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Carnelians are an amazing purifying crystal for healing. Discover the carnelian meaning and healing properties, its origin, and who should wear the carnelian.

What is Carnelian?


Carnelian is a type of agate that has translucent properties. It is a form of natural chalcedony that frequently occurs in shades of brown, orange, and several other hues in between.

Carnelian also has a banded variety that may also feature white agate and orange, red, and brown hues. It is a semiprecious stone that is used frequently for beautiful jewelry pieces and ornamental settings.

Despite its class and beauty, the carnelian remains affordable and is used practically by manufacturers for mass-market jewelry. Carnelian scores a solid seven on the Mohs hardness scale and is often subjected to rock tumbling, enhancing the carnelian’s visual qualities. It can be tumbled safely with other precious and semiprecious stones, including quartz and jasper.

Rock tumbling is done primarily to increase the shininess of precious and semiprecious stones. This is one of the oldest methods of processing precious stones in the world, and it can be done with almost any precious or semiprecious stone.


How is Carnelian Made?

raw carnelian gemstone
Much of the carnelian we see in the market today are colorless or lightly colored agates that have been superheated. The superheating affects the chemical structure of the crystals—impurities in the chemical structure such as iron change when subjected to intense.

The chemical reactions cause the iron impurities to turn orange or red, depending on other factors. Take note that gemstones have different inclusions, and they are rarely ‘pure’ in the sense that they don’t have other elements inside.

Reddish or orange carnelians do occur in nature, as well as a variety of other colors like black (which is rare). Carnelian has been mined since the dawn of human civilization. It was determined that as early as 5 BC, the Mehrgarh people have already been using the bow drill to mine and process carnelian.

During the Roman era, the carnelian was used for creating stamps and symbols. It was considered an ideal material for stamps because the carnelian naturally resisted hot wax, which made it an efficient stamp for official documents and decrees.

Carnelian is often mistaken for sard, but there are several differences. Carnelian tends to be lighter in hue, while sard is mostly darker, and many sard specimens are almost black because of the color saturation. In terms of durability, sard is harder than carnelian and is generally tougher and more resistant to damage.


Meaning and Healing Properties of Carnelian

Carnelian is associated with two chakras: the sacral chakra, and the base chakra. The base chakra is of particular importance to people who feel imbalances in their life, as it helps root a person so that unnecessary and toxic energies are siphoned away, leaving only natural and refreshing energy in the body and spirit.

Carnelian is also the birthstone of July, and it is the gemstone of several zodiac signs: Virgo, Leo, Cancer, and Taurus. It is aligned with the fiery Mars, and produce subtle energies at two frequency levels: five and six.

Healing Properties of Carnelian

Carnelian is associated with developing emotional warmth, creativeness, and the pursuit of desires and passions. It enhances the power of individuality and can enhance a person’s memory as well as his focus. It can make you more appreciative of nature, and it can also enhance your ability to appreciate nature more. The rootedness of nature is essential if you want to attain balance and happiness in your life. The earth-rooted individuals usually have the best balance in life, and they can roll with the blows more easily.

Carnelian is also a powerful life stabilizer, and it may help introduce revitalizing energies into a person’s life. So no matter how much difficulty you have encountered in life before, the carnelian can gradually rebuild your energies, so your creativity and zest for life will not die out.

Carnelian has properties that soothe the spirit and prevent you from being greedy or envious. Envy is one of the oldest problems of the spirit, and it is said that having envy in your system is equal to spreading a curse to people that you envy. We do not want this, so you must use the right healing crystals to keep this emotion down to the bare minimum.

This gemstone is also an excellent stone of courage. It helps people regain courage, which is necessary if you want to make vital decisions that will have a great effect on your life. If you have been struggling to make good choices in life because you are indecisive or you are easily sidetracked by the concerns and interests of other people, the carnelian can help bring back the stability that you have been praying for all these years.

Carnelian is also a powerful stone that can help undo the negative influences of other people, no matter how long it has been. The toxic or negative influence of others can have a lasting impact on a person’s mind and emotions, and healing crystals like carnelian can impart positive energies that can counteract the effect of negative energies in a person’s life.


Who Should Wear Carnelian

Carnelian can be used by people who wish to be more focused and decisive. It is an ideal crystal for individuals who wish to gain more knowledge, as it enhances the mental faculties and improves a person’s analytical capacity and retentiveness.

Carnelian also has natural healing properties that can help address the symptoms of rheumatism, kidney disorders, and bone injuries.

If you have suffered a recent dislocation or fracture, wear a carnelian so your bones and joints will be able to bounce back faster. It promotes the healing of tissues and improves the body’s ability to build more healthy tissues as it heals.

Additionally, carnelian aids in the restoration of the cardiovascular system. It improves blood flow, reduces inflammation of the blood vessels, and promotes normal oxygen exchange in the blood. This is probably the reason why the carnelian is best known as a revitalizer. It will help address your mental and emotional issues while creating a powerful impact on the body.

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Healing Properties of Carnelian

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