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Turquoise is one of the most beautiful stone because of its green and blue tones. Here we explore more healing properties of Turquoise.

What is Turquoise?

healing properties of Turquoise

Turquoise is stone one of the most beautiful mineral in the gemstone world because of its green and blue tones. Variations of this mineral include deep green turquoise, yellow-green turquoise, blue-green turquoise, etc. Deep shades and color tones in between are captured by nature in this one of a kind mineral that is perfect for all kinds of jewelry and energy healing practices. Turquoise stone has existed for centuries across cultures, and there are extant records of people using this gemstone for jewelry and inlays in various territories around the globe, like Asia and the continent of Africa.

How Turquoise Stone is Made?


Turquoise Stone

Turquoise stone is one of the gentlest and most effective defensive wards in the gemstone world. It is also a topnotch choice for genuine jewelry. Chemically speaking, turquoise is a mineral that is formed by the union of copper and aluminum. While this mineral is not industrially important (and thus, it is only used for making fine jewelry) the dreamy color became so popular that the English used its name to describe any hue of bluish-green that resembles the color spectrum of the mineral itself.

If you want to see what real turquoise looks like, then you will have to view the gemstone. Otherwise, what you probably know as turquoise is the light, blue-green mixture that is used to approximate the mineral’s natural color. Only a handful of other minerals have colors so memorable that they are used to describe a particular type of color in the spectrum: copper, gold, silver are turquoise’s companions in this special group of minerals.


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Variations of turquoise are classified based on their color quality. The crowd favorite is the sky blue turquoise, which resembles the natural blue of robin’s eggs. In some places, they call the color “Persian blue” as they associate it with the mineral mined in Middle East.

Right next to the dreamy sky blue are bluish-green turquoise gemstone variants. The greenish tints are caused by the inclusion of iron into the mixture of copper and aluminum. What usually happens is that the hint of green is spread equally throughout the available blue in the turquoise. In some cases, small amounts of zinc can also cause a departure from the natural blue hue of turquoise. The results are always stunning and beautiful, and add a lot of depth to the visual quality of the mineral.

Turquoise is a birthstone is also the stone of friendship, and those who wear it frequently will always have friends nearby.

What is Turquoise with a Matrix Network?

Turquoise Stone

Turquoise Stone Matrix Pattern

The matrix network refers to the spider-webbing of the black or brown in the turquoise stone. The spider-webbing is caused by the host rock. While some people find the matrix network admirable or even attractive, jewelers tend to view turquoise with webbing as less desirable and valuable. Jewelers often try their best to cut away the turquoise from the host rock. However, in instances where the spider-webbing is too neat and evenly distributed, this becomes impossible and the jewelers just leave the turquoise minerals as they are. When a piece of turquoise has plenty of webbing, the term they use is “heavy matrix” and these are generally priced lower than turquoise with less obtrusive impurities.

Healing Properties of Turquoise Stone

Turquoise is one of the oldest stones known to man to be used for purposes other than basic jewelry. While the color of the turquoise mineral is attractive, this gemstone’s usefulness does not end here. Turquoise was widely used as a defensive talisman in the olden ages by kings, soldiers, warriors, and noblemen.

Turquoise stands opaque and strong, but produce energetic vibrations that are naturally soothing to people. It was as if it was carved from the face of the heavens and dropped to the Earth for us to use. The mottled webbing that is common in turquoise lends it additional depth and character.

Turquoise was widely used in countries like Turkey as a personal defensive ward. Turkish soldiers wore amulets and similar jewelry to imbibe themselves with turquoise’s protective properties. It is believed that turquoise is also a life meter of sorts, and its color begins to fade when the owner of the gemstone is suffering from a health malady. Upon death, all color is said to be drained off turquoise stone, until it is given to another living owner. The color is restored, and the new owner can use the turquoise to view the state of his health, too. The color of the piece of turquoise will begin to deepen again, day by day until it attains its original appearance once again.

Another use of turquoise is obtaining “friendly regard” from people around you. It is believed that any person who uses turquoise will never want in terms of having friends. This is useful for people who have trouble socializing or at least finding people to talk to.

Can it be used for romance?

Yes, but it is more effective in getting people to open up to you. Turquoise also brings natural good fortune and abundance to people, and it will help protect you from all forms of evil, from accidents to bad people.

If you are suffering from a cloudy mind and you find it hard to make important decisions, use turquoise to restore clarity and to sweep away any mental fog you may have developed from being stressed and from being around negative people. The belief system surrounding turquoise indicates that people who are mentally and emotionally muddled will also have trouble finding abundance and good fortune. Good fortune in this context refers to being able to identify opportunities and taking action, so you can draw the fortune toward you.

Turquoise can help you make those decisions one by one until you can swell your fortune for present and future gains. Remember to wear your turquoise stone when you are traveling as it will protect you from accidents and other problems related to voyages. Turquoise will also protect you from premeditated attacks while you are journeying.

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What's Turquoise Stone And What Healing Power Does It Have


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