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The Amazonite crystal is enigmatic and powerful in its own right. Aligned by Uranus’ ruling house and the universal feminine, it is a perfect addition to any collection.

What Is Amazonite?

The Amazon Stone or amazonite is a bluish-green gemstone that is notable for its bright hues. This mineral is often processed through tumbling or by cutting raw mineral into lovely cabochons. Chemically-speaking, it is a variant of microcline. Microcline is a variant of feldspar, an entire family of minerals with distinct chemical compositions and colors.

This feldspar mineral’s trade name is derived from the Amazon River, known for its mighty nature and the lush forests surrounding it.

Other times, it is marketed as the “Amazon jade,” which is entirely wrong because it’s not a type of jade at all. Jade is an entirely different mineral and has nothing to do with the feldspar family.

What Color Is Amazonite?

Amazonite often occurs as a bluish-green gemstone. Its fantastic color is said to be lead, which is interspersed within its crystalline matrix.


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Where Is Amazonite Found?

Contrary to common belief, amazonite is not found chiefly in the Amazon River. However, amazonite can indeed be found in several deposits scattered throughout Brazil. Additionally, these locales also have even more valuable gemstones like sapphire, amethysts, and emeralds.

While Brazil has many mines that produce commercial-quality amazonite, this feldspar can also be found in other countries like China, Madagascar, Libya, and Canada. It is a sought after feldspar because it does bear a resemblance to jade, which is the royal gemstone of ancient China.

Amazonite is precious and highly sought after, no matter what country it comes from. There are slight variations in the appearances depending on where it was found, but generally speaking, amazonite fetches consistent value/price wherever you may happen to buy it.

Amazonite Meaning

The bluish-green amazonite is as mighty as its name and is associated with two vital chakras: the throat chakra and the heart chakra.

The amazonite is also the gemstone of Virgos and is associated with Uranus. Uranus’s guiding planet is the most significant source of rebellion, eccentricities, and reformations in the Universe. It is chaos and order combined.

This being the case, a person ruled by this planet is often headstrong and is not afraid of change in any form. The ‘downside’ is that people are sometimes unpredictable, but the unpredictability is still ruled by logic and order of a higher kind.

Amazonite is also associated with the soft power of water and the intensely grounding energies of the earth. Bringing amazonite into your home is bringing home peace and tranquillity. All earth elements can draw away impurities and negative energies.

On the other hand, the water element can bring harmony and peace to the most toxic and benighted spaces. Earth and water stone is a gift of harmony and never-ending peace and should be appreciated by people who will benefit from its subtle, healing energies.


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What Is Amazonite Healing Properties?

Amazonite is capable of healing people at many specific levels. This crystal has a powerful effect on the mind and an individual’s personality. It is the stone of truth so that people can speak their truths and improve upon themselves. Amazonite inspires sincerity in individuals and among people, so it becomes a genuinely harmonizing stone. If you seek to bolster your honor as a person, amazonite can help you get there.

This crystal seeks to improve your ability to love yourself, too. Self-love is the foundation of all other kinds of love. To practice self-love is to improve upon oneself so that one becomes open to others. The quest for love doesn’t end with finding the perfect partner. First, love yourself and be good at it, and you will get better results with finding your true love.

What else can amazonite accomplish for you?

Many people don’t know about this enigmatic stone because it is both tranquil and mighty like the river it is named after. The amazonite stone has an unlimited ability to tranquilize and render peace a person or place. Like a mighty river, it swallows whole conflicts and negativity and renders any space it touches pristine and free of toxicity. Amazonite’s energies are feminine, which means it draws from the universal feminine.

The universal feminine is known for being nurturing and protective in all aspects. The universal feminine is also the seat of all creative powers, and it has tight control of the subconscious mind, too. Amazonite serves as a conduit for the universal unconscious, so you can engage with it and learn from it, too. The Source of the Universe is always open to beings who wish to ascend, even little by little, to become even more enlightened individuals.

How to Use Amazonite for Oneself and at Home?

We have already learned a lot about amazonite, which brings us to the question, “how can you apply all of this?”

Let’s go back to the beginning: amazonite is the most soothing and tranquil stone. In the language of gemstone metaphysics, what this means is that this stone is powerful because it can calm the most significant fires and waves.

If you have been feeling unstable emotionally, or if you have been feeling depressed and anxious about certain things, we recommend bringing a piece of amazonite with you wherever you go. The amazonite will help bring tranquility to your life, and improve the handling of your emotions, too.

The amazonite crystal is an excellent companion for people who suffer from high levels of stress. The crystal can also be used for energy gridding or improving the level of love or positive energies in a given place. Crystal energy practitioners may use amazonite in tandem with other earth and water minerals to create a ‘net effect’ for healing a person.

Amazonite can also help heal a broken dreamscape and gradually improve sleep.

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