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Because of the similarity of their names, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, and Rhodolite may be confusing to some people. Let’s investigate how we can differentiate all three.


What Is Rhodochrosite?


Rhodochrosite is a carbonate mineral that normally occurs in nature in pink or red tones. The mineral manganese prefigures prominently in rhodochrosite gems. Sometimes, rhodochrosite is utilized as an ore for deriving manganese, but commercial or industrial amounts of rhodochrosite are rarely found and processed due to its natural rarity. Due to their naturally beautiful formation and hardiness, this mineral is best used as a crystal for ornamental purposes.

Rhodochrosite has a Mohs hardness of 3.5 to 4.

Rhodochrosite Healing Properties

Rhodochrosite nourishes the heart chakra and is the gemstone of the Scorpio and Leo zodiac signs. It is linked with the Earth and vibrates at the power band four.

This mineral often occurs in red and pink tones and hues, but yellow, yellowish-gray, white, and brown rhodochrosite minerals. Rhodochrosite is a powerful harmonizing stone that provides an opportunity for unifying both physical and spiritual energies. Rhodochrosite taps into the heart chakra and unleashes negative energies, allow the heart chakra to function openly and normally. This increases the heart chakra’s power and allows the person to enjoy different love types more vividly and healthily.

When the heart chakra is unblocked, a person gains a happier life outlook, which facilitates more positive changes. If you are constantly stressed by life and would like to improve your overall outlook, we recommend rhodochrosite. If you want to know if your chakra is open or blocked, click here to know more.

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What Is Rhodonite?

Rhodonite healing properties

Rhodonite is a type of silicate that was also formed with manganese. Manganese often lends pinkish or reddish hues to minerals. This time, the mineral combination includes calcium and iron. Rhodonite is often found with oxides of black manganese. The black manganese is often seen in fissure-formations within the mineral matrix. Rhodonite is also called manganite in some markets.

This mineral has a Mohs rating of 5.5 to 6.5, making it harder and more durable than rhodochrosite. Rhodonite is often processed as a lapidary stone.

The highest quality rhodonite crystals can fetch handsome prices on the jewelry market. However, the average gemstones are cut into various forms, including beads, cabochons, and even handy sculptures for display. There is no wastage with rhodonite crystals. For one reason or another, the damaged ones are often still processed and turned into several faceted stones that can then fetch good prices.

Rhodonite Healing Properties

Rhodonite is also associated with the heart chakra, making it an ideal stone for improving their relationships and harmonizing with friends and their significant other. The ruling planet of rhodonite is Venus, which is the planet of love.

If you are creating a crystal grid at home for love or relationships, we recommend adding rhodonite as supporting stones. Combining rhodonite with other heart chakra stones will also naturally amplify the unblocking powers of heart stones as a unified grid or whole.

Rhodonite unlocks the compassion in people and allows the user to recover from emotional baggage and personal wounds from the past. All this healing eventually translates to a higher capacity to love. So whether you are reeling from old hurts from past relationships or emotional shock from unforeseen events, rhodonite can help create a powerful love grid that will enhance healing and recovery. On the same note, rhodonite is also capable of improving your ability to practice self-love and your capacity to forgive others, too.

Another great power of rhodonite is it is a natural ward against evil and can help keep you safe if dangerous times set in. If you are tired of being upset and tired of its harmful effects, this is the gemstone for you. And should you need a natural boost for your confidence and self-esteem, you’ve also found the right crystal that will help you achieve these things. On a physical level, rhodonite is also very healing and provides adequate anti-inflammatory effects that can help reduce insect bites and animal bites’ pain.

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What Is Rhodolite?

Rhodolite is a type of garnet that occurs as a purplish-red crystal. Rhodolite is often confused as the two precious gems, but it has its place. In recent times, Rhodolite has become more popular as an adequate alternative for much more expensive rubies. It has fire and brilliance like the sapphire and ruby.

The hardest gemstone in this review with a Mohs rating of 7-7.5 Rhodolite can easily be distinguished from other garnets because of its deep and luxuriant raspberry tones. There is an unmistakable purple blend in the raspberry color, making the stone darker than red garnet or other red crystals with similar mineral inclusions.

If we look at Rhodolite’s chemical composition, we will see that it is a combination of two other types of garnets. 2/3 of Rhodolite is pyrope, while the remaining 1/3 is almandine, which provides the purplish overcast color to the Rhodolite.

Rhodolite can be found in different locales all over the world, including the United States and Zimbabwe.

Rhodolite Healing Properties

Rhodolite is associated with both the heart chakra and the base chakra. It is linked with three zodiac signs: Aries, Virgo, and Leo. The ruling planet of Rhodolite is Mars. Like the two previous stones, Rhodolite is a love stone and can help people looking for love and balance in love.

Rhodolite is a revitalizing stone and naturally improves the many energetic pathways of life. People who suffer from fatigue will find solace in the company of Rhodolite. If you need a boost to feel passionate again with life, this crystal can help, too.

Rhodolite is also known for bringing positivity into setups and relationships that have seen better days. So if there is always conflict at home, use this crystal to quell the negativity that triggers the conflict.


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