelet?

Left hand: obtain “friendly regard” from people around you, it is useful for people who have trouble socializing

Right hand: If you are suffering from a cloudy mind and you find it hard to make important decisions, use turquoise to restore clarity and to sweep away any mental fog you may have developed from being stressed and from being around negative people.

Which hand to wear malachite bracelet?

Left hand: enhance spiritual awareness and personal growth

Right hand: it is known as protection stone, it guards against all kind of negativity

Which hand to wear onyx bracelet?

which hand to wear black onyx bracelet

Left hand: use onyx to bring strength and stability

Right hand: create a protective shield against negativity

Which hand to wear lapiz lazuli bracelet?

which hand to wear lapis lazuli bracelet

Left hand: increase your concentration and to enhance intuition and intellect

Right hand: wear lapis lazuli to release stress and allow your body to relax

Which hand to wear sunstone bracelet?

Left hand: it is known as abundance stone that helps to restore optimism and happiness. Bring self-empowerment and vitality.

Which hand to wear howlite bracelet?

which hand to wear howlite bracelet

Left hand: promoting a higher state of spiritual and emotional awareness

Right hand: help to reduce anxiety, tension and stress

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