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Depression makes you feel constantly sad, and it also creates a lack of interest in living.

People of all ages may feel depressed at times—and it may last for many days, even weeks. At these trying times, we are forced to be isolated into the actual world. We cannot engage in the activities we enjoy, and we are walking in a sea of people covered in face masks.

Radiating positive energies can dismember dark clouds of negative energy inside a depressed person. Crystals for depression can be utilized to shift negative thoughts that can damage you. These natural gems emit favorable healing properties that can cut through against your low self-esteem.

7 Best Crystals for Depression



Orange-red carnelian s are known to provide vibrant energy suitable to block negative energies related to sadness and depression. Carnelian stone can dispel depression, apathy, and mental lethargy. It can also calm down your rage, anger, and other negative emotions.

As an energy booster, this gemstone can increase your space and body’s energy flow calmly. Using this joyful stone can provide security, for it transmits the energy of warmth, protection, and inner security.

To use this crystal, you may place two carnelian hearts in your pendant and your bedroom. Not only that it improves emotion, but it can also provide a warm, loving, and sensual energy. You can also place few carnelian stones inside your pocket to enhance financial growth.

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Citrine is a geode formation known for its bright orange color, and it is harvested from Russia, Brazil, and the USA. Throughout history, this rare gem is known to help to improve your self-esteem. A vibrant flow of positive energy will begin to flow entirely through your mind and body once you held your hands with this crystal.

As a manifestation tool, you can use this natural stone to combat stagnation. Use this happy stone to lift your sadness and bad mood—which is often associated with depression.

To use this crystal, you may place large citrine deposits on one of the corners of your home or office. Smaller pieces can be twined and can be spectacular pieces of jewelry. Citrine bracelets, combined with other stones and crystals, can radiate even more positive energy.

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Lepidolite is a known crystal against depression since it can release positive energies. It can also one of the crystals that signifies change and transformation to improve our lives confidently. Using this crystal can restructure your old negative patterns into newer and more positive ones. Lepidolite is known in the mystic healing circles as the most sublime of the self-love and self-care crystals.

It possesses such grace and gentleness that it has been compared to lilac wine. But don’t mistake the soft power of lepidolite for weakness – far from it.

Lepidolite is one of the few crystals that can cause deep healing in people. Additionally, lepidolite also works directly on the person’s nervous system, which causes the nervous system to work more calmly and harmoniously.

As for energy healing, it is one of the best crystals around for pushing up the levels of positive energy in anyone’s life – especially so if you are feeling depressed.

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4.Tiger’s Eye

tiger eye stone

This well-known, banded crystal has all the makings of a fine healing crystal – and rightly so because it can help people overcome depression. Depression comes in many colors, forms, and shapes. One of the biggest challenges of overcoming depression is regaining your self-esteem and confidence, too.

Tiger’s Eye is recommended for people who need to restore their sense of value and self, so they will communicate better with others and express themselves in an unfettered manner.

Tiger’s Eye is like a ball of sun in your life that reminds you who you are inside, that you are powerful, and you can be whoever you want to be in this life. Tiger’s Eye will also help individuals who struggle with making the right decisions in life. These essential decisions will then help you understand what makes life truly worth living. We also recommend this stone to individuals who struggle with finding happiness and the positive side of life.

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5.Clear Quartz

clear quartz

The incredible and ever-reliable clear quartz guarantees a fresh blast of positive energy in anyone’s life.

Like a mighty wind, this gemstone’s positive energy sweeps you off of your feet and removes all the clogs that prevent you from feeling great and thinking straight. Use clear quartz for master healing of the entire body and the spirit.

It can help raise your spirits and amplify good intentions, resulting in excellent results in in life. If you have always felt that nothing has gone your way, clear quartz can help amplify your intentions to the Universe, so the law of attraction begins to serve you better.

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Amethyst is a most serene stone in the gem kingdom. It is pure positivity and light and is like a battery of happiness in anyone’s life.

The amethyst can also be used opening and balancing chakras, especially the crown chakra (which regulates all the other chakras) and the third eye chakra, the center of human intuition.

If you are bothered by the dark voices in your mind, and they are keeping you down constantly, paralyzing you, and preventing you from taking complete control of your life, you need a lot of amethyst to begin reversing the damage that has been done to you all these years. Amethyst also helps uplift people spiritually, so even those who have never been spiritual can feel its reality and benefits.

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Do you constantly suffer from mood swings? Malachite may be the right gemstone for you.

Malachite can help bring you the most elusive inner peace, so you can enjoy different feelings of acceptance and joyriding the wave of life without resistance. If you feel numb from what has happened in your life, malachite can help bring you back to the fold of warm reality. Balance is the entire game for malachite, and it is a handy gemstone to have around.

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