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Howlite is known as an imitation gemstone and can be dyed to varying colors in order to make it look like semi-precious gemstones such as Coral and Turquoise. Although Howlite is generally cheap, it still comes with lots of good qualities that make it a preferred choice of material for jewelry.

Howlite Visual Characteristics

Howlite is a type of borate mineral obtained from sedimentary rocks. It’s usually sourced from irregularly shaped nodules that look a lot like a cauliflower head. There are also Howlites in crystal form but these are usually rare.

The Howlite is recognized for its white marble-like appearance and has a threaded black, gray, or brown veins running all over it. There are certain types of Howlite that are pure white, but since it’s a porous stone, it could easily absorb dye. It’s because of this that it’s usually being used to imitate other gems.

After it’s dyed, some unscrupulous traders try to make the Howlite gemstones appear more expensive than the semi-precious gems, such as Coral, Turquoise, and Lapis. But there are ways to spot the differences.

Usually, these imitation gems will look less perfect since real gemstones have natural color variations. Sometimes, you can also tell from the labeling or the description of a product whether it’s real or just an imitation of the real thing.

The Howlite gemstones must be appreciated as they are instead of what some people would prefer them to be. Besides, they are really attractive to look at!

Meanings and Healing Powers

When it comes to emotional and spiritual powers, it’s said that Howlite can help increase patience and awareness among people. It’s a calming stone that can help lower the stress level and prevent anger.

Howlite is believed to be capable of absorbing negative energy and its calming qualities can help prevent insomnia since it relieves and relaxes an overactive mind. Many believe that Howlite will give you the gift of enlightenment and wisdom. It helps you connect with the higher realms and take away the veils that are responsible for blocking the truth in your life. It’s also a great tool for meditation since it allows you to stay focused by promoting serenity in the mind and removing any thoughts that could possibly distract you during meditation.

When it comes to its physical healing powers, Howlite is said to help balance the level of calcium in the body and strengthen the wearer’s teeth and bones. Furthermore, if you’ve got a jewelry made of Howlite, you will be able to overcome your challenges in communication since you’ll find yourself being able to freely express what you want to say more effectively.


The Howlite may not be as precious as the real gemstones but this stone should be appreciated for its various qualities. Whether it’s tumbled or polished into beads or perhaps made into cabochons or other jewelry shapes, there are just so many ways that this stone can be used in a stylish jewelry design.

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