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Kunzite is universally known as the woman’s stone.  Why does it possess this particular name? What makes it so beneficial to women everywhere? Let’s discover its healing properties.


What Is Kunzite? Who Discovered It?


The pink crystal kunzite refers to the mineral spodumene. Spodumene is part of the pyroxene mineral family, which often develops in pegmatites rich in lithium. Kunzite often forms in tandem with other minerals that have lithium, like lepidolite and petalite. Sodium is sometimes found in the chemical composition of some specimens, in place of lithium.

Kunzite is used in decorative and commercial jewelry applications and is best known as an energy-giving crystal for women.

The Color Of Kunzite And Its Associated Properties


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The primary (and most popular) color of kunzite is pink.

Like other kinds of minerals, kunzite comes in a spectrum of pinks and purples. No two kunzite specimens will be truly alike, especially in color. There will be slight graduations, even within the same color family. The name of spodumene depends on the color of the gem.

Pink and purple ones have the trade name of kunzite, while the green ones are called hiddenite. There is also a yellow gem that is called triphane. Due to the perfect cleaving property of spodumene (in general), kunzite is fragile, and it must not be exposed to direct impact as it may crack or split.

Professional collectors and gemologists classify kunzite as a prime “collector’s gem” because of its beauty and characteristics.

The color depth and quality of spodumene can be enhanced with irradiation and heat treatment. Note that when kunzite is exposed to natural sunlight or any intense heat source for a long time, its color will begin to fade.

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to keep your kunzite jewelry well away from heat and the sun and don’t store it where direct sunlight can wear down its natural color.

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Put your kunzite jewelry in a sealed jewelry case when you’re not using them.

Kunzite exhibits the visual quality of pleochroism, where it can display or show a multitude of colors depending on how you view or hold the crystal. The best colors are shown when you look down at the length of a piece of kunzite.

As we mentioned earlier, kunzite is somehow a fragile gemstone because of its bidirectional and perfect cleavage. This means that when any significant, cutting pressure is applied to a kunzite piece, it can entirely fall apart from the pressure, instead of merely resisting it when the professional cutter applied the pressure.

The most skilled cutters are capable of using every cut in the book to shape this gemstone. It is also possible to carve it, depending on the need. Deep cutting allows for the full display of the internal characteristics and traits, making the final product even more beautiful.


The Healing Properties of Kunzite

Kunzite is a holistic, healing gemstone. Bring kunzite into your home and expect the following:

  • People will begin to harmonize with one another more often. Conflicts will begin to die down, and peace will begin to reign at home.
  • Kunzite emanates pure love – the kind of love that emancipates all. Placing kunzite in every room at home can help align energies, remove toxic presences, and orient people to love one another more deeply. Does it function like a love stone? It does because it is a love stone. The effect of kunzite is similar to the more famous love stone’s effect, the rose quartz.
  • Kunzite can also encourage people to be more joyful and content with one another. Negative drives will be purged, and people will feel renewed faith and trust in one another. This is in line with the universal love concept that we mentioned earlier.
  • Kunzite is an expert in keeping environments peaceful and light. Kunzite is one of the best gemstones to place in nurseries and other places where peace should reign supreme.
  • Place kunzite beside your bed if you have been having trouble sleeping for the longest time. Kunzite may be used for gridding work. It will purge the area of negativity and reduce the incidence of bad dreams. Through continuous exposure to its subtle energies, your sleep patterns will begin to normalize. You will also be able to sleep on time and awaken refreshed.


Kunzite Meaning and Uses of Kunzite (Woman’s Stone for New Mums)

Kunzite is the most desirable gemstone for women. It is rightly called the woman’s stone because of the purest and most loving energy it possesses. As a woman’s stone, it radiates energy that causes harmony and love altogether. Kunzite is a perfect gift for all mothers, new and old alike. Gift kunzite to pregnant or expectant mothers so the subtle energies can also help reduce any health risks during pregnancy.

Kunzite is widely known as a powerful guardian crystal. What this means is that it naturally helps people communicate with their spiritual guides.

Spiritual guides are entities that are connected with the life force of people, and they exist not just to defend us from harm but also to provide love, comfort, and guidance. We recommend holding kunzite during meditation to reduce any pain due to pregnancy or any women-related health conditions. The pure and limitlessly nourishing energies of kunzite are perfect for bringing joy and healing to women everywhere.

Kunzite is very helpful for people who are just beginning with meditation. Use this gemstone to feel that your ability to become centered during meditation is affected by your emotional or mental state.

The kunzite gemstone’s subtle energies will help you achieve more with your meditation and other spiritual efforts.

How to Use Kunzite for Oneself and at Home?

  • Wear: The best method to use healing gemstones like kunzite is by wearing them frequently. Keep the healing gemstone around you most of the time.
  • Place on desk: Place a tumbled stone on your desk when you work, if you don’t like wearing jewelry.
  • Meditation: You can also meditate with a piece of kunzite, too.


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