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Crystals for calming can help reboot your life and improve your capacity to manage stress, anxiety, fear, and depression. Healing crystals can adapt to your emotional and energetic profile and vastly improve your capacity to recover from past traumas. We recommend crystals for calming for people who have to deal with negative people and toxic environments at home or the office. The following crystals are crowd favorites because of their deep resonance with human emotions and the human psyche.

8 Crystals for Calming Yourself from Anxiety and Anger

1. Amethyst


The amethyst is known primarily as the stone of sobriety.

In ancient times, the amethyst stone was used as a protection against inebriation, so that people could stay clearheaded even if they are out drinking with their buddies. Amethyst’s detoxification properties go hand in hand with its calming properties.

Amethyst is a naturally protective stone that helps cleanse the mind of negative thoughts and energies. It can associate with the chakras so that the blocked ones become unblocked, paving the way for better energy flow.

Try meditating with an amethyst crystal to remove the darkness from within. It is a natural healing stone that can generate sufficient positive energy to cause inner peace and balance.

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2. Blue Lace Agate


Blue lace agate provides many other benefits, in addition to helping calm your nerves and senses. It helps communicate with the throat chakra, which is responsible for free expression of oneself. Not being able to express one’s personal power and ideas can be the main cause of stress. Not being heard can cause you to feel helpless and powerless, too. In the long term, your sense of calm will dissipate, causing you to dwell on life’s negativities. This is no way to live if you want a peaceful and happy life.

Blue lace agate is an excellent shield against sadness, anger, despair, and rage coming from other people. We can say that it is an excellent conflict stone because it prevents strong, negative emotions from other people from completely disrupting your positive energies.

We recommend meditating with blue lace agate so that it may boost your auric shield against negativity.

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3. Fluorite

Fluorite meaning

Fluorite may not be the best-known healing crystal, but it rolls with the best of them. This gem is associated with the third eye chakra, heart chakra, and throat chakra. It operates at a higher frequency (seven), which means it can be used as an active healing crystal in stressful situations. Subtle energies from fluorite can help remedy torn or damaged emotions, especially if you are dealing with emotional baggage for a long time.

Fluorite can help calm the nerves because of its transmutation capacity that locks on to stress and negative emotions. The latter is transformed into positive energies, particularly love. This allows him to the bearer of the stone to experience inner peace and equilibrium, even during supposed stress. Additionally, this stone improves the bearer’s capability to balance his thoughts and emotions. This is an important benefit that aids in decision-making, indirectly associated with calm and stress.

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4. Angelite


The Angelite stone is a well-rounded healing crystal that can help the throat chakra, crown chakra, and third eye chakra. Let’s examine the effects on the chakras first. The throat chakra is responsible for free expression, which has a huge impact on a person’s satisfaction. The crown chakra is responsible for universal consciousness, and the expansion thereof. The third eye chakra is the seat of our natural psychic talents. This is where your psychic talents are born, and this is where they are strengthened through your spiritual practices.

The Angelite is an adequate calming stone because it raises your awareness and improves your capability to expand your consciousness. This means you will have a better understanding of how the world works and why things happen. You will feel more protected and steadfast against threats because your mind will no longer be agitated or fearful of what lies ahead. You will also feel that you have more in control of life, which can greatly improve your ability to feel secure and confident. All of these benefits come together to lower your stress levels. Wear your Angelite stone daily to work on your consciousness from the morning you wake up to the end of your day.

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5. Celestite

Celestite is a special healing stone because it can tap the infinite knowledge of the Universe. With this infinite knowledge, you will begin to feel more in control of what lies ahead. It’s a bit like being given free rein over the steering of a large ship. Whatever lies ahead is now within your grasp, within your full control. This is the calming power of the infinite knowledge and wisdom of the Source. Celestite is also a stone of peace. It can help reduce the impact of negativity on your aura and vastly improve your emotions. It purges your emotions of harmful states like rage and depression, allowing you to heal and recover faster from bad events in life. This is the best stone to have if you constantly have to deal with negativity in life.

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6. Howlite


Most howlite is originally white in color, being dyed to bluish green for jewelry.

Howlite has a positive effect on the mind. It refocuses the mind and allows you to dwell only on the positives. It can also help cut down the stress of having to engage in analytic or critical mental tasks. Have some Howlite on your desk at work or home so it can constantly work on improving your mental state.

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7. Ocean Jasper

The ocean jasper is strongly linked to the heart chakra, and therefore it helps govern all things associated with love. This applies to all kinds of love, not just the romantic type. Keep the ocean jasper close to your heart, and feel free to meditate with it to reduce conflicts with other people and improve your ability to bond with others.

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8. Tiger Eye

The Tiger eye helps govern the solar plexus chakra. This chakra is the CenterPoint for our power. It helps heal the solar plexus chakra, which results in the release of positive energies that harmonize with others. Again, one should keep this close to the solar plexus all day for the best results.

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