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Today we will discuss Red Jasper healing properties and meaning. Red Jasper which is a variant of jasper,  is always used as a talisman and wards of protection. Keep reading to know more about red jasper meaning and healing properties.

What is Red Jasper?

Red Jasper Healing Properties

Raw red jasper stone

Red jasper is a variant of jasper, which is also sometimes called flint or chert. The naming of this quartz variant depends mainly on the exposure or background of the person.

All three refer to the same mineral – quartz. Geologists are more likely to use the qualifier “chert” while those outside the discipline are more likely to call it jasper or flint. Either way, you can’t go wrong with quartz—this gorgeous.

One interesting factoid about jasper is that in some deposits, the jasper is so thick that it can serve as reservoirs of oil because they do occur deep underground. Examples of such deposits can be found in Texas and Ohio, where oil deposits are also abundant.

Jasper can occur in other colors: blue, green, brown, orange, and yellow.

Pick your favorite among these colors. You’re going to be truly happy with your acquisition, especially if you are going to use the jasper’s metaphysical properties, which we will be discussing shortly below.

How is Red Jasper Made?

The name “jasper” is more prevalent among gemologists and jewelry enthusiasts who find the name more appropriate to describe this beautiful gem.

All forms of jasper, including red jasper, are often processed through cutting and tumbling. This mineral is turned into cabochons and other fine cuts of gemstones, and jewelry manufacturers select the best red jaspers for their most beautiful jewelry.

There may be some confusion when differentiating jasper and other types of quartz crystals like agate and those with rougher microcrystalline formations.

To reduce the clutter, always remember that:

  • Opaque quartzes are classified as jasper or flint (a variety of chalcedony)
  • Banded and translucent specimens are more likely to be agate (a banded variety of chalcedony)
  • Vitreous specimens are classified as having coarse microcrystalline structures.
  • Dull lusters are indicative that you are looking at a general class of chalcedony – the intimate details will reveal what kind of specimen you are looking at.
  • Translucent quartzes are termed chalcedony (which is different from banded chalcedony, which may have three or more colors in a single sample, as well as complex coloration and patterns)

Regional variations in naming can also confuse people. Novaculite and mookaite both refer to chert or jasper.

Red Jasper Meaning and Healing Properties

Red Jasper Meaning

Protection Talismans

Ancient civilizations have long used red jasper as the core of their defensive talismans and wards of protection. Red jasper shares this attribute with other types of quartz.

Even though quartz operates or transmits vibrational energy at a lower frequency, they are unmatched in energetic transmutation, or the removal of negative energies so that positive energies can permeate the surroundings.

It is believed that red jasper is ideal protection for soldiers and warriors heading to battle, as it can staunch the flow of blood and heal wounds faster.

No doubt, these meanings were attributed to the deep red color of jasper, which can only be matched by valuable gems like rubies. Ancient Egyptians linked the red jasper to the goddess of fertility. The early lore of ancient Egypt contained many references to the gem, as well as other gemstones of antiquity.

In modern times, red jasper has become more associated with endurance. It is a stone of courage and a potent stimulator for the human life force, called the “chi” or, in some cases, “orgone.” As a type of quartz, red jasper sets a stable foundation for change in a person’s life.

Its energies are of a low frequency and subtler than other stones, so subtle changes and gradual improvements are shared when people use red jasper.

Red jasper is connected with the base chakra, which is responsible for grounding and siphoning away negative energies.

The base chakra is also responsible for keeping us rooted and connected to the earth, which is imperative if you want to improve your life and reduce negative energies and stress. Being grounded can also improve control of your life and your natural psychic talents or capacities.

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Red Jasper Healing Properties

For Better Sleep

One of the best benefits of having red jasper is good sleep. Not a lot of people know the full benefits of quality sleep until they finally experience it. You can partake of the cleansing benefits of red jasper by merely placing it on your bedroom stand. Other people prefer formalizing the red jasper by creating an orgonite generator.

Either way, you will benefit from the crystal.

Emotion Healing

Red jasper is a powerful healing agent for the mind and emotions. Because it balances positive and negative forces, mental fog and emotional baggage are resolved gradually, as long as you continue meditating with the crystal.


To meditate with this crystal, place it above the groin area (you can hold it with both hands) and visualize the crystal generating warm, blue energy that connects with the base of your spine, where the base chakra is approximately found. Allow this blue energy to power your chakra and open it, so the whorl of power brightens until you can feel it powering the entire astral spine.

Red Jasper can also be used to recharge naturally. Some people seek the earth and trees when recharging, but you can get the same effect with many gemstones, including red jasper. Just touching the jasper daily and allowing it to link you to the earth can do wonders for your emotional balance and overall level of happiness.

Due to its color, red jasper is associated with masculine qualities of strength and endurance. These traits are enhanced in both men and women when you continue using jasper for meditation or even when you carry it in your purse or bra all day. Keep it close to the heart chakra to improve your mood and sense of belonging all day.

Red Jasper Uses

Red jasper, along with other kinds of jasper, are often processed and sold as loose gems/rocks, ornamental items, and fine jewelry. When polished carefully, it can be used to create memorable personal items such as snuff boxes and even seals. Vases made of jasper also exist, but these are rare as precious stones are often cut and polished for rings, earrings, and pendants.

 Red jasper meaning and healing properties

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