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Do you know that you can use crystals for health? It’s true: each gemstone has crystal meanings for specific uses. Let us teach you how to use crystals for health purposes and spiritual ones (as these cannot be separated anyway).

10 Best Powerful Crystals for Health

1. Amethyst


Since the early days, amethyst has been used to ward off or reduce intoxication. It is known as the sobriety stone, and it has been long believed that those who use or possess an amethyst will not be entirely affected by alcohol. This can lead you away from accidents and other associated problems with intoxication.

Amethyst reduces tissue inflammation and helps control pain.

This gemstone is especially useful for individuals suffering from chronic fatigue, rheumatism, arthritis, and even fibromyalgia. Chronic conditions that involve pain and inflammation can also be tackled using amethyst in energy healing practices.

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2. Citrine

Citrine is a highly protective crystal that works not only the body but in transmuting harmful negative energies to positive ones. It can help heal various organ systems and can boost your overall health immediately. It is also widely believed that citrine can increase your physical capacity to do work and improve your intuitive, creative, and mental abilities.

Are you struggling with brain fog or mental fog? Keep citrine around so it can change that fog into the utmost mental focus and clarity. The same goes for people who want to end their unpredictable mood swings.

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3. Aventurine

Aventurine is associated with the heart chakra, which deals with all forms of love and the power of bonding with each other. Aventurine is also tasked with taking care of and healing the heart and the cardiovascular system in general. When used, this stone provides a great sense of inner peace and calm, and people also report that their sense of wellbeing also improves dramatically. Use this stone if you have several areas in your life affected by imbalance. You can also use it to cure yourself of energy blockages. If you are engaged in sports and fitness, aventurine can also gift you with speedier recovery and protection from different kinds of physical degradation, including surgeries.

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4. Unakite

Unakite is a healing crystal that centers on both the mind and the heart. It blends precious pinks and greens in a one of a kind combination that can aid in physical healing and faster recovery. Unakite can be used for rebuilding strength after a period of illness. It can also be used to boost vitality for hard work, and improve handling or management of pain. It may also be used for reducing substance abuse of all forms, from smoking tobacco to doing drugs. Use it if you struggle with controlling your alcohol consumption as well. This gemstone can be used in conjunction with similar stones for physical detoxification.

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5. Lapis Lazuli

The mystical and enigmatic lapis lazuli is considered an ancient stone and has been around for as long as our planet has. It is the stone of royalty, and its deep blue color is the stuff of legends. Because of its association with the water element, it is also a natural cleansing stone for the body.

It can help with removing disease, detoxification, and eliminating harmful elements from both the realm of the ethereal and the physical realm. It is also an emotionally balancing stone that deals with harmful negativities in life, such as rage. If you have issues with anger management, lapis lazuli is your go-to gemstone.

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6. Amber

Amber is a stone of the Sun and naturally brings constant warmth and healing to people. It is a nurturing gemstone that brings recovery and continuous healing to people.

Use amber when you feel a deep cold in yourself that may have been caused by disease or by brushes with negative spiritual entities. If you bring amber around with you, it can help form a shell or bubble that prevents disease-causing elements from entering. You will also have a source of natural warmth through its subtle vibrations wherever you may be.

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7. Aquamarine

Aquamarine is another stunning gemstone that leads not just in beauty but also with its spiritual and healing properties. Traditionally, aquamarine was used by sea voyagers to ensure a safe return. It is naturally protective and provides good fortune to whoever who wields it. Aquamarine can generate positive vibrations that can also safeguard the wearer’s heart from pain and grief.

Aquamarine is a stone of happiness and contentment and concentrates healing energies from all around. Use aquamarine in mediation to reduce your fear of travel and water, and to bring hapless lovers back to the fold.

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8. Onyx

Onyx comes in multiple colors and shades, but black onyx is the most useful (and most decorative) of them all. Spiritually, onyx allows a person’s psychic energies to concentrate correctly, so he/she can achieve his/her dreams more quickly.

Onyx helps increase a person’s vitality after recovery from a long illness. When a person is reduced significantly by disease, he/she needs to be able to accumulate vital life energy to get back into the swing of things. Onyx multiplies and accelerates this process of rejuvenation so that the person will feel like himself/herself again.

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9. Garnet

Garnet is both a healing and energizing stone. Its subtle vibrations are helpful for those who are chronically fatigued and plagued by multiple health issues. Garnet also prolongs a person’s life by improving his general outlook.

By balancing the emotions and promoting positive thoughts and feelings, a person will be capable of reducing stress. Stress is the foremost cause of physical ailments anywhere in the world: it is linked not just with heart disease, but also cancer. Take care of the stress correctly, and you will be able to deal with the health issues in the process.

An added benefit of using garnet frequently or adding garnet to your collection of healing gemstones is its capacity to ward off bad karma and negativity. To maximize the effects of garnet, we recommend always putting it close to your heart.

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10. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the most powerful of all love stones and closely aligned with Venus and the water element. Rose quartz is intimately connected with the feminine form and is capable of safeguarding a woman as she gives birth.

Rose quartz can accompany a woman from childhood to old age and heal not just the body but also various mental and emotional traumas that can come her way.

Additionally, rose quartz has a natural aphrodisiac effect and is even used in yoni meditation to increase sex drive. Rose quartz is capable of reducing pains and tissue inflammation and even ear problems. Use this stone if you are recovering from any substance abuse or addiction or trying to shield yourself from anxiety and depression.

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