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The mineral smoky quartz has been around for so long that it has been used in popular culture. Smoky Quartz is the fusion character that results when Steven successfully fuses with Amethyst. Smoky quartz remains the most famous specimen of the legendary quartz family. What makes smoky quartz so unique? Why should you try adding smoky quartz to your current gem collection?


What Color Is Smoky Quartz?

Smoky quartz specimens do not have a singular appearance or color. Some of them are almost transparent, while others are the direct opposite. Transparency varies from gemstone to gemstone.

Some specimens also exhibit some level of opaqueness—the color combination of either a mix of gray and brown or brown and black. The color of smoky quartz results from the interaction between the silicon in the crystalline formation and irradiation that occurs naturally where this mineral occurs or forms.


There are various types of smoky quartz in the market. If you are looking for something with lots of color depth, say dark brown to almost black in appearance, we recommend finding the Morion smoky quartz.

If you want a gemstone with yellow hues and slightly lighter gray and brown color combinations, find the Cairngorm variety. Cairngorm smoky quartz stones are mined in Scotland.

This is one of the most popular types of smoky quartz because it is used on traditional kilts and other ornamentations.

There are also different shapes based on how smoky quartz is found in nature. For example, a specimen that is unnaturally long with spike-like protrusions is often called alligator quartz.

Smoky quartz with a narrower base with a bulbous body and a natural tip (sharp) is called a sceptered smoky quartz. Crystal shapes are said to create differences in how smoky quartz can transmit its power and energies to people once it is used as more than just jewelry or an ornament.


What Is the Value Range for Smoky Quartz and Use as Jewelry?

Smoky quartz jewelry is not very expensive, so it is a crowd favorite among collectors and people who want to add new jewelry. The average price per carat for the smoky quartz is $8.

Bracelets and other everyday jewelry can cost $80 or more per piece.


Smoky Quartz Meaning

Smoky quartz comes from a long line of crystals from the massive quartz family. This being the case, smoky quartz still has its meanings and value to people who want to use it to heal and improve their lives.

Smoky quartz is associated with lifting depression, pride, intuition, and developing practicality in one’s life.

This crystal is also excellent for developing more positive thoughts and improving the serenity in one’s life. In short, smoky quartz is a crystal that you should get if you want to enjoy more harmony and union in your life. It will calm your life and introduce peace and unity the way you have always wanted.


Smoky Quartz Healing Properties

When you add smoky quartz to the equation, you will begin to see and feel marked differences in how energies flow through your home or office. The wrong kinds of energy can significantly interfere with interpersonal relations, so much so that there can always be conflict even if you don’t want to be conflict anymore.

What smoky quartz does is it gently disperse the negative energies in a space. The change won’t be abrupt, but the work that this crystal does is equivalent to gently airing out a place, until the fog or dust lifts. After dispersing the negativity and toxicity from a place, smoky quartz then works to ignite positivity in people’s minds and emotions.

The impact of this kind of crystal will depend mainly on what kinds of conflict you are experiencing at the moment.

For example, suppose someone in the household is suicidal or experiences excellent depression. In that case, the smoky quartz will help alleviate these mental conditions’ symptoms to become more relaxed and productive. The impact of the crystal is different for each person because each person has different needs.

Smoky quartz can also be used to relieve the symptoms of common ailments. For example, if you use smoky quartz when you have cramps, the muscular contractions will soon dissolve.

Just place the smoky quartz over the affected area and state your intention.

This gemstone can also be used by people suffering from chronic back pain and those recovering from back injuries. Smoky quartz can help people suffering from problems or defects in their abdominal area, legs, and hips (seniors can take note of this). Use smoky quartz to deflect the worst headaches and improve your dreams and sleeping patterns as well.

Quartz crystals are known for fixing people’s insomnia and causing them to sleep better again.

Sound asleep at night can cure a lot of ailments, so it’s vital that you grid your house correctly, especially your bedroom, if you are craving sound sleep every night. The crystal can also rejuvenate the heart and associated blood vessels, as well as improve muscular contractions. Frequent spasms due to different medical conditions can also be remedied by smoky quartz.

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How to Put Smoky Quartz at Home for Feng Shui?

If you want to use smoky quartz to improve your house’s area, based on the principles of the Bagua and Feng Shui, we recommend using any of the following:

Tumble smoky quartz

– Smoky quartz crystal carvings and statuettes

– Smoky quartz geodes

– Natural smoky quartz clusters

– Smoky quartz generator

Smoky quartz crystal ball

Smoky quartz crystals may be placed at the center of the room, including the bedrooms of children, beside the bed, and near windows and doorways. This crystal can also be placed in your office to harmonize thoughts and improve productivity. People who use quartz crystals properly can summon energy, creativity, and happiness, which vastly improves their work function and family life.

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