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What is Citrine?


Natural Citrine with a flare of golden yellow within white quartz.

Citrine is another birthstone for people who are born in November, and it is a yellow citrus gemstone that is a variant of quartz. For the longest time, citrine was also called “the sunstone,” as it was widely believed in ancient times that citrine could literally accumulate and store sunlight.

Other ancient beliefs also state that citrine is also a natural antidote for poisonous snakebites. Citrine is also called the merchant’s stone. This gemstone was also associated with the Roman god Mercury and was used to produce intaglios back in the day.

How is Citrine Made?

Natural citrine occurs in yellow, orange, and brown varieties. It has a hexagonal crystal system and is naturally transparent. It also has a subtle, vitreous luster that makes it perfect for all kinds of jewelry.

Natural citrine is rare and much of the mass market citrine that we see today is derived from heat-treating other variants of quartz, like smoky quartz. Amethyst is also used to produce lab-grown citrine. Due to its appearance, citrine is often confused for topaz.


Citrine and Yellow Topaz

Some jewelers even rebrand citrine as topaz, but this shouldn’t be the case as these are two different types of gemstones.

When a base gemstone is superheated to produce citrine, the lab-grown citrine takes on a deep orange or red hue.

The deeper and more perfect the color of citrine, the more valuable the gemstone becomes. There is also a yellow variant of citrine that is called lemon quartz, but this one is irradiated to create the desired color and visual effect.

Citrine is used mainly for ornamental and jewelry purposes and is often cut into oval shapes and rectangular shapes.

Citrine is often made into necklaces and pendants, and the carat count is usually low because of its rarity and because much of the citrine in the market are made in laboratories. It is also common to see citrine combined with other varieties of quartz like white quartz. The stones are tumbled and then made into different kinds of mass-market jewelry like bracelets and necklaces.


Meanings and Healing Properties of Citrine

Citrine is associated with three chakras: sacral, crown, and solar plexus. Citrine is also the gemstone of four zodiac signs, namely, Libra, Leo, Aries, and Gemini. Citrine is linked with the planet Jupiter, and with the element of air. It also vibrates at an energy frequency of six. Citrine is a powerful gemstone that is used primarily for conscious creation or manifestations.

Manifestation is the process of attracting and consciously creating your desires in material reality with the help of the Universe. Gemstones like citrine are essential for this practice because these can help you fine-tune your frequency, so you can continually send the right message to the Universe or Source.

Citrine has natural spiritual warmth to it that can help provide much-needed comfort and energy to people. It is also life-giving in the sense that it supports the rebalancing of all your internal energies. The frequency of citrine can help trigger your natural creativity, which you can then use to fuel your passions in life.

More often than not, people struggle with their passions because they don’t know how to approach such passions – they don’t know how to apply their natural creativity to the problems that arise out of being passionate about something. Use this gemstone to strengthen your inner resolve in pursuing what makes you happy in life.

Unlike other gemstones, citrine is one of the few gems that are not prone to accumulating negative energy. What makes citrine unique is the fact that it is capable of immediately transmuting and releasing any negative energy in the immediate environment.

Some gemstones are focused only on the personal vibrational energies of the wearer. Citrine is more in tune with external energies that may be causing harm in external spaces. If you are interested in creating an orgonite generator, citrine is an ideal quartz crystal for that kind of spiritual device, too.

Can citrine help you improve your emotions and thought processes?

Yes, it can. Because of its ability to transmute, if you keep citrine close to you, it can help purify your thoughts and intentions, and also help you deal with emotional baggage and the like.


Who Should Wear Citrine?

Citrine can be worn by people who are looking for a way to increase their happiness and prosperity while increasing their generous nature and their ability to enjoy pleasure. It is a defensive ward that can protect you from toxic and harmful people, and it can also provide a measure of inner strength to those who need it.

Citrine can be used to align your chakras and release blocked chakras, resulting in better mental clarity, more courage, and the ability to concentrate on the tasks at hand. Click to know how do you know if your chakra is open or blocked.

The cleansing power of citrine is unmatched, and it can be matched with other Air gemstones to create an array of cleansing gemstones that can protect your mind, body, and spirit for years to come.

Citrine can be useful for people who are also struggling to stay focused. People can also use it to begin manifesting wealth and abundance in their lives.

Are you suffering from low self-confidence and low self-esteem?

Citrine can help raise those levels while improving your motivation and encourage you to express yourself to others.

Part of the challenge of being passionate and creative is by making sure that you can express yourself to others when you need to. The inability to express yourself is equivalent to losing your ability to be confident.

Having no confidence can reduce your power, and this can cause a chain reaction that can go on for years without you knowing it. Negative personal traits and mental fog, including those that can reduce your ability to function, can also be remedied by citrine. This is truly a powerful and emotionally balancing gemstone, and it can help you recharge fully, making you readier for the challenges of life.


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