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8 Best Crystals To Keep In Car for Protection While Driving

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There are multitudes of reasons why people wear or carry crystals daily. Typically, crystals serve as vessels of personal energy by adding them for positive vibrations to our homes, offices, and other locations. But we may utilize them for extra optimism and protection in our automobiles, too.

Crystals for car protection are selected crystals that can be placed inside your car to improve self-protection. Your car is your unique room that seems like a home away from home. Traveling in several areas will constantly expose you to the dangers outside. You have to be constantly vigilant of distracted drivers, persons suffering road rages, and those odd situations which might lead to blunders.

Good thing, that crystals for car protection can be preserved while you’re driving, and you can incorporate them with other precious stones to improve their effectiveness. Learning the different types of crystals is best to utilize and how to maximize their effects. Allow yourself to be more confident behind the wheel.

8 Crystals for Car Protection While Driving

Clear quartz


Compared to other crystals, clear quartz crystals are relatively larger. It delivers incredible clarity and unequaled healing abilities. This gem is potent and appropriate for your road intentions and affirmations of protection. This beautiful gemstone purifies your aura and is one of the best crystals for safety while driving.

Clear quartz stimulates emphasis to be attentive, but it also clears the haze of confusion at crowded crossroads. As a result, you can drive and avoid danger without further hesitation. When newly charged, clear quartz can trigger your head chakra to prevent accidents. Think of it as a spiritual navigator to protect you.

To use, clear quartz can be placed in the center of your automobile to surround your car with a white light safety shield. This barrier creates a positive vibe surrounding your vehicle.

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Amethyst should contact your skin if you drive or spend the most time in a vehicle, ideal for self-safety. Amethyst assists car drivers in rejecting physical accidents and motion sickness. As a multi-chakra gemstone, this crystal enables the root chakra to make your driving relaxed.

Amethysts are also considered to foster calmness and tranquility. Those working with crystals can employ gemstones to lower your anxiety and pain perception. In addition, you can use this crystal as a grounding stone to keep your foot on your pedal when driving your car to keep you attentive, conscious, and protected.

To use this purple stone, you can place it safely in your clean handkerchief. This stone is thought to promote safe journeys and support the smooth running of your car.

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Black Tourmaline


Black stones are for protection always the best. In particular, black tourmaline reduces negativity from the environment of your car and from other people on the road. It minimizes the number of careless drivers that contact you. A small crystal bodyguard, this stone turns negativity into positivity, generating uplifting energy along the voyage. It soothes the mind while providing greater attention at the same time. Black tourmaline helps you to stay calm on challenging roads.

For individuals who seek empathetic treatment, black tourmaline is ideal for removing negative energy on the road. It’s a guardian stone that pushes your negativity away and protects you.

This black stone can be placed behind the driver’s seat to safeguard you or anyone who drives. It will also help to reject any negative energy that protects you against the fury of roads.

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Tiger’s Eye

tiger eye

Tiger’s eye guarantees the driver a refreshed and energized mindset despite a long, tiring journey. The metaphysical abilities of this unique healing stone prevent you and your eyes from the outside curses. Enhanced by Sekhmet’s fire energy, Goddess of War, Tiger Eye keeps you fully conscious when you drive.

This crystal is also considered one of the most acceptable pillars for safe journeys as it increases concentration. It keeps you attentive and focused on the road while driving and prevents any crashes. It is a superb crystal for protecting your car and may be worn or placed anywhere on the body. It impacts the energy of the vehicle as a whole.

Filled with fire energy, the stones of Tiger Eye must be put for safety in the southern section of the car. Use it as an amulet when you drive on solar plexus or mid-chakras.

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While you just want to let high-vibration passengers in your automobile, it’s not always doable. Selenite is a fantastic protection stone for driving since it absorbs the negative energy of others. So if someone with low vibrations enters your car, selenite is the stone for you. This white crystal can be placed below the passenger’s seat to purify the vibrations of anyone that joins you.

Selenite with Osmanthus, one of the critical healing stones for safe driving, forms a medium for safe driving. When you put it in a vehicle or drive it on the road after charging your crown chakra with Selenite crystal patches, you will observe a weird glow. So warm up always with selenite and place it carefully at night in the car.

This white crystal can be placed under the passenger’s seat to purify the vibrations of anyone that joins you. You must combine your selenite crystals with Osmanthus incense to keep your mind open when you use your automobile.

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Turquoise Stone Jewelry

Turquoise is a significant therapeutic crystal used to protect you from evil in the history of humanity. In ancient times, Turquoise was considered an unrivaled crystal to be used on trips and travels. Nowadays, this bluish crystal is an appropriate accessory for everybody who walks on the highways since it protects your mind and body from pollutants.

Turquoise crystals for accident-free driving function by increasing your confidence as well. This sacred stone awakes instinctual energy to communicate effectively if you are a pilot or even a bus driver. It also attracts insightful events to your life and prevents accidents from driving your car simultaneously. Turquoise rocks, filled with fire energy, must be placed in the car’s center to be safe.

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Howlite is the perfect stone to have on hand when you’re feeling queasy or sick. It works wonders at settling your stomach, soothing any discomfort that may come along with it (especially if there are sea-sickness symptoms), and ensuring a positive outlook during travel time! The calming influence of howlite can prevent road rage too.

If you need a little help to stay focused while driving, hold this crystal in your hand. The stunning white stone is said to stimulate the crown chakra and make any journey go more smoothly!

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Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is a highly protective stone that encourages positive thinking. It increases intuition and trains you to spot danger before it affects you, which can lead sometimes-dire consequences for those who don’t listen in time! This crystal helps hone this skill as well so when we need our safety most – like while traveling abroad or taking public transport-, Black obsidians will keep us grounded without fail.

Black Obsidian is a stone that will help you to stay safe while traveling. It’s great for reducing uncertainty on new and unusual roads, giving drivers confidence when they are abroad or their vehicle has the steering wheel on opposite sides!

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Crystals for Car Protection when driving

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