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What is Moonstone?

Moonstone is the name used to describe specimens of feldspar that have high, gem-like qualities. What is interesting about moonstone is it produces a visual effect called adularescence. Adularescence is characterized by a sort of faint glowing that occurs below the surface of a gemstone.

This visual effect is more readily observed in gems that are cut in cabochons. The moonstone earned its name because of this visual effect. The faint glow reminded people of moonlight on nights that the sky is clear or with very light cloud cover only.

It is believed that adularescence is observable when a person shifts the angle of the gem during observation, or when the source of light itself moves. You can also move a moonstone slightly under the source of light, and the faint glow will occur. This single visual effect has made moonstone one of the most sought after gems in this mineral family. Not all crystals under the feldspar group have it.

The visual effect occurs because of inclusions or impurities in the microcrystalline structure of the feldspar. Inclusions such as albite and orthoclase can alternate within the moonstone, and the resulting physical crystallization creates the visual effect.

When light penetrates the body of the moonstone, the alternating layers of feldspar, albite, and orthoclase bend the light from within, causing the faint glowing that people find so mystically great.


How is Moonstone Formed?       

Moonstone is mined from a variety of locations, but it is widely accepted that the best gems are taken from the St. Gotthard Pass, a town in the Swiss Alps. This place used to be called Mt. Adular. The old name of moonstone was adularia, which was done to honor the first place where the highest quality moonstones were collected.

The visual phenomenon of adularescence soon spread by mouth to other parts of the country, and then to the world, cementing the reputation of moonstone as a truly otherworldly piece of natural engineering.

Cutting and polishing moonstone is an intricate process because unlike other gemstones, the cutter must be aware of how first to orient the gemstone. Orienting the gemstone means the cut will have to be made to allow the maximum amount of light inside the crystal. The plane where the light enters has to be parallel to the direction of the cleavage of the moonstone.

The cleavage surfaces of the moonstones also have to be scrutinized to see how adularescence occurs under specific lighting conditions. If the stone is wrongly oriented, the adularescence may not look right in the presence of light. The flat plane or base of the stone has to be found first, and then the gemstone will be cut in that specific direction.

The most appropriate types of cuts for moonstones are the loaf cut, the cabochon cut, and the round stone cut. Any cut that provides ample space at the top to observe the glow effect is an excellent choice for moonstones.


Moonstone Meaning

The mystical moonstone is associated with the third eye chakra and the solar plexus chakra, which is the center of your confidence and personal power. It is also the birthstone of those born in June. The following zodiac signs are also linked to its healing energies – the intuitive Cancer, the balanced Libra, and the fighting Scorpio.

When zodiac signs are associated with particular gems, it means the gems are of close or exact celestial alignment with the alignments of the zodiac signs. The main planet of moonstone is, of course, the moon, because its visual effect that closely resembles the glow of the moon on cloudless nights.

The moonstone generates subtle vibrational energies at a low frequency, making it an excellent healing stone. Low vibrational frequency means the bearer or wearer of the gemstone can adjust gradually to the new energies. As they adjust to the healing frequency’s presence, their bodies are also able to align with faster healing and recovery.

This gem is the stone of mothering and nurturing, and it makes people less selfish and less self-centered, overall. People who use the moonstone report that they can more effectively tap into their spiritual energies, and they are also able to glean deeper spiritual insights from their meditative experiences.


Moonstone Healing Properties

In addition to spiritual healing, moonstone also offers physical healing of the best kind. It is a pure healing crystal for the digestive system. It can also be used to slow down and heal people with degenerative conditions that affect various organs, including the skin, eyes, hair, and detoxification organs like the liver and kidneys. The moonstone can also be used if you are suffering from hormonal imbalances, PMS, and other hormone and reproductive system-related malady.

Moonstone is recommended as a supportive stone for pregnant mothers and for those who are about to give birth. Use it to enhance breastfeeding and improve the breastmilk’s quality so that it becomes more nourishing and filling for the infant.

For men, the moonstone has the peculiar ability to improve their emotional balance, so that they become more open with their feelings.


Moonstone Uses for Healing

The moonstone can be used for healing through constant meditation. Hold the moonstone close to the solar plexus during meditation and visualize a faint glow emanating from it. Please tune in to the warmth of the subtle vibrations and connect with your solar plexus chakra. The healing effect can often be felt instantaneously when you meditate.

Since the moonstone is also a grounding stone and a defensive ward, it can be placed in any location to rid that place of negative energies. Minerals that vibrate at a lower frequency are excellent in transmuting negative energies to positive ones. This is imperative if you have been suffering from stress and negativity for a long time.

To heal the digestive system and associated organs, you can hold the moonstone on the areas that need help, and the subtle healing energies will work, bringing down inflammation and managing pain.