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Meditation with crystals can be doubly rewarding for people who seek inner peace, equilibrium and focus. It has additional benefits, too – read on.

Why Do You Need To Meditate With Crystals?

Meditation by itself is already extremely beneficial because it creates the proper conditions for healing and recovery. The benefits of meditation extend to the body, mind, and spirit. While many people scoff at the idea of relaxation because everyone is always busy, did you know that relaxation can become a pathway for higher consciousness and spiritual renewal?

Many people don’t know that you allow yourself to revert to a purer and more open state – the type of state that will allow you to practice your spirituality more conveniently when you meditate. Because let’s face it – the mental fog created by the pressures of life and work is not great for practicing any spirituality. So, in the end, you must learn how to revert yourself to the state that will allow you to practice spiritually.

Meditation is one of the better and more effective methods.

But why perform meditation with crystals, anyway?


If you aren’t already aware, crystals aren’t just beautiful, natural products of millions of years of deposition.

Crystal possesses metaphysical and healing properties that can change your quality of life and heal many of your ailments. Crystals also possess mythical properties that can influence how you interact with energies and the Universe, too.

For example, quartz crystals are known for their cleansing abilities.

They can purify physical spaces and remove traces of all kinds of negativity. To put things in their proper context, quartz can remove even the psychic traces of bad events.

For instance, if there are unsavory events in the house you lived in before, the quartz crystal can help transmute all that negative energy into love, which is the highest form of positive energy known in the Universe.

How To Meditate With Crystals?


Regular meditation and meditating with crystals are slightly different, and here’s why: with Zen meditation, for example, the main goal is to clear your mind and be in the moment. There’s a concept called “being in the present,” which is just existing, without daily life trappings. This practice of clearing one’s head and being “at the moment” is powerful because it unleashes the torrent of spiritual force necessary to make a person more spiritually able.

But what about meditating with crystals?

Meditation with crystals involves more than just clearing your mind. When you hold a rose quartz crystal, the rose quartz will naturally connect with the heart chakra as this part of the energy structure is in charge of all kinds of relationships and love in general. Meditating with crystals is meditating with purpose.

Additionally, you can perform different kinds of crystal meditations, depending on your needs.

You can dedicate one day for your mental health, another day for spiritual health, the third day for your finances, and so on. Meditation should always be part of people’s daily rituals. We have so many rituals that it only takes a couple of minutes per day to achieve even more with this simple yet profound process.

Step-by-step Guide for Meditating with Crystals

  1. Get into a comfortable position for meditating first. You can meditate while seated on a pouf or being seated on a chair. It’s vital that you can maintain an erect spine during meditation. Meditating while lying down is not allowed, as you may fall asleep. Also, meditating while operating any machinery or vehicle is not advised as you may get into an accident. For the most part, meditation subsumes a person into a mild state of hyper-focus or hypnosis, so keep this in mind while meditating.
  1. Hold the crystal on the palm of your hands and visualize your intention for that day. At this point, please allow your inner voice and your intuition to take center stage. If you know how the chakras work and how your choice of crystal affects your chakras, feel free to establish a spiritual connection between the crystal and the appropriate chakra. Know how to select the right chakra stone for yourself.
  2. If you want to meditate with a crystal but don’t want to hold one during the meditation, we recommend establishing a crystal grid. A crystal grid is a type of crystal orientation where different crystals are arranged strategically according to a sacred geometric pattern. Know what crystal grid used for.


The geometric pattern allows you to enjoy an energy field and meditate without physically holding a gemstone. You can establish different crystal grids around the house before meditation and meditate within the physical energy field.

How Long Does Mediation Take?


The golden rule for meditation is there are no rules for the period of meditating. This means that you can tell how long you should meditate, depending on how you experience it. In the beginning, two minutes of meditation might suffice. As your non-physical bodies begin to respond to the meditation, you will naturally feel the need to meditate more and more in the coming weeks or months.

Which Crystals Can Be Used to Meditate?

  • Quartz – This is a top choice for first-time meditators. Quartz has a universal clarifying effect. It cleanses your body and mind of negativities. It protects you from evil and allows love to flourish. Quartz can also be used to trigger breakthroughs. Ask questions as you meditate and watch quartz open your mind to important answers.
  • Selenite– This crystal is incredibly relaxing and can be used for the foggiest minds. It triggers a surge of energetic release. If you have already practiced grounding before meditation, selenite becomes that much more powerful as a cleansing crystal. Use selenite to improve your sense of physical, mental, and spiritual balance. Know more about Selenite.
  • Rose quartz especifically is the mother stone of love. It is the most powerful of the love crystals. If your priority is to improve your relationships, then rose quartz is a good choice for crystal meditation. know more about rose quartz.

how to do meditation with crystals

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