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Rose quartz is a popular type of quartz around, and for a good reason: it is linked with the heart, the heart chakra, and all the kinds of love that we all need to feel happy and human. Rose quartz is one of the most enigmatic gemstones you can add to your collection for energy healing and psychic activity, and if you have been lovelorn all these years, you may have just found what you are looking for. Read on!

What is Rose Quartz?

Rose quartz

Natural rose quartz crystals.

Rose quartz is also known by the name of pink quartz, and in some cultures, they call this hyaline gemstone quartz as well. The name of the crystal is of Greek origin and simply means “glass.” It is said that the rose color of the gemstone comes from the pure blood of Aphrodite, who cut her skin with the gem to save her lover, Adonis.

Out of empathy for Aphrodite’s gesture, Zeus also decided to spare Adonis from the raging war. This mythology formed the crux of what the rose quartz really meant: it symbolized unconditional love or true love and, in a way, undying devotion to one’s desire. Rose quartz is not fatalistic at all – it symbolizes the positive aspects of love, and also forms hope and happiness in those who use it.

Rose Quartz Meanings

Rose quartz is the ultimate symbol of platonic friendship and romantic relationships. It represents all forms of love, from the purest to the fieriest. This stone is also associated with Venus, the last planet of love. Everything about this gemstone is linked with romance, passion, desire, and love.

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Rose quartz has been in mythic lore since 7000 B.C., and it was believed that this gemstone was an essential part of many ancient Mesopotamian rituals. To the ancient Egyptians and the early Romans, this stone represented physical beauty and the ideal women. On a deeper note, rose quartz is said to be linked with the holistic development of the person and how he/she grows in various ways.

In Asian regions, rose quartz is frequently used in lucky charms, necklaces, pendants, and other settings. These settings are used to bring luck, love, happiness, and abundance to the wearers.

Rose Quartz Healing Properties

What is rose quartz used for?

Rose quartz is a powerful gemstone to have around. Families can easily benefit from using it, as it boosts and strengthens bonds between people. Since rose quartz deals with all kinds of love, it can also be used to ensure that your friendships do not wither and that people will feel that you love them and appreciate the same.


You can easily use this stone for emotional cleansing, physical healing, and spiritual boosting. If you have not been using your mental powers before, this is a good beginner stone that will provide immense benefits to you, even if you don’t know how to siphon universal vibrational energies that well.

The main benefits of using rose quartz include fortifying existing relationships (from platonic to romantic), awakening and nurturing your creativity and sensuality, improving your sexual performance and desire for union, deepening your intimacy with a partner, spouse, or significant other. It also helps reduce the incidence of conflict in different spaces, from the home to the office.

Rose quartz has a natural, purifying capacity that can also be used in spiritual tools like orgonite generators. It is capable of clearing negative energies from any space, which can directly help in establishing harmony and happiness in homes and offices.

Do you also struggle with having a good sleep at night?

Rose quartz has the uncanny ability to improve a person’s sleep quality and remove negative energies that may cause the person to have nightmares. Rose quartz purifies the energy field of a person while he is asleep, which helps produce only pleasant and enjoyable dreams.

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How can rose quartz help reduce emotional issues and emotional baggage?

Gemstones naturally exude different kinds of healing vibrations, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. These vibrations are subtle, and they are meant to be subtle because this is how the Universe influences people. The spiritual change was never meant to be this “in your face” situation where you have to abruptly change your heart and mind overnight.

Instead, the changes are going to be small in the beginning, gradually building up to the point where you can say that there has been this significant change in your life, thanks to your spiritual or psychic healing activities.

Can rose quartz improve or heal the mind?


Yes, it can. What’s more, is rose quartz is capable of introducing a powerful mindset. This positive mindset is directed by the stone itself, by its chemistry and properties. Use it to make positive changes to your life without the worrying and anxiety that we usually have when change is upon us.

The path to change begins with thinking about what you desire, what you want to achieve, and who you want to be with as you make all these new passions and desires in life. Instead of being held down by the stresses and negativity of other people, rose quartz will allow you to become super focused on what you have to do to enjoy the changes that you want in life.

Does rose quartz improve the physical body?

Rose quartz is linked with the heart chakra and with the heart (organ) and its associated system. Rose quartz can help heal and reduce the damage associate with a malaise of the cardiovascular system. It can also help reduce pain and problems in nearby areas such as the chest and the head.

If you are having sinus pain or issues, or nose trouble, wearing rose quartz often might help control these issues. Rose quartz can also help improve renal impairment and help people suffering from lung problems and diseases. And as the rose quartz is healing your body, it will continue to ease your mind, heart, and spirit.


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