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Courage is ultimately useful for so many situations. Who wouldn’t want a bit more courage or fortitude than they already have? Here are the 10 best crystals to help you get through fear and anxiety in life.


10 Best Crystals for Courage and Confidence

1. Sunstone


The sunstone is a unique crystal with expansive metaphysical properties. Because it is linked with the Sun itself, it is a constant source of warmth and positive energy.

It is a most nurturing stone, and it can revitalize individuals who feel that they have been held back somehow by the blows of life.

The sunstone shimmers eternally for people who wish to add some glitter and happiness into their life. Happiness fosters courage, and self-confidence naturally.

Together with its association with the fire element, the sunstone can recharge your spirit and provide you with enough juice to face life’s toughest battles.

It is a powerful courage stone that you should bring everywhere with you for that extra boost of courage.

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2. Spirit Quartz

Spirit quartz should also be worn daily. This is a powerful protection stone that can help improve the defensive nature of your aura. It helps develop courage and empathy in people. Empaths who heal others can find courage and fortitude to continue when they include the clear spirit quartz in their collection of energy healing crystals.

Spirit quartz can help connect your True Self with what is called Inner Courage, or True Courage.

True Courage is the type of courage that links with the Godhead. It is never-ending and is the truest form of spiritual and mental fortitude. Those who see True Courage can use spirit quartz to meditate and widen their consciousness so it can accommodate True Courage.

3. Blue Lace Agate


Blue lace agate is the kind of stone that you need when you need to draw from a deep reserve of energy to speak your mind. There are instances when we are faced with such awesome personal power that we feel small and helpless. With the aid of blue lace agate, you will survive and dominate such situations so you will be the one in charge of your fate.

We highly recommend blue lace agate for people who find it difficult to express themselves to others.

In the end, their ideas are buried by other people who are naturally more open or vocal about what they think.

Using blue lace agate will greatly reduce instances when your power and confidence are trampled upon, knowingly, or unknowingly by other people. You may wear it daily or meditate upon it to partake of its metaphysical benefits.

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4. Pyrite


Pyrite or fool’s gold isn’t just a powerful wealth builder and magnet for abundance. It is also a prized gemstone for building courage and fortitude. It is linked with the third eye chakra.

The third eye chakra is responsible for nurturing the natural psychic talents of individuals. Unbeknownst to many people, the third eye chakra is also the hidden seat of will, or the drive to do things. Willpower often takes a hit when this chakra is blocked or underpowered.

When pyrite is activated, its subtle energies become fully supportive of the bearer, and the defensive auric shield extends to the people that the bearer cares for. This includes friends, family, and romantic partners. As pyrite builds up courage in the person, it also enhances the mental faculties and improves analytic and focusing abilities for building knowledge.

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5. Amazonite

Amazonite isn’t just a stone of courage – it also stands in as a powerful stone of truth. Let us explain how this works.

A stone of truth allows a person to confront all of the truths that are going on in his life. These truths may not all be savory, but the process is liberating and necessary for spiritual enlightenment. Amazonite then grants the person the power to overcome personal challenges so that he will feel free to pursue his dreams.

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6. Prehnite

Green and always vibrant, the prehnite is yet another ancient stone of courage worth keeping. It is a shielding stone, and its power can be unlocked easily if you begin meditating with it daily. It improves your handling of fear by opening up the spiritual resources available to everyone: universal wisdom, Inner Courage, and the spiritual realm in general.

Use prehnite when you struggle in dealing with past traumas that are causing you to be fearful now, even when the threat or cause of the trauma is no longer around.

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7. Carnelian


Carnelian is an effective stone for courage, but it is also an effective charm for developing higher endurance. You may use it to further your leadership qualities by tapping into your inner reserve of creativity.

As you continue building your courage, your ability to think of solutions, and your ability to face problems head-on will improve—Carnelian links with two chakras: the root chakra and the sacral chakra. Fearfulness melts away at the subtle energies of the carnelian that set free the person from such emotional and psychic bonds.

You may also use a carnelian when the people around you find it difficult to trust you. It will help improve your ability to confront and solve issues as well.

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8. Citrine

Citrine can increase a person’s natural energy, so he will have sufficient confidence to deal with other people. If you want to feel more positive and less likely to buckle under pressure, use citrine daily. A person’s energy level has an impact on his confidence, so you must take care of your natural energy daily.

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9. Red Jasper


The red jasper is the first stone when it comes to improving endurance. If you feel low and worthless and are already in such depths of despair, you need to use red jasper. Red Jasper works on a person’s confidence by creating much-needed boundaries that separate a person from all the sources of pressure and stress in his life. If you feel that your life has been torn down by others and you need to rebuild yourself and your sanctuary, use red jasper.

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10. Rose Quartz


Rose quartz is the most powerful stone of love. It is aligned with the planet Venus, and it is the first crystal for developing self-love. Self-love is not an abstract concept.

The beginning of all love is self-love. Without it, it is not possible to express other kinds of love, including but not limited to, unconditional love and spiritual love.

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