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Crystals have become more popular than ever before, and for an apparent reason. Thousands, if not millions, of years of Earth history, are incorporated into how to wear crystals, giving them healing energy that really can enhance any mindful practice.

Incorporating how to carry crystal with you is a beautiful way to enhance your wellbeing. This connection between you and the crystals is strengthened when you always have your favorite gemstones with you.


How To Carry Crystal with You?

Crystals have never been more popular than they are today. As the number of people knowing how to wear crystals rises, so does the number of crystals used. There are many approaches in which crystals are carried, and each one teaches us something new.


In a Purse

Keep your stones in your purse if you’re carrying them about. The last issue you want to handle is your keys to damage your beautiful collection of tumbled stones.

The longer time you spend in touch with your crystal, the stronger the bond you form with it gets. You will become more attuned to your crystal’s energy and more open to its qualities.

The air may seem to lift off you. On the other hand, you may feel nothing at all at first. Some crystals don’t resonate, while others make the follicles on your skin stand on end, depending on how you think about them.

Close your eyes and ponder on your breath while grasping your gemstone in one or both hands. Then, be calm and take experiment with different crystals.

You may always have stones readily available by keeping them in your pocket. Use this to calm down and get back in touch with your center.

You might use them as small reminders to keep records of your goals. In addition, you can use these crystals as a reminder to stay present throughout the day.


In a Handbag

A crystal’s energy will become more apparent to you the more time you spend with it, as the closer you get to it. Your healing can be carried in your handbag whenever you need to refocus yourself or bring attention to the goal you’re working toward.

The crystals you carry in your backpack ensure that you make intelligent financial decisions and successful business transactions. You can’t go wrong with this method of boosting your chances of winning the lottery.

If the stones are for money, this is a great idea. Always keep gemstones like jade, citrine, and pyrite in your handbag. If you do this, every time you access your bag, it will bring a smile to your face and change your outlook on your finances.

A purse full of money-protection stones is a great way to ensure that your riches are safe. Pyrite protects your money and sends more of it your way, so you’ll have more to spend. This is a perfect option if you want a few crystal bodyguards to protect your pocketbook.

Recite an affirmation every moment you see your gemstone in your purse. Then, as a last resort, you can say, “Money comes to me naturally and effortlessly.” This will assist in attracting a bounty.


Inside your Car

crystal in car

In addition to storing your favorite crystals in your home, you may also keep them in your automobile for easy access. Traveling? Bring grounding and protection crystals with you to ward off any unwanted energy.

Driving can be a lot of fun. However, we’ve all had days when we’ve had to deal with gridlock, road rage, congested intersections, or bad weather while driving. On those days, I’m sure you’d benefit from having a crystal by your side.

Keep crystals on your automobile to create a peaceful environment for you to unwind in. A more vital state of concentration can also be achieved by placing stones on your body while in savasana.

You can use Black Tourmaline if you’re quickly becoming anxious, stressed, or scared because of inclement weather or other vehicles on the streets. A positive outlook on driving can help remind you that it isn’t always a dreary experience.

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Keep in a Small Pouch

crystal in pouch

A small pouch full of crystals is better if the stones are complementary. For instance, you could take black tourmaline to strengthen your security or rose quartz to enhance your self-love.

It is an excellent suggestion to buy a drawstring pouch to carry multiple tumbling stones. On the other hand, a small pouch can store many more gemstones than a pocket.

The crystal’s frequency can be increased by matching the hue of the pouch. Malachite or green aventurine, for example, would benefit from a green pouch. However, this is a more secure method of transporting crystals than putting them in your pocket.

With a little pouch, you may carry your favorite crystals with you wherever you go, most safely and conveniently possible. In addition, keeping gemstones close to the body allows your energy to become more in tune with their frequency.


Wear it as Crystal Jewelry

which hand to wear howlite bracelet

Wearing your crystals is the simplest method to carry them around. In the long run, you’ll be less inclined to subconsciously oppose their strength because you’ll be habituated to their energy. It’s also advantageous because they’re less likely to be lost or stolen.

Wearing crystal jewelry is the most fashionable method to have your crystals close at hand throughout the day. You should wear jewelry that allows the crystal to be in direct contact with skin if you want to benefit from its energy.

Crystals can be carried in several different ways, but it is essential to stay mindful of their energy and keep your connection to them. Other than that, it’s up to you.

While the gemstones are in continual contact with your skin, this is the ideal approach to deepen your relationship with them. In addition, because you’re getting the most of this energy, you’ll also look good.

Even if it’s just for a quick second, forgetting where you left your stones can cause you extra stress. Wherever your bracelet is worn is usually where you wear it.

Gemstone jewelry is the most common type of jewelry to find, except for tumbled stones. They’re a great present because they’re both fashionable ornaments and powerful energy healers.


how to carry crystals

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