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The Tiger’s eye gem or the “shapeshifter” in the world of gemstones and energy healing, is well known for being a loaded spiritual gemstone that offers a lot of possible benefits, similar to what other stones like the unakite offers.

What is Tiger’s eye good for in life?

Below are some of the known mystical properties and capacities of the Tiger’s eye gem:

  1. Courage Gemstone

    In contrast to other gemstones that offer mainly cleansing and grounding powers, the Tiger’s eye gem has long been associated with courage, resilience, and confidence.

    People who have used the Tiger’s eye gem before were able to tap into their reserves of personal power, and they wielded their newfound courage to pursue important desires and goals in life.

    You can actually carry around a Tiger’s eye gem with you wherever you may be, and mere physical contact with it can help regulate internal energies to give you that boost of courage when things seem to be sliding against your favor.

    The Tiger’s eye is known for emitting multiple bands of energy frequencies or vibrations, which makes it an exceedingly complex and interesting gemstone in the context of energy healing. Multiple vibrational frequencies mean this gemstone, which is part of the quartz family, can actually be paired easily with other stones to create different effects on the mind, spirit, and body.

    We highly recommend this gemstone to people who have been suffering from low confidence, as the added courage might help you rediscover your true mettle and your True Self or Inner Self, which is also synonymous with your spiritual self.

    Our spiritual selves are aligned with the Source, and it is not so easily damaged or depressed by worldly events. If you can create a clearer pathway to your authentic self, you will have a better life, guaranteed.

  2. Vitality and Springing Into Action

    Courage would be nothing if the person is not motivated to act. Action is rooted in a person’s overall vitality or zest in life. A lot of people suffer from low levels of both because of poor stress management and overexposure to negative energies from other people.

    If you have a tough time springing into action and you feel that you have been held back by years of stress and negativity, we recommend combining the natural powers of the Tiger’s eye gem with the unakite jasper (a soft, earth stone) or pyrite, which is known for boosting personal power, wealth, and universal abundance.

    This is aligned with the ultimate goal of helping people achieve their biggest dreams in life, which is usually where their genuine happiness is located.

    Tiger's eye bracelet

    Tiger’s Eye bracelet (Availabe on

  3. Better Health

    The Tiger’s eye gem has been associated with natural healing as well. Unlike other stones that offer only a tangential or indirect effect or benefit to the body in the physical realm, the Tiger’s eye gem provides healing because of its primary associated with the energy-rich Sun and the cleansing and neutralizing Earth.

    Let us explain: the added energy from the Sun can help revitalize the body, while the connection to the Earth makes the Tiger’s eye a double purpose stone that can shield you from negative vibrations and help you reduce excess and harmful energies you already have.

    That’s what cleansing stones do: they ground you to the Earth so that you can remove energies that are actually harming your own system. Having a powerful cleansing stone nearby can also help shield you from the negativity around you that may be affecting your capacity for conscious creation.

    How do you know that your energy stones are working? Simple. In the case of the Tiger’s eye, you will notice first that your mind is becoming clearer and clearer every day.

    You will be able to make important decisions with courage and speed, and you will no longer be burdened by the usual anxieties and doubts that you’re surely tired of at this point.

    In terms of physical vitality, you will also notice a possible reduction of common pains that are triggered by stress and internal malaise. These physical symptoms are associated with excess negative energies, or negativity emanating from people around you.

    Yes, negativity from other people can and will make you physically ill. Of course, we can’t always distance ourselves from such people, so it’s vital that we have gemstones like the Tiger’s eye to protect us.

  4. Personal Power and Inspiration

    Much of what we do in life requires the effective and creative use of our personal power. It is also from our personal power that we draw inspiration. Tiger’s eye can help improve both by allowing you to increase your personal power and unleash it whenever you feel like it.

    A lot of people say that they feel ‘helpless-‘ this is a clear sign that their centers of personal power are blocked, and they are unable to use their own reservoirs to pursue their dreams, or just live better lives.

    For people who are into creative pursuits, this semiprecious stone can also help you gain inspiration and act upon those inspirations in due time. Suffering from things like writer’s block? No problem. The writer’s block may be due to energy imbalance, and not your capacity to be creative at all.

  5. Protection Against Curses

    This may sound a little scary, but Tiger’s eye has also been traditionally used as a powerful ward that protects holders from curses and bad luck. The power to protect against curses is probably linked to its shielding properties as a cleansing stone because it is associated with the Earth.

    The Tiger’s eye gem also has a strong affinity for the different chakras, so if you are feeling imbalances in the way you think, feel, and act, simply carrying around a Tiger’s eye gem can help improve how you feel and live on a daily basis as it will be working automatically the moment you wake up, and all the way to the time that you sleep.