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If you have ever wanted to use crystals for love, you’re in luck, because we are about to reveal the crystal meanings of the seven best crystals for love in the world. We’ll also teach you how to use these crystals to attract love.

7 Best Crystals to Attract Love

1. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the most powerful of all love crystals and is one of the most aligned gemstones to universal love. It creates a gentle vibration that dissuades conflict and fixes damaged bonds between people. It is suitable for attracting all sorts of relationships, from platonic friendships to passionate romances.

We also encourage people to wear or bring their rose quartz when they’re working or even when they are just at home so it can purify negative energies and improve communication among those around you. And of course, it will help attract the best people to you, based on the intentions that you set while using it.

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2. Malachite

Like the rose quartz, the malachite is linked with the heart chakra and can help people work their passions and desires into the fabric of their lives even better.

Malachite can be used to clear oneself of past heartaches and betrayals. The easiest way to tap into its power is by meditating and holding it against your chest, and healing stones function by emanating healing frequencies that our chakras pick up.

By aligning yourself with the healing energy of malachite, your wounded heart will begin to heal, and you will start to open up to new relationships and possibilities as well.

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3. Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite is an appealing stone because it connects with your inner child. Your inner child is your true self, the seat of your organic passion and imagination.

It is the purest spiritual representation of yourself that you had probably lost sight of when the stresses of adulthood came into play. Include rhodochrosite in your daily meditations and allow it to freely stimulate your inner child, and your ability to use your expression to attract your true love. Use this also to foster genuine self-love, which is the foundation of all kinds of love, regardless of depth and type.

Rhodochrosite is highly recommended for people who are only beginning their journey in energy healing, as this also helps unblock and balance the heart chakra. Past pain and heartaches are going to make it tough for you to open up again. Let rhodochrosite help you cross the bridge to healing and opening up once again.

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4. Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is highly recommended for people who suffer from anxieties, worrying, and lack of self-confidence. Admittedly, you will need some level of confidence to succeed in the modern dating scene.

Stones like green aventurine attract the right positive energies toward you, and they also ground the negative energies so they will be driven to more neutral space, away from you. Like malachite and rose quartz, it is also associated with the heart chakra.

Green aventurine can help cleanse this power nexus and improve your chances of finding love. Use this stone during meditation, or while stating your mantras and intention. Keep it around and use it as a general protective ward against negative thoughts and emotions.

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5. Pink Tourmaline

Tourmaline expensive

Pink tourmaline is excellent in improving one’s mood by boosting mental and emotional positivity. Pink tourmaline helps people create meaningful relationships with others by cleansing the air and promoting non-conflict and harmony.

It gives people a sense of security, warmth, and safety to be with others, which is essential, especially if you have just arrived from some form of heartache. Use this to carve a safe space so you can be yourself no matter what. If you are feeling stressed and down, this stone can also help reduce some of that.

It’s easy to use – leave it around your workspace and bedroom, and it will introduce subtle vibrations that will work 24/7 in cleansing your mind, heart, and aura. It would be best to combine this with all the other gemstones associated with the heart chakra for double or even triple effect.

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6. Moonstone


Moonstone is for lovers or seekers of love who want to experience a sense of inner peace and balance as they look for love or maintain the bond they have.

Use the moonstone if you often find yourself strained and stressed by the world. Moonstone is a natural protective ward and specializes in fixing the frequencies of energies surrounding people.

It serves as a buffer and purifier and helps people get quality sleep at night as well. During meditation, put it on the palm of your hands and state your intentions. Its divine properties will help you transmit your plans to the Universe at the right frequency and in the correct intensity.

When using gemstones like moonstone, we recommend consulting with an experienced guru so you can get the best combinations working for you, based on what you want to happen in the first place. There will be a positive payoff if you do it right. However, the combinations of gemstones that you use must be correct, and the gems must not be antagonistic to each other because they have different associations.

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7. Kunzite


Kunzite is another impressive gemstone for healing yourself over past heartbreaks and heartaches. Kunzite takes care of the heart’s problems: it also draws to its user’s abundance and a sense of great wealth, which is also useful if you are trying to settle down and finally find the love of your life.

Additionally, kunzite helps repair your ‘radar’ for good fortune so that you can attract it, and it doesn’t evade you because of mixed frequencies.

“Mixed frequency” happens when your desires are not aligned with your thoughts and emotions. Kunzite cleanses your mind and heart so you can transmit the right signals to the Universe. We create our destinies. We are in charge of our fate. The Universe only translates the messages that we give it.

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