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In the world of gemstones, the mere mention of toxic stones can send people reeling. After all, people trust gemstones to be safe, as they have metaphysical properties that make it possible for people to be safer, happier, and more powerful, too. Today’s blog centers on a popular mineral called malachite. Keep reading to find out whether malachite toxic to humans.

Malachite is a carbonate mineral that contains copper.  We can consider malachite the most ancient stones in human civilization because the earliest artisans could copper from this ore first before more convenient copper methods were discovered. Therefore, malachite was already at the cusp of the changing civilization when it was unearthed after millions of years of sleep. But the big question now is how toxic is malachite? Is malachite toxic when wet?


Is Malachite Toxic?

Yes, malachite is one of a handful of well-known minerals that can be injurious to your health. This is the reason why those who polish, cut, or work with the raw mineral have protective gear and artisans who cut the mineral use water to prevent the copper from flying to the air. Malachite can contain as much as 70% CuO, so it is not surprising that it can be so toxic in the first place. Do not inhale or ingest malachite particles in whatever situation.

Should you be around when malachite is moistened? Again, no. Malachite can release copper-ridden fumes when wet, so that you can be at risk without the proper protection.


Is Malachite Toxic To Touch?

Malachite can be considered toxic to touch if it is in broken-down form, specifically, when it is still being processed. However, if it is set on a ring or any other jewelry, the risk of toxicity is minimal or virtually non-existent.

Keep in mind that any gemstone that has copper content poses the same kinds of risk as malachite.

The phenomenon is not limited to malachite alone. However, if you think of creating a gemstone elixir or crystal elixir, under no circumstances should you place malachite anywhere near your drinking water.

Regardless of its esteemed metaphysical properties, it should never be submerged in water, and you must never drink anything that has been exposed to malachite in any form or fashion.

Since malachite is not very expensive as a gemstone, it’s understandable that some people desire to add this mineral to their collection for making crystal elixirs. However, the risks will far outweigh the potential benefits, so we certainly do not recommend it.

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Is Malachite Toxic When Wet? How To Wash Malachite?

If you have malachite at home (as in malachite jewelry), you don’t have to worry because the crystal is physically stable, and it’s not cut or ground. If your malachite jewelry is getting patina, you can wash your jewelry with warm water, dish soap, and a toothbrush.

Malachite is not affected by water; it will not dissolve or absorb dish soap at all. However, malachite is known to react fervently to acids because of its copper content. Do not use any acid to wash even the outer surface of malachite. Use plain water and a non-reactive, gentle soap for removing the dirt and grime off of your malachite jewelry.

Of course, some people will still be nervous around malachite because of its copper content. Some people might not want to get it wet at all or be afraid that their sweat can cause the malachite to react negatively. No such danger will befall you, and you can safely and confidently wear your malachite jewelry. It will not be emitting any noxious gases while you are wearing them out in daylight, and light will not trigger any negative chemical reactions, either.

There may be some confusion about malachite’s toxicity because there is a misconception that just about anything can trigger malachite’s transformation. No, this won’t happen, and you won’t be poisoned while wearing malachite jewelry.


Is Malachite Safe to Wear?

Yes, malachite is 100% safe to wear.

Malachite jewelry is not toxic, and if you wear jewelry normally, there is no reason for you to worry. The only situation where you can be exposed to your malachite jewelry’s potential problems is when you wear your malachite jewelry during activities at home. For example, let’s say you decided to clean your home and you have a malachite bracelet or ring on. If you handle any acid, the malachite will react to the acid on contact. This reaction may cause the release of noxious fumes that are not good for your health.

Remember to remove all your jewelry when working at home, especially if you are working with acids, bleaches, and other potentially abrasive substances. Corrosives will also react with minerals like malachite.

In terms of reaction to substances, it’s common for gemstones to be non-reactive to water. However, some minerals are semi-porous, so some of the moisture may seep into the gem’s crystalline structure, causing it to lose color and luster. We want to avoid damage to our gemstones, too, so it’s best to protect them from the potential problems of being exposed to moisture.

If you are still worried about your malachite jewelry, inspect them, and see if any stones are coming loose. If you don’t want the malachite stone to touch your skin, you have to get any loose stones set once again so they don’t lean toward your skin.

Gemstones like linarite contain not just copper but also lead. Such minerals are acid-soluble and can release double whammy toxins once exposed to the right solvent. On the other hand, Minerals like magnesite can act as irritants if they are damaged and turn to powder, too. Avoid all health troubles by knowing how to care for your gemstones at home.

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Is Malachite Toxic to Humans

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