In mystical lore, the right hand and the left hand have different meanings. The left hand is the receiving hand, while the right hand is the giving hand. The left hand or the receiving hand represents the feminine hemisphere or side of a person. This hand has everything to do with what is not commonly spoken of – such as the imagination, dreams, the unconscious mind, etc.

Receiving hand

This left hand represents the seat of your spirituality as well, and your role as a conscious creator or a manifestation individual in this Universe. Your spiritual and creative energies are linked to the receiving hand, and thus, it interacts differently with spiritual tools and practices. In rituals, the differences between the left side and right hand are apparent.

Giving hand

The right hand or the giving hand is the hand of work or the hand with which you take things. This means the right side is in charge of receiving, handling, and manipulating external energies that may not always be linked with your spirituality or the ethereal realms.

The giving hand is in charge of releasing energies and with the process of grounding and cleansing. It is also used for expressing oneself more effectively. If you have had trouble with speech and interacting with other people, the right hand is the seat of human expression and faithfulness to what we would like to say sincerely.

If you would like to wear different crystals at the same time, here are the things that you need to know:

  • The left hand is linked with the subconscious and is the pathway to your internal domains. The energetic direction for the left side is toward you, while the current path for the right hand is away from you. So the left hand is for absorbing energies while the other hand is for releasing energies.
  • Healing crystals, in particular, as well as the energizing ones that bring healing and recovery, are best worn on the left hand. The crystals will connect you to the subtle energies released by each stone, so the healing powers enter your body.
  • The left hand or receiving hand represents the yin or feminine powers within you. The balance of yin and yang is ideal and can be accomplished with the help of energy crystals. When you were stones on the left, you bolster your ability to grow as a person and to foster meaningful and rewarding relationships with others. The left hand also strengthens your empathy and compassion and helps fine-tune your frequency and creative transmissions to the Source.


Gemstones for the Left Hand


Moonstone is the perfect stone for inner fortitude and personal development. It helps reduce stress and also improves your handling of emotional turmoil. Use moonstone if you have anger management issues as well. Moonstone also helps boost organic intuition and mental clarity.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the supreme love stone and is an excellent accompaniment for people who wish to either find or keep love. Rose quartz deepens bonds of all kinds, from platonic friendship to romantic love to familial relationships. This gemstone is ideal for nurturing friendships and finding true love – a must-have in any collection.


Amethyst is a supreme purifying stone. It has a high capacity for energetic transmutation and can help form a shield around you, to protect you from evil intentions and misfortunes. It can cleanse your energy field to ensure that toxic or adverse individuals will not influence the outcomes of what you are doing.


Labradorite is the kind of gemstone that you would love to have if you are experiencing trouble, hardship, and upheavals in your life. Whether the upheavals are internal or mostly external, labradorite can help shield you from the harsh areas of the change so you will come out stronger and better than before. Labradorite can also help people with vision problems and psychological imbalances.

Pink Tourmaline

Wear pink tourmaline on your left hand if you wish to recover from past hurts, heartbreaks, and old wounds associated with failed friendships and relationships. Pink Tourmaline will help you improve and stand again so that you can continue your pursuit of satisfaction and happiness.


Gemstones for the Right Hand

Black Onyx

Black onyx is a transformative gemstone and protects the user from psychic attacks and psychic vampires as well. Psychic vampires latch on to people and drain their spiritual energies. This can go on over a long period and physical distances. Black onyx cuts these parasitic connections and allows the person to concentrate his spiritual energies once again.

Golden Tiger’s Eye

Golden tiger’s eye helps release negative energies, stresses, anxiety, depression, and all these other ailments that cause people to become less functioning and unhappy. It also makes you less fearful and fosters harmony between people. Use the golden tiger’s eye to improve your handling of conflict as well.


Amethyst is used primarily for unblocking chakras and improving one’s sense of spiritual wholeness. Amethyst is also a revered stone that is thought to be protective of one’s liver.

Wear amethyst to reduce the effects of alcohol on the body. This stone is linked with the crown chakra and can purify your energy field and protect your mind from harmful thoughts. Meditate with this stone if you wish to purge yourself of the darkness.


Emerald is a most vitalizing and rejuvenating stone and is complexly linked with the heart chakra. We recommend wearing emerald so you can become more expressive of your love to others and feel your genuineness and pure intentions. Emerald also grants people a longer fuse and more patience for all the challenges of life.


The glorious ruby is linked with purity and wealth and is considered a fortune magnet for those seeking wealth and abundance. Those in love will find themselves more deeply ingrained with one another. Use ruby to amplify your love signals and to guide home your real love, if you haven’t seen him/her yet.