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Howlite stones are a popular choice for jewelry and other decorative items. But do you know the story behind these beautiful stones? Here are 10 interesting facts about howlite that you may not have known! 

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Howlite Stones  


Most howlite is originally white in color, being dyed to bluish green for jewelry.

  1. Origin Story – Howlite was first discovered in 1868 by Henry How, a Canadian chemist and geologist. He found the stone in Nova Scotia, Canada and named it after himself! Since then, it has been found in several places around the world including California and Mexico. 


  1. Color – The Howlite is recognized for its white marble-like appearance and has a threaded black, gray, or brown veins running all over it. There are certain types of Howlite that are pure white, but since it’s a porous stone, it could easily absorb dye. It’s because of this that it’s usually being used to imitate other gems.


  1. Composition – Howlite is made up mostly of calcium carbonate with some traces of iron oxide which give it its unique color. It also contains small amounts of aluminum and magnesium which help to make the stone more durable than other types of rocks.  


  1. Strength – Howlite is considered to be a fairly soft stone with only a 3-4 on Mohs hardness scale (diamonds are rated at 10). This makes howlite easy to shape into different pieces for jewelry or art projects.  
  2. Metaphysical Properties – Many believe that howlite has healing properties and can be used to reduce stress and anxiety as well as improve communication skills and relationships between people. It is also said that it helps to bring inner peace and create harmony within one’s life.  

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  1. Popularity – Howlite is often used in jewelry making due to its beautiful coloring and affordability compared to more expensive gems like diamonds or sapphires. It can be found in fashion jewelry stores or online retailers such as Etsy for relatively low prices!  


  1. Other Uses – Aside from being used for jewelry, howlite can also be used for carvings or sculptures due to its ability to take on intricate details with ease! It’s also believed that placing a piece of howlite near your bed will help you get better sleep at night since it absorbs negative energy from its surroundings.   


  1. Rarity – While howlite might not be as rare or expensive as some other gemstones like diamonds or rubies, it is still considered quite rare since most mines only yield small amounts of this material each year! This means that if you own any pieces made out of this material they could be quite valuable depending on their size/quality!  



9 . Unique Structures – Because of the way howlite forms over time (often with tiny cracks running through), each piece tends to have its own unique “spiderweb” pattern making each one special no matter what color they are! So if you find two pieces that look similar they could actually be quite different once you look closely enough at them!   


 10 . Conservation – Since mining operations often disrupt natural habitats when extracting minerals like howlite, many companies try their best to practice sustainable mining methods so that future generations can enjoy these beautiful stones too! So keep an eye out for eco-friendly options when shopping for your next piece of howite jewelry !      


Whether you’re looking for something simple yet elegant or want something unique with interesting patterns running through it, there’s no denying the beauty that comes from a piece crafted from howite stones . With all these fascinating facts about this gemstone , plus its wide range of colors , sizes , shapes , and uses , why wouldn’t you want one? Keep an eye out for sustainable options when shopping so you can help preserve this amazing source of beauty .

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