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What is the true nature of the Feng Shui black obsidian wealth bracelet? This bracelet always consist of obsidian beads and piece of pixui bead. The feng shui bracelet has been around for centuries, bring wealth and good fortune to people.

What is the Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet?

The Feng Shui bracelet or pixui bracelet is a type of fortune or wealth bracelet worn to attract wealth, good fortune, and abundance.

It is made of obsidian or volcanic glass, purported to have many spiritual meanings and benefits. While many people wear this bracelet mainly for good fortune, it can also bring many other good things into your life, which we will be discussing a bit later.

Does Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet Work

Does Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet Work?

What Does Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet Use For?

The Feng Shui bracelet is an eastern/Chinese talisman that can help you attract wealth and abundance in life. It is a potent energy regulator, which means it can stop negative energies from controlling your thoughts, emotions, and natural capacity to manifest things in life.

Obsidian is one of the most potent defenses against bad luck, so you must have this bracelet in your collection if you are a believer in cosmic energies and energy practices. This bracelet is an easy way to begin your journey into energy practice and Chinese fortune practices.

The Feng Shui bracelet is most popular with business people, entrepreneurs, and other people who naturally want to attract more wealth.

Another exciting belief surrounding the use of this volcanic glass bracelet is that it will prevent wealth and abundance from ever leaving home or the owner’s work. It will block wealth from exiting. Wealth will only accumulate and never leave – how’s that for a powerful Chinese talisman? This is undoubtedly the most exciting talisman for health and wealth.

pixui bracelet popular to business people

The pixui bracelet is most popular with business people, entrepreneurs, and other people who naturally want to attract more wealth

According to modern beliefs, it provides a total of six wealth-related benefits:

  • It magnetizes fortune and good luck for the wearer. If you feel that fortune has been eluding you all these years, your energies may be misaligned. Use this talisman to bring your vibrational energies back to the correct frequencies for attracting good luck and wealth. Everything begins with our energies and what type of energy we are producing in the first place.
  • The bracelet can help generate good Feng Shui, which benefits an entire space. Instead of relying on a host of separate actions, good Feng Shui will emanate from the bracelet. This bracelet can help bring the fortunes of the good Earth to your home and business.
  • The bracelet helps increase your material wealth and riches on Earth.
  • It provides protection and safety to individuals and buildings. Misfortunes such as fires and other unsavory events are naturally warded off by the bracelet and the volcanic glass.
  • It can also be used as natural protection against misfortunes and the evil eye. Protect yourself and your business from different kinds of misfortune and make your business even more prosperous this year, despite the pandemic.
  • Attracts enormous windfalls to ensure a most prosperous year to all.


Benefits of Feng Shui Bracelet 

Benefits of Wearing Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet 

Feng shui black obsidian bracelet strong links with magnetizing wealth and riches

In addition to strong links with magnetizing wealth and riches, the Feng Shui black obsidian bracelet also provides additional benefits to the wearer.

For one, obsidian represents the delicate balance of light and darkness. Everyone has a light and dark side, and balance is achieved when these two hemispheres of energies are in good harmony. This bracelet can restore balance to one’s life. It can help you identify the darkness within so that the light side can help correct it.

While it is true that the darkness within can never be eliminated because chaos and darkness are part of life, you can limit their influence on your life. Again, it is always about balance, because this is when good things start to happen when there is balance in life. The right side is brought to the fore with this beautiful bracelet, which has been used to attract wealth for centuries.

Black obsidian also acts as an energy purifier or cleanser. If you leave it in a space, it creates a grid of protection that transmutes negative energies into positive energy. This positive energy can manifest as love, wealth, and abundance. There is no limit in the good that can manifest in your life as long as you have the right gemstones working for you.


Meditation with feng shui obsidian bracelet can help you stay rooted or grounded

If you want to meditate, this bracelet can help you stay rooted or grounded while you meditate. Rootedness is essential with meditation because it helps remove excess energies from your system. These excess energies often cause imbalances that make your life more challenging than it should be. Cleanse yourself of negative thoughts and emotions and bring only abundance and happiness inside. And like we said before, this bracelet can also help retain the wealth and abundance that you attract inside. 

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Who Should Wear It?

The Feng Shui obsidian bracelet can be worn by anyone who wishes for better protection from misfortunes and more windfalls and wealth. It is the perfect protective bracelet for people who want to attract more money and riches into their lives while warding away evil and jealousy. If you feel that you have become a victim of the evil eye in the past, use this talisman to protect yourself from further attacks from people with the evil eye.

Where to Buy the Feng Shui Obsidian Bracelet?

You can find feng shui black obsidian bracelet on Amazon.

How to Wear/Use it?

The Feng Shui obsidian bracelet should be worn on your dominant hand. This means it should be on the left if you are left-handed and on the right if you are right-handed.

The pixui bracelet can be removed while you are sleeping. Do not bathe with your bracelet as water can damage the obsidian.


Place at living room when you take off your pixui bracelet, rather than bedroom

When you are not wearing it, place the bracelet in the living room or any equivalent living space. Ensure that the head of the bracelet is positioned in such a way that it faces the main entryway or door of the home. This obsidian bracelet must not be placed in the bedroom.

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