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Are you a fan of Pandora jewelry, like charms and necklaces? There are several super easy ways to get them to shine again. It all begins with the right cleaning.

What is a Pandora Bracelet Mostly Made Of?

Pandora bracelets are mostly made of sterling silver. Sterling silver is considered a standard ratio for silver and alloy, and it durable, wearable, and excellent for all kinds of jewelry settings.

All kinds of silver, including fine silver, tarnished over time. While it can be delayed, it’s bound to happen, especially when the silver is exposed to various substances like saltwater, lotion, perfume or colognes, and other personal care products.

People who have naturally acidic sweat and skin can also speed up the tarnishing process, which is essentially corrosion of a very thin portion of the surface of the metal.

When oxidation occurs, silver can turn dark, or it can also become discolored. Tarnishing is rarely the fault of the silver manufacturer, but rather, a normal process that occurs with all metals used for ornamentation and jewelry.

How to Clean a Pandora Bracelet or Necklace?

 how to clean Pandora bracelet

There are several ways to clean a Pandora necklace and bracelet. Pandora’s general recommendations for cleaning charms, bracelets, and necklaces separately. For the bracelet and necklace part, you can follow these steps:

  • Use a clean, dry piece of cloth to wipe down your Pandora jewelry daily. This will take care of the surface dust and grime that clings to jewelry as it takes on daily wear and tears.
  • Use a polishing cloth regularly on the sterling silver to prevent tarnishing. With regular polishing comes a natural shine that you can sustain for many years.
  • Never expose your Pandora jewelry to harsh chemicals, especially household cleaners like ammonia or bleach. It is also imperative that you never swim with your jewelry in the sea as the saltwater will make quick work. They also discourage people from using Pandora jewelry in swimming pools as swimming pools are treated with chlorine, which could also eventually tarnish the sterling silver if submerged long enough.
  • Natural cosmetic products like lipstick, perfume, and other items that people normally use may contain chemicals that can accelerate patina formation on sterling silver.

How to Clean Pandora charms?

Pandora Charms

Pandora charms are delicate and require a special method to clean them thoroughly.

There are two methods of cleaning Pandora charms. The first one is the “no scrub” method that requires one tablespoon of baking soda, half a cup of white vinegar, some tin foil, and a tablespoon of rock salt. You will also need a container like an old bowl or baking tray to hold the solution.

1. No Scrub Method

The first step is to line the container with tin foil. Make sure that you place the shinier side up. Combine the baking soda, rock salt, and hot water first. Use a stirrer to combine the first set of ingredients. Submerge your Pandora charms in the solution.

Pour the white vinegar as a final step. Make sure that all your Pandora charms are fully submerged. Leave them there to be cleaned automatically by the solution for thirty minutes.

After half an hour of submersion, remove the Pandora charms from the container, and rinse with some warm water. Running water is best for rinsing charms and necklaces as it helps remove all traces of the cleaning solution.

An alternate method of soaking sterling silver is just combining some warm water and some dish soap.

This is excellent for removing low-level grime (mostly dirt, sweat, and skin particles) from Pandora charms.

Combine the water and the dish soap and soak your charms for about 15 minutes. You will see dirt removing itself from the charms on their own accord.

After a quarter of an hour, lift the charms and rinse with running water. Always wipe down your jewelry after cleaning with any moist solution. We recommend using a silver polishing cloth as a good measure against premature tarnishing, as the manufacturer recommends.

2. Cleaning with Toothpaste

The second method that you can use for cleaning Pandora charms is using toothpaste and water.

For this method, you will need an old toothbrush (preferably one with soft bristles), toothpaste (any brand will do), and some lukewarm water. First, apply the toothpaste directly to the surface of the silver. Apply the toothpaste generously, until everything is covered.

Moisten the bristles of the toothbrush you’re using and scrubs against the grain of the metal. Brush as you would when you’re brushing your teeth –gently, and allow the brush to do its work.

There’s no need to brush excessively or apply too much pressure. Continue brushing until you see most of the grime come off the silver. Rinse everything thoroughly and air-dry before buffing off with silver polishing clothing.

We do not recommend submersion if your jewelry has any gemstones on it. Some gemstones must remain dry to maintain their crystalline integrity.

How to Make Pandora Jewelry Shiny Again?

The scrub-free method and the toothpaste method will take care of the grime that makes sterling silver look darker than it should.

Polishing with a silver polishing cloth is a good, daily technique for acting on early signs of patina or oxidizing. Unfortunately, not everyone can commit to daily cleaning and maintenance, so we recommend doing it maybe once a week or twice a month, at least to keep your sterling silver in good condition.

Another method of keeping your sterling silver in better condition is by limiting its exposure to room air. Room air contains a lot of compounds that can accelerate oxidization. You can do this easily by placing all like jewelry (sterling silver) in a zip lock bag. Make sure that you squeeze out all of the air before putting the Pandora jewelry inside.

This will ensure that there’s less air inside to ruin the surface of the jewelry. Take note also that jewelry supplies or jewelry stores offer pouches and special jewelry bags that are designed to maintain the appearance of fine jewelry. These are a good investment if you are serious about keeping your jewelry shiny and clear of tarnish.

And as a final reminder – which should be easy – Always take off your silver jewelry whenever there is a risk of getting wet. This includes washing the dishes, soaking in the bathtub, and other beachside activities.

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