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Obsidian is described as volcanic glass, but it is not exactly like glass but appears to be one because of its shiny appearance. Find out more about obsidian meaning and healing properties.

What is Obsidian?

Among the many gemstones that are formed primarily by volcanic activity, no other gemstone is linked so closely to volcanoes than obsidian. Obsidian is described as volcanic glass, but it is not exactly like glass but appears to be one because of its shiny appearance.

Gemologists and enthusiasts freely use both names; they refer to the same thing anyway. Obsidian forms from molten lava and has the sharpest cleavage, which is the origin of its many metaphysical and spiritual meanings and properties.

The most common color of this gem is black, but in some rare instances, earth tones can also emerge from mines. There are many records of red obsidian and a brown variant called mahogany obsidian. These are super rare specimens and should not be considered typical of this class of gemstone.

Obsidian is also considered an unstable crystal because obsidian rock may have fully formed internal crystal structures or just partially formed crystallization depending on the passage of time.

Like other gems, it takes millions of years to form obsidian, and we are only beginning to understand how they genuinely form underground. Rare finds of obsidian can show a visual effect where metallic speckles can reflect light.

In other instances, these internal inclusions may be comprised of loose gas pockets and other kinds of debris. Since this visual effect is no observed in the majority of obsidian rocks, it is not considered a typical or major internal characteristic.


Obsidian Meanings

Volcanic glass (obsidian) is associated with rootedness or the base chakra. It is also the gemstone of two zodiac signs: the fiery Sagittarius and the omnipotent Scorpio.

It is both an element of Fire and the Earth, making it one of the most versatile gemstones for energy work and meditation. It has a low vibrational frequency (even lower than quartz), which makes it perfect for people who are not accustomed to abrupt changes.

Lower frequencies of vibrational energy produce energy for change at a more gradual pace, so people who have only begun with energy work can ease themselves into the process more comfortably.


Obsidian Healing Properties

There are various kinds of obsidian, each with specific healing properties.

obsidian stone

Black Obsidian

Black obsidian – Black obsidian is the most common type of obsidian. It enhances the seat of creativity and creates the conditions necessary for improving self-control.

This means black obsidian is a stone of discipline, a most natural self-improvement gemstone. Its black color means it has powerful shielding properties as well.

Use black obsidian if you feel that you are always under attack by other people, or possibly by psychic vampires from afar.

Golden obsidian – Golden obsidian is the Gold Sheen variant of this gemstone. Mystics use Gold Sheen obsidian for scrying activity, and this type of obsidian offers high-level defensive warding for energy practitioners.


Mahogany obsidian – The rare mahogany obsidian is linked to the Libra zodiac sign and has the gentlest energetic vibrations among all the obsidian types. We recommend the mahogany obsidian for people who have weak aural shields.

Our auras are not just expressions of our chakras; they also form a shield against negative energies.

When the chakras are weak or blocked, this aural shield will go down quickly, making it possible for others to influence your life even if you don’t want them to.


Some of the general healing properties of all obsidian variants are:

  • It can aid in personal purification, to rid oneself of negative influences and energies.
  • It can help in personal transformation and development. If you have been in a rut for the longest time, obsidian can help you get out of that rut. It doesn’t matter what area in your life is lacking – obsidian can help reach the point where long-lasting changes can finally occur.
  • Are you struggling with personal fulfillment? Obsidian can help adjust your energetic profile so you can begin finding happiness and contentment with the successes that you have right now.
  • Are you a conscious creator or a practitioner of the LOA (law of attraction)? Obsidian is a powerful tool for assisting conscious creators as it refines your vibrational energy and allows you to focus on your genuine desires and emotions. Obsidian can help reduce the incidence of mixed signals and improve your overall efforts to manifest your life.


Obsidian Uses

Historically, obsidian was used in the manufacture of objects like knives, daggers, and other bladed weapons. Our ancestors probably learned how to cleave materials with the sharp edges of flint and obsidian. It took us some time, yes, but we eventually learned the skills necessary to break obsidian and flint so that useable edges will be formed after impact.

In more modern applications, obsidian is processed to create the sharpest edges for use in surgery. It is said that obsidian hyperfine processing can produce the sharpest edges that surpass the best that stainless steel can offer.

In surgery, the sharpness of the surgical blade is essential because the sharper the edge, the less the damage to adjoining tissues.

Of course, obsidian is primarily mined today for jewelry settings and other ornamental applications. This gem is usually cut into attractive cabochons.

Faceted obsidian can also be produced because of the relative hardness of this gem. Manufacturers don’t focus on ring production because you can still damage obsidian with a good knock or drop. It is not as durable as harder minerals and artificial stimulants.

Obsidian is a component in the production of doublets and triplets. Doublets and triplets refer to multi-gem constructions that emphasize precious opal. While pure opal as loose gems can be found, opal is usually backed by a harder mineral to support it – and a variety of gems are used, including obsidian.

And finally, obsidian has had artistic value for centuries because it is softer than other rocks. It scores a mere 5.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, so sculptors and other artistically inclined people can use it for sculptures.


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