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Crystal meanings vary per gemstone, and specific gemstones have properties that can aid you to particular causes and uses.

Knowing how to use a crystal for protection can mean the difference between abundant life and a dangerous or threatening one, so we are going to share with you nine of the best crystals for protection.

Use these crystals individually or in combination, depending on the results that you want to achieve by using energy crystals.

Why Use the Crystal for Protection?

The fact of the matter is toxic people surround us. If you live and work in loving and caring environments, that is truly a blessing. But for the majority of us, toxic people are a fact of life.

It’s hard to live far from them because we are forced to either work with them or because these people are part of the family. The negativity from other people can significantly harm and affect your emotional and mental stability.

It can be challenging to shake off these negative energies if you don’t have a spiritual shield, like crystals.

Healing gemstones produce subtle vibrations that counter the negativities in your environment. This will allow you to heal and recover from these negative energies, and improve your chances of success in different endeavors of your life.


9 Best Crystals for Protection

1. Black tourmaline


Also called the black stone, black tourmaline is one of the most powerful stones that can be used for defensive warding or personal protection.

Have you been looking for a gemstone with powerful energy-repelling properties, black tourmaline is what you are looking for.

Additionally, black tourmaline encourages the creation of positive vibrations and frequencies, which results in a better and more positive outlook in life. This also helps in fixing emotional and mental instability due to excess stress and negativity.

The main reason why the black stone is so useful in establishing harmony is it is capable of transmuting or transforming negative energy into positive energy. As time passes, negative energies are cut down, and a sturdy wall of positive energy emerges and accumulates.

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2. Jet

What Is Jet Gemstone and Its Healing Properties?

Jet is not a gemstone, but rather, a mystical type of fossilized wood used in energy healing and other crystal-based practices. Jet is said to protect people from harm, such as all kinds of violence and disease in general.

This is an excellent stone for individuals who are old souls or folks who have already been reincarnated several times before. “Old souls” is a sturdy frame of mind, and is usually the result of having a deep well of experiences in one’s past lives.

“Old souls” are also those who often have disturbing wisdom and memories from the past.

Use jet to protect yourself from dark or harmful entities that may have plans of controlling or possessing you. Keep it around you so it can generate a powerful shield against such negative entities. Keep in mind; however, that jet has to be cleansed because it receives as much as it gives. When negativity is too much, its natural reserves of positive energies are depleted significantly.

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3. Black obsidian


Black obsidian is one of the leading stones for protecting individuals. It was formed by a combination of the elements (water, fire, and earth) and possessed the characteristics of all three parts.

It is said that the way this gemstone fractures (with a sharp edge) is indicative of its capacity to cut through deception and lies. These sharp edges can also be used to implode bad habits and fix relationships that have gone awry.

In the magical realm, black obsidian is used by warlocks, witches, and shamans to protect themselves from curses, spells, and other forms of sorcery.

On the same note, they also use black obsidian to transmit and amplify magical spells. Black obsidian obeys its owner and carries out what the heart desires. Take note that this gemstone is used primarily by neutral or competent practitioners of magic only.

Use black obsidian if you are an empath and experience harsh events like bullying and a ton of conflict from your relationships. Use it to prevent people from taking over your life with their negativity.

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4. Smoky quartz

Smoky Quartz Meaning and Healing Properties

Smoky quartz is an effective but gentle source of vibrations, and it is also protective, which means you will have a persistent shield against negativity and evil entities.

We recommend using this if you wish to tap your psychic or clairvoyant tendencies. Use this also if you engage in light traveling, astral projection as this can help ward off entities that may be floating in that realm.

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5. Amethyst

Amethyst Healing Properties

Amethyst is one of the more spiritual stones in this set and can be used primarily for enhancing the results of meditation. It will protect you from unwarranted psychic attacks and general negative energies from people around you. It has high vibrational power and naturally transmutes negative energies to positive ones.

Amethyst is also known for reducing or cutting out intoxication.

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6. Fluorite

Fluorite meaning


Fluorite is a hundred percent protection stone. It will keep people’s toxic behaviors and tendencies from influencing your life in general. Use it as a guard when you feel that other people are already taking over your life just because they want to. It will heal your aura and prevent spells and curses from harming you as well.

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7. Hematite


Hematite is linked with the root chakra, so it is an ideal grounding stone. Regular grounding helps people release bad energies, so all their other chakras are unblocked and balanced. It operates at a lower frequency and forms a reflective shield that bounces back bad energies.

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8. Labradorite


The iridescent labradorite focuses on improving a person’s confidence and prevents people from cursing you and sending misfortune your way. Labradorite can help clear your aura and prevent others from influencing your success. This is a protective ward that bounces negativity to the source as well.

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9. Blue kyanite

What Is Kyanite and How Powerful Is It in Helping Self-Expression

Blue kyanite is linked with the third eye chakra and enhances psychic clairvoyance and foresight. It shields people from cruelty and violence and boosts self-esteem and confidence as well.

It will give you enough strength to express and speak your mind about things. It will also aid you in maintaining a healthy emotional profile. This gemstone does not require regular cleaning and may be used continuously.

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