About Us

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About Us

Our Story (Brand History)

BEADNOVA is a worldwide supplier of beads, jewelry findings, and jewelry making, based in Hongkong since the year of 2013. The business starts with several employees in the beginning, and develops rapidly into a company more than 50 experienced employees due to our continuous self improvement and innovation. And as members of the excellent sale team, our hard work and dedication also get high praise from clients and other companies in the same industry, which motivates us to go further and faster.

Our Mission & Core Value

Our most focused mission is inspire people to create beautiful jewelry with quality jewelry findings and accessories. We hope people can enjoy the fun of jewelry making. We always trying our best to provide good communication, quality products and excellent customer services to our consumers. And our Core Values are good communication/Teamwork and quality customer service, Integrity, Creativity / Innovation and Humor.

Good Communication and Teamwork

We are committed to compassionate communication with respect and positive attitude.
One of the most important points that makes Beadnova different from other companies is, we respect every single person in every department. Under the cheerful and positive atmosphere, we perform our work together as a team even better, in order to make our customers happy and satisfied.

Quality Customer Service

We exceed customers’ expectations by listening. We respond quickly and thoughtfully, always seeking the opportunity to make a positive impact.
At Beadnova, we love our customers! We value our role in their businesses and treasure their faith in us. And we love to hear from our customers, not only about good suggestion and feedback, but also about improvement. Our customers are our most valuable resource for us to learn and improve.


We are an open-minded and ethical company, treating others fairly and honestly as we only provide the quality products. Every products we are selling have the quality assurance and certification. We offer a variety of products that will satisfy a wide range of taste with high product quality. We want our customers to satisfy with what they have purchased. This is the best way for us to build their trust, giving them a great online shopping experiences and enable them to enthusiastically share their excitement and trust with us.

Creativity and Innovation

We value our ideas and inspirations. We embrace creativity. These are the keys for innovation.
We know that it’s our innovation that inspires our customers and differentiates our site from others. We cultivate and nurture our creativity by trying new things and being open to new ideas. We love to collaborate about new products, designs, customer service plans, website features, and new classes. Bouncing ideas off of one another inspires more creative thinking. It is from all of our different interpretations and energies that we generate the best plans and are able to grow our company each day. Our creativity needs to be exercised! We tell our customers to ‘Practice, practice, practice.’ Not only does practice makes us more creative, but it is with our missteps that some of our best ideas are sparked.

Humor and Laughter.

“Our secret to success is laughter.”
Laughter motivates us. Our high morale and sense of teamwork come from the fact that we like being around one another, because… well, we are funny! We are creative problem solvers with the power of humor. We have the sense of belonging and love what we do.