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Have you ever wondered how many kinds of red gemstone there are in the world? Well, you are about to find out. Red gemstones, in general, are associated with warmth, fire, and the zest for life. In Asian cultures, red is the color of wealth and abundance.

Red gemstones can help open doors of passion and opportunity that you didn’t think was possible to enter.

Spiritually, red gemstones are beneficial because they help revitalize and rejuvenate different aspects of your life so that you can live a more passionate life. Below are some of the most popular red gems in the market, along with their physical properties.

Precious Gemstones in Bright Red Color

1.Sapphire – Large variety of color

Unbeknownst to many, there are real red sapphires. However, a red sapphire is not precisely a ruby because it is formed primarily through heat treatment and the use of beryllium.

As you may already know, the colors of gems are the result of inclusions or imperfections in the crystal.

Inclusions of one or more minerals can change the chemistry and appearance of a given gemstone. In the case of red sapphires, a lab may infuse it with beryllium before simulating the geological processes that give rise to gems: mainly, the exposure of crystals to pressure and intense heat.

A sapphire that is usually colorless or blue will begin to change its hue once it has undergone this treatment. The treated sapphire becomes red, but the clarity and color saturation will not correspond to a naturally formed ruby.

2.Ruby – The precious red gemstone

How Much does Ruby Worth?

Ruby is another variety of gem corundum with a high Mohs scale rating of nine. Rubies and sapphires are related, and they are also two of the most expensive gems in the world. Depending on the cut and rarity of a piece, ruby can even fetch more than diamonds in some cases.

Three things make rubies as valuable as their color saturation, the silkiness of their appearance, and their brilliance. Burma is the biggest supplier of quality rubies in the world at the moment. Rubies come in different hues of red.

There are light red rubies, blood-red rubies, and purples-red rubies that have such character that they will surely captivate you.


Red andesine is a type of silicate crystal that occurs in various host rocks, including igneous rocks. Andesine is a part of the feldspar group of minerals (this family includes jasper).

Plagioclase feldspar crystals tend to look alike from the outside, and they require expert tools to tell them apart. The specific gravity of andesine crystals increases as the amount of calcium also increases in the chemical structure of the gem.


Eudialyte originates from Greenland and is a type of cyclosilicate mineral that is typically mined from igneous rock formations. Eudialyte is known by many other names, the most common of which are almandine spar, Saami blood, and ferrokenbrooksite.

The red variant of eudialyte is decidedly pinkish-red (not blood red or deep red like rubies), but remains one of the most beautiful red gems on our list. The name of this crystal comes from the Greek term that means “decomposes well.” It can occur either as a transparent or translucent crystal and ranks a respectable five to 5.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Eudialyte is a non-fluorescent gemstone with a glassy or vitreous luster.

5.Garnet – Popular red gemstone

garnet color

Garnet is a simulant of many other crystals because of its excellent color and brilliance. It has excellent transparency, which lends well to different cuts. Garnet occurs in many colors, including red.

The quality of red garnet’s color is comparable to “blood red,” albeit a darker hue compared to the silkier and brighter red of rubies. Red garnet can further be told apart from other gems in this list by its unmistakable brownish undertones.

Some people prefer lighter color garnets, but they are harder to find. If you do not have the budget for more expensive stones like red sapphire or ruby, red garnet is a useful simulant.

Garnet also has excellent durability because it scores a 6.5 or seven on the Mohs scale of hardness – it is harder than a regular kitchen knife, and won’t be scratched easily by plain glass.

6.Red Diamond – Extremely rare color in diamond

Need we say more? The red diamond is a type of fancy colored diamond that is super rare, so it fetches a lot more money.

The production of fancy colored diamonds in the market accounts for less than one percent of the annual global yield of diamonds in general. This being the case, a carat of the red diamond can cost you $800,000 to more than $2,000,000. Both raw and cut red diamonds are costly, mainly because they occur so rarely in nature.

Vivid red diamonds are sought after and are legendary in jewelry auctions. Jewelry experts say that it is nearly impossible to find genuine vivid red diamonds. Still, once they are surfaced, they are grabbed almost immediately by jewelry enthusiasts and wealthy gem collectors.

7.Red Agate – Cheap red gemstone

Red agate is a type of banded chalcedony. What this means is the chalcedony can have multiple layers of microcrystalline structure with slightly varying chemical components.

The variations in the chemical composition of chalcedony layers change the colors of the layers. Red agate, in particular, will not yield a pure red color. The overall hue will be red, but the concentric pattern inside will feature different colors.

8.Red Spinel

Spinel is a cubic and refractive gemstone that exhibits a multi-direction, octahedral orientation. When you look at a cut red spinel, it would be like looking at two pyramids that are oriented back to back.

Spinel is notable for nearly perfect crystalline structures, and even before the red spinel is oriented and cut, a back-to-back visual effect can already be observed.

9.Red Jasper


Red jasper is a widely available gemstone-quality feldspar that is opaque and has moderate durability. Because of its general abundance in nature, you can buy red jasper for as cheaply as two dollars per carat. Five dollars is already on the high end for this class of gemstone.


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