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Fire, passion, warmth, and vigor have traditionally been linked with red crystal meaning. It is widely accepted that red crystals are among the most nurturing, beautiful, and loving stones.

Red crystal names are revered in different cultures as a source of physical strength, a mood booster, and a rejuvenator of body, mind, and soul.

Red gemstones, known for their energy-boosting properties and ability to restore metabolic harmony, can help you do just that. Stones such as these can help you reclaim a dynamic prowess that has been extinguished from your physical self.


What Is Red Crystal?

It is a good idea to wear red crystal stones if you want to keep yourself motivated.

Intense red crystals will thrill, uplift your excitement, and provide a burst of energy, no matter how intense they are.

It is widely accepted that red crystal stones are among the most nurturing, nurturing, beautiful, and loving stones.

As a symbol of physical energy and life, they have long been linked to feelings of warmth, passion, and romance.

In many cases, the dark red crystal stones are exceedingly complicated, yet they possess a silent desire and long-lasting energy.

Red Crystal Meaning

Despite their solid yet soothing hue, red crystal stones are thought to ease feelings of wrath and fury.

They’ll even help you if you’re trying to get into a deeper level of meditation.

Red stones symbolize your affection for the individuals you care about the most.

They’ll inspire you to make a difference in the lives of others by encouraging you to volunteer your time and abilities.

Red crystals can help you keep going when life gets tough, even if you don’t feel like it.

You can use these jewels to strengthen and stabilize your foundations, which is ideal for entering good relationships.


Red Crystal Healing Properties

Red gemstones, known for their energy-boosting properties and ability to restore metabolic harmony, can help you do just that.

Red jewels are your savior as a person plagued by poor circulation and an eternal winter in body and mind.

These stones can increase your internal heat, increase your energy, and restore your physical self’s passionate prowess.

Red crystals inspire you to get up and get things done since they tend to have high vibrating active energies.

People who have been debating whether or not to make a change will find encouragement in these stepping stones.

How To Use Red Crystals for Healing?

Please take advantage of these red crystals healing properties and impassioned vibrations by keeping them close to you at all times.

The most effective way to absorb and connect to the energy vibrations of Red Crystals is through gemstone jewelry.

Keep these stones close by, and even better, keep these in contact with skin to welcome all that burning fire.

If you want to stoke your libido with red crystals, you must place any red crystals near your bed.

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List of  Red Crystal Stone Names

1. Sapphire

Unbeknownst to many, there are real red sapphires. However, a red sapphire is not precisely a ruby because it is formed primarily through heat treatment and the use of beryllium.

As you may already know, the colors of gems are the result of inclusions or imperfections in the crystal.

Inclusions of one or more minerals can change the chemistry and appearance of a given gemstone. In the case of red sapphires, a lab may infuse it with beryllium before simulating the geological processes that give rise to gems: mainly, the exposure of crystals to pressure and intense heat.

A sapphire that is usually colorless or blue will begin to change its hue once it has undergone this treatment. The treated sapphire becomes red, but the clarity and color saturation will not correspond to a naturally formed ruby.

2. Ruby


Ruby is another variety of gem corundum with a high Mohs scale rating of nine. Rubies and sapphires are related, and they are also two of the most expensive gems in the world. Depending on the cut and rarity of a piece, ruby can even fetch more than diamonds in some cases.

Three things make rubies valuable their color saturation, the silkiness of their appearance, and their brilliance. Burma is the biggest supplier of quality rubies in the world at the moment. Rubies come in different hues of red.

There are light red rubies, blood-red rubies, and purples-red rubies that have such character that they will surely captivate you. Find more about Ruby meaning and healing properties.

3. Andesine

Red andesine is a type of silicate crystal that occurs in various host rocks, including igneous rocks. Andesine is a part of the feldspar group of minerals (this family includes jasper).

Plagioclase feldspar crystals tend to look alike from the outside, and they require expert tools to tell them apart. The specific gravity of andesine crystals increases as the amount of calcium also increases in the chemical structure of the gem.

4. Eudialyte

Eudialyte originates from Greenland and is a type of cyclosilicate mineral that is typically mined from igneous rock formations. Eudialyte is known by many other names, the most common of which are almandine spar, Saami blood, and ferrokenbrooksite.

The red variant of eudialyte is decidedly pinkish-red (not blood red or deep red like rubies), but remains one of the most beautiful red gems on our list. The name of this crystal comes from the Greek term that means “decomposes well.” It can occur either as a transparent or translucent crystal and ranks a respectable five to 5.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Eudialyte is a non-fluorescent gemstone with a glassy or vitreous luster.

5. Garnet

garnet color

Garnet is a simulant of many other crystals because of its excellent color and brilliance. It has excellent transparency, which lends well to different cuts. Garnet occurs in many colors, including red.

The quality of red garnet’s color is comparable to “blood red,” albeit a darker hue compared to the silkier and brighter red of rubies. Red garnet can further be told apart from other gems in this list by its unmistakable brownish undertones.

Some people prefer lighter color garnets, but they are harder to find. If you do not have the budget for more expensive stones like red sapphire or ruby, red garnet is a useful simulant.

Garnet also has excellent durability because it scores a 6.5 or seven on the Mohs scale of hardness – it is harder than a regular kitchen knife, and won’t be scratched easily by plain glass. Find more about Garnet meaning and healing properties.

6. Red Diamond

Need we say more? The red diamond is a type of fancy colored diamond that is super rare, so it fetches a lot more money.

The production of fancy colored diamonds in the market accounts for less than one percent of the annual global yield of diamonds in general. This being the case, a carat of the red diamond can cost you $800,000 to more than $2,000,000. Both raw and cut red diamonds are costly, mainly because they occur so rarely in nature.

Vivid red diamonds are sought after and are legendary in jewelry auctions. Jewelry experts say that it is nearly impossible to find genuine vivid red diamonds. Still, once they are surfaced, they are grabbed almost immediately by jewelry enthusiasts and wealthy gem collectors.

7. Red Agate

Red agate is a type of banded chalcedony. What this means is the chalcedony can have multiple layers of microcrystalline structure with slightly varying chemical components.

The variations in the chemical composition of chalcedony layers change the colors of the layers. Red agate, in particular, will not yield a pure red color. The overall hue will be red, but the concentric pattern inside will feature different colors.


8. Red Spinel

Spinel is a cubic and refractive gemstone that exhibits a multi-direction, octahedral orientation. When you look at a cut red spinel, it would be like looking at two pyramids that are oriented back to back.

Spinel is notable for nearly perfect crystalline structures, and even before the red spinel is oriented and cut, a back-to-back visual effect can already be observed.

9. Red Jasper



Red jasper is a widely available gemstone-quality feldspar that is opaque and has moderate durability. Because of its general abundance in nature, you can buy red jasper for as cheaply as two dollars per carat. Five dollars is already on the high end for this class of gemstone. Find more about Red Jasper meaning and healing properties.


10. Red Tiger’s Eye

red tiger eye beaded bracelet

Using a red tiger’s eye can either boost libido or assist an individual deal with their sexual difficulties and issues, which is why it’s so popular. Striations can be seen in the stone’s color, which ranges from rust to brick red.

The brown and gold varieties of tiger’s eye, which are more regularly encountered, share many of the same features as the less common red type, including the much-desired defense and grounding abilities. Long-term tasks benefit significantly from carrying this gemstone since it helps keep the mind focused and prevents simple distractions. Find more about Red Tiger’s Eye meaning and healing properties.


11. Red Carnelian

 red crystals - carnelian

The blazing spirit of the new is less about letting go of the old and adopting the active force of the manly red carnelian.

Carnelian was a symbol of love and passion; warriors wore it around their necks to boost their morale during combat.

Seasons that no longer serve you can be released and stored in your body as a reminder to move forward even if the way is dim.

With its powerful healing properties, the red carnelian may simultaneously treat the body, mind, and spirit.

Bones and ligaments benefit from the warm vibrations, which make you feel more fluid and supple instead of tight and chilly.

Find more about Carnelian meaning and healing properties.


12. Red Calcite

Clearing up old energy pathways and boosting mental motivation and drive are its primary benefits.

Red calcite is also a great stone to use if you’ve been beaten down in an argument since it can help you see things from a different perspective, freeing you up to come up with new ideas and inspiration.

This grounding and protective energy will sufficiently protect your energetic, bodily, and emotional boundaries.

Red calcite is a powerful cleansing amplifier for clearing out negativity.

Red calcite is your best bet if you’re looking for a stone that can help balance estrogen and absorb minerals.


13. Red Beryl

One can use red beryl to energize oneself and revitalize clients who are tired, worried, or recovering from an extended illness.

In the face of negativity and those who seek to manipulate or deceive or feed on the energies of others, red beryl is a powerful shield.

Don’t wear it too far from your navel if you’re meeting someone with an undeniable allure.

In addition to being a crystal of passion, red beryl evokes feelings of warmth and devotion.

Carrying or wearing it can bring a soulmate into your life and keep a relationship loving and supportive, even under the most challenging circumstances.


14. Red Topaz

The vivid red color of blazing red topaz has made it a sought-after gemstone.

While all topaz colors are lovely, red topaz is the rarest and most expensive, accounting for less than 0.5 percent of all faceted topaz.

A few regions worldwide produce the most vibrant and valuable red topaz, but Brazil is the world’s most important source of red topaz.

Metaphysical attributes of topaz include the power to offer happiness, good health, prosperity, and kindness to the wearer.

It encourages honesty and transparency, as well as self-control and self-awareness.


15. Red Tourmaline

Red tourmaline or rubellite tourmaline is a stone of the completed heart: one that is powerful, lively, and full of desire for life, as well as a stone of love.

Additionally, the root chakra is stimulated by rubellite, giving a greater flow of prana, or life-force energy, to the emotional body.

Tourmaline’s fine crystal specimens and jewels are still rare and expensive, even though they may be found on every continent.

Red tourmaline is an excellent gemstone for balancing the brain’s right and left hemispheres to bring mental processes into harmony with the chakras and the auric body.


16. Red Quartz

Although red quartz is typically red, it can also be found in maroon, burgundy, and brown shades.

Pure life, fortitude, and protection are all embodied in this coated quartz.

Red quartz is one of the most vital gemstones on the market for protecting our emotional and auric bodies.

The etheric shield that red quartz gives strengthens our soul and overall energy as we grow closer.

It’s the fuel for the fire that helps us become the unique individuals we were meant to be.



17. Red Labradorite

In terms of spiritual significance, labradorite is the stone of the dreamer.

The gemstone labradorite is thought to protect us from the outside world’s negativity by shielding our auras.

It’s no wonder that labradorite is recognized as a stone of change, strengthening one’s inner worth and strength of will.

Because of its interior layers, labradorite is prone to breaking if impacted too hard or with sufficient pressure.

To avoid direct blows, many designers prefer to utilize labradorite in earring and pendant designs instead of bracelets and rings.


18. Red Apatite

Red apatite is a burdensome stone for the lapidary to work with because of its inclusions and difficulty polishing.

Apatite’s distinctive beauty can only be fully appreciated with proper lapidary.

Beautiful sheen and overall appearance are the product of meticulously faceted gems polished to perfection by professional lapidaries with eye-clean clarity.

For personal and societal benefit, apatite clears misunderstandings and facilitates information retrieval. ​


19. Red Sunstone

A feldspar family gemstone, sunstones have a shimmering orange or reddish tint.

Good vibes and sunblock are essential in our toxic and flawed environment; therefore, we sought out a crystal stone that could completely shield our delicate spirit.

Red sunstone represents the sun and is known as the stone of joy and leadership.

Known as the “joy and leadership stone,” red sunstone is a crystal gemstone with a shattering effect caused by copper inclusions.

It energizes and clears all of the chakra points, and its use in energy healing and balance is said to bring good fortune.

Find more about sunstone meaning and healing properties.


20. Red Aventurine

Red aventurine is an energizing stone that encourages people to take action to realize their aspirations.

As it brings vital energy into the physical body, it dispels negative thinking formations and beliefs, leading to feelings of sluggishness and disconnectedness.

Red aventurine is thought to improve mental stamina and instill a newfound sense of self-confidence in those seeking treatment with it.

Resolve, perseverance and discernment are all honed in this practice, and it helps one always to choose the path of light that is best for oneself and others.


21. Red Malachite

Put on some red malachite if you’re struggling with scattered energies or want to help center and balance your thoughts.

While this red gemstone assists in the repair of damaged muscle tissue, red malachite also benefits the respiratory and circulatory systems.

Utilize to erect a defensive barrier around your aura to keep your energy protected and secure while using it.

Red malachite, full of grounding energies, is an essential component of every medicine bag.

It can transmit energy, strength, stamina, and spiritual grounding abilities in addition to carrying a relaxing vibration.

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