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Malachite is one of common green gemstones and is well-known personal transformation stone. Discover Malachite meaning and healing properties.

What is Malachite?

malachite stone

Malachite is a type of mineral that is comprised of copper carbonate. Initially, this mineral was used for extracting copper metal from nature, but soon enough, more abundant ores were found, and it was no longer practical to derive copper from malachite. It became more valuable if it was processed as a gemstone instead of a copper ore. Manufacturers continue to process malachite today for jewelry and other ornamental or decorative features.

Malachite has been around as a precious stone for centuries. Its deep green color that doesn’t fade even with sunlight exposure makes it one of the most appealing gemstones for virtually any kind of jewelry setting imaginable. Artists also use malachite as a sculpting material for creating small statues and other ornamental items.

Historically, this gem was also ground up to produce a beautiful and deep green shade used in traditional painting methods. In modern times, students of painting and art use malachite pigment and lapis lazuli pigment (ultramarine pigment) to study traditional methods of producing art.


How is Malachite Formed?


Malachite is often formed by mineralization at shallow depths, with copper deposits interacting with oxygen from above. The interaction helps produce a beautiful green color. Precipitates from different portions of the geologic landscape, including cracks, crevices, and rock veins, help produce malachite.

Malachite often forms with the presence of limestone. Environments with limestone present are ideal for the formation of other mineral types, including malachite, calcite, azurite, copper, and cuprite. Copper oxides and iron oxides often combine in shallow geological locales to create gemstones like malachite.

Malachite Meaning and Healing Properties

Malachite Meaning

Healing Chakra

Malachite is intensely associated with two chakras: the heart chakra and the throat chakra.

It is an earth gemstone, and thus, it is a solid grounding stone and defensive ward against negative energies or people.

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Zodiac signs

It is the gemstone of three zodiac signs: the balanced Libra, the fiery Scorpion, and the assertive Capricorn. It is aligned with Venus, which means that it is a love stone and may be worn and used to enhance one’s intimacy level with one’s partner.

Powerful Regeneration Stone

Malachite vibrates at one of the highest frequencies for an earth stone (frequency level nine), and it can occur either as a light green stone or a deeper green stone with additional color bands.

The color of this gemstone also associates it with the verdant and vibrant life of nature. It is a powerful regeneration stone imbued with all the life and laughter of Creation.

Peace and Happiness

It is considered a nature relic, which may help city dwellers already jaded with urban life. To bring the peace and happiness of nature to your home, you can display a more massive sculpture or ornamental piece in your living room, so that its subtle energies can reverberate and spread throughout the house.

Malachite Meaning and Healing Properties

Malachite Healing Properties

Spiritual Healing

Malachite, as a healing stone, brings the best of the earth’s powers to your home. If you have been looking for a balanced and energetic stone for meditation, use malachite every day to add that touch of earth and balance to your life. It can also be used (like other gemstones) to fine-tune personal vibrations and improve your capacity to transmit your desires and thoughts to the Universe or Source.

Frequent use of malachite can help increase the likelihood of creating a consistent and protected sacred meditation space at home, wherever you may be right now. Malachite is also a stone of focus and contemplation, so you need to use it to improve your thought processes and your ability to make sound decisions in life.

People are often drawn to the malachite crystal because they have a lot of old wounds, a lot of emotional baggage that they would love to let go of. Malachite helps people recover from trauma, excess emotions, and other unsavory things that may have accumulated over the years.

Use this crystal if your spiritual life has been suffering, and you want to turn over a new page. Malachite is a stone of new beginnings as much as renewals, and it also has a positive impact on the body.

Malachite can heal a wounded or torn heart, too, if you cannot find it in yourself to be vulnerable again so you can let another person in, malachite can be your stone of support.

Since malachite is strongly linked to the heart chakra and throat chakra, you can also improve your handling of others. Use malachite to meditate on your throat chakra and unleash your voice and your power. Boost your self-esteem and confidence as well, so that other people will not trample upon your thoughts and identity as a person.


Malachite Uses

Malachite is now used primarily for producing beads, cabochons, and other fine cuts for jewelry. Traditionally, it was used as a powdery pigment for use in art. Other artists carved and worked larger pieces of malachite into statuettes and other ornamental items.

Malachite has one of the most vivid green colors in nature, which makes it perfect for jewelry production. The most common cut used for malachite is cabochons, as it has a bright luster and high fire. Loose malachite stones are also tumbled. Rock tumbling is often done to highlight the beautiful visual effects of gemstone inclusions.

The best kinds of malachite are the ones that have interesting inclusions such as veins, intergrowths, and admixtures that feature the mixing of malachite and other minerals like chrysocolla and azurmalachite. The only downside with malachite is it has a low Mohs rating, which means it can be damaged by harder materials or surfaces—most malachite score only a 3.5 or higher, a four in the Mohs scale of hardness.

Malachite gems can be used in jewelry settings, but only in items that will not receive regular impacts like earrings and pendants. If malachite was worn on a ring and you drop your ring or bang it hard on another surface, the malachite may crack, chip or crumble depending on the force of the impact.

malachite meaning and healing properties

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