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Why is Rose Quartz So Powerful?

The rose quartz is probably the gentlest-looking gemstone you will encounter, but it is also one of the most powerful. The rose quartz is known as the gemstone of love, the ultimate stone of all forms of love, from platonic friendships to closer and more passionate relationships.

If you know how to maximize the gifts of the rose quartz, it is likely that you no longer have to use other gems. It is aligned with the planet of Venus, which manages all love-related energetic impulses and energies in Creation. The energy that emanates from rose quartz is mostly feminine, and it naturally promotes harmony, from tenderness to compassion to kindness.

Unlike other gems, rose quartz links directly to the soul and heart, and speaks to these two to remove or dissolve past wounds and hurts. Once it establishes a secure connection with the heart, it spreads Divine Love and unconditional love throughout the Self, allowing for positive changes to occur quickly.

The rose quartz is not called the Heart Stone for anything – it is the most supportive gemstone for all heart matters, and if you are looking for intimacy and love, you need this gem in your life.

On a larger scale, the rose quartz is also useful in spreading love and connection in groups and communities.

We recommend that you use this gemstone as a talisman, so you can both fortify and protect yourself from harm. It is believed that this gemstone has been in use as early as 600 BC, which shows that even our ancestors felt the power of rose quartz, and they did not hesitate to apply it to their lives.

Rose quartz is termed a nurturing or mothering crystal and centers warm and caring energies around the bearer or wearer. It encourages people to bond with their friends, family, and significant others and improves their harmony.

The subtle energies of rose quartz are so active and palpable that you can put it beside baby food for a couple of minutes to reduce the risk of colic and indigestion in babies. It is the channel of the purest mothering energies, in addition to the universal feminine energy.

To use rose quartz to enhancing love, lovemaking, and passion in your life, we recommend creating a small altar so the feminine energy can have a central spot in the chosen location. Put the gemstone on a small pouf and surround it with rose petals. Put some pink candles around the altar and add a printed picture of you and your significant other.

As all things go with energy healing, the effect of the love alter will vary because it will take some time for the gemstone to get to know you and your spouse or partner. But rest assured that there will be great results, later on, you have to give it time.

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How to Charge Rose Quartz?

If you want to know how to cleanse rose quartz crystals, we’ll teach you how. Cleansing and charging are the same things in the context of crystal healing or energy practices.

Gemstones can absorb energies as much as they release them. It’s possible that if you receive an older gemstone from someone else, remnant energies that are either neutral or negative may be leftover.

As a gemstone takes on another being’s energy, it is depleted, and soon enough, it needs to be recharged through proper cleansing. An adequately cleansed crystal can provide you with a bountiful amount of energy for various purposes.

This is most important for people who have ongoing healing activities with specific crystal groups. Here are simple yet effective ways to cleanse rose quartz and other crystals in your collection.

1.Running water 

Running water

While our ancestors used rivers and streams to cleanse crystals

Water is a universal cleanser, and it is a powerful element that can douse even the most significant fires. While our ancestors used rivers and streams to cleanse crystals, running water from a faucet will do just fine.

Cleanse each crystal for at least one minute each time. It is said that the element of water snatches harmful and toxic energies and drives them back to the earth where they are entirely neutralized.

Water is a cleanser

Water is a universal cleanser

Salt is the symbol of purity in deep cleanse with saltwater. When it is combined with the element of water, you have a powerful solution for recharging and cleansing hard gemstones. Take note that brittle and porous stones should not be cleansed methods that involve water.

To perform a deep recharge of your stone, you need to gather seawater in a bowl. If you some distance from the sea, you can combine fresh water and some salt to create saltwater at home. Submerge your rose quartz for forty-eight hours for a deep cleanse and a long recharge.

2. Brown rice

Brown rice has a close affinity to the earth because it contains all of the components of the grain. It is believed that it can cleanse stones by directly absorbing and storing the said negative energies in the grains. To use this method, pour the right amount of brown rice into a bowl.

Place the gems there and cover them with brown rice. Allow this setup to remain in place for twenty-four hours. Discard the brown rice because it’s not healthy if you eat brown rice with toxic energy. Wipe down your rose quartz, and it is now good to go again.

3. Moonlight and sunlight

Moonlight and sunlight

Did you know that cosmic energies, as represented by moonlight and sunlight, can cleanse and recharge them? We recommend placing your rose quartz crystal outside at night so that it can bathe in the moonlight.

Retrieve it just before the clock strikes 11 AM. While the sunlight is suitable for recharging crystals, it’s not good for the physical stability of the gems themselves. Too much heat exposure can reduce the color saturation of gems and render some of them brittle.

4. Burning sage

Buring sage incense can help cleansing and purifying gemstones. (Click to buy on

Get some sage and light the tip of the leaves over a fire-proof bowl. With your other hand, glide the rose quartz across the stream of the smoke of the sage. You will need to expose your crystals to smoke for just thirty seconds to a full minute for them to be recharged and cleansed energetically.

Why is Rose Quartz So Powerful on Relationships

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