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The selenite crystal is mysterious and enigmatic – but what makes it different from other healing crystals? It has several properties that heal the body and spirit, too. Discover Selenite crystal meaning and healing properties.

What is Selenite Crystal?

Selenite, along with satin spar and two more crystals, is a variety of gypsum. A gypsum is a dehydrated form of calcium sulfate. This gemstone has a strong affinity for minerals like calcite, halite, dolomite, and sulfur.
Chemically, gypsum is similar to anhydrite. The big difference is anhydrite is gypsum without the water. Gypsum is also the most commonly-occurring mineralization of sulfate.
Selenite naturally occurs in nature as a clear crystal, with only minor hints of other colors. Due to the faint glow generated when light hits selenite, it was named so, after the Greek word for Earth’s natural satellite. The moon glow effect is the result of the crystal layering and the cleavage of slabs of gypsum.

Selenite has a vitreous luster and is naturally transparent. It also has a micaceous fracture and has varying tints depending on the chemical inclusions.


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How is Selenite Crystal Made?

Gypsum is a fairly common material found throughout the world. The biggest source of gypsum is China, followed by the US, Iran, Turkey, and Spain.
More than three dozen countries mine tons of commercial quantity gypsum every year, so there is no shortage of selenite and other gypsum varieties. In addition to decorative applications, gypsum is also used for creating wallboards and other similar materials for buildings and houses.

Gypsum Varieties

There is no confusion, but some distinctions have to be made between the four common varieties of gypsum.

Selenite is the most transparent type of gypsum, and it is also colorless (which would explain the name). When the opacity and brightness of selenite are somewhat low, that would be due to chemical inclusions of other elements or minerals.

Selenite VS Satin Spar

Satin spar, on the other hand, has a silky or fibrous appearance, and unlike selenite, it may have deeper coloration as well. Satin spar may have more calcite, which would account for its increased hardness compared to selenite.

Desert Rose

The desert rose, on the other hand, is notable for its rosette form. The desert may have sandy inclusions, or it may be characterized by a sandy appearance throughout the crystal specimen.

Gypsum Flower

And finally, we have the gypsum flower. The gypsum flower has spreading fibers and is also rosette-shaped. This final variant of gypsum may occur in a variety of unique shapes, which increases its attractiveness and uniqueness.

Selenite Crystal Meaning and Healing Properties

Meaning of Selenite

Selenite is associate with the crown chakra and the Taurus zodiac sign. It produces subtle vibrational energy at frequency level eight and occurs in a variety of light tints (this is a colorless crystal). Selenite tints include green, grey, white, brown, and orange.

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Healing Properties of Selenite

Metaphysical properties

The metaphysical properties of selenite make it an excellent choice for purification rituals and practices.

Channeling the powerful cleansing energy of the Moon, selenite is a peace stone that helps people attain balance, and inner peace can be difficult to come by if you are constantly surrounded by negativity. Hence, you must use the correct balance of healing crystals to achieve better results.

Selenite can also be used for attaining universal consciousness, which can give you access to private pools of cosmic wisdom, such as the Akashic records.

This gemstone helps purify the mind, emotions, and spirit and develop deeper and more reliable integrity. If your spirituality has been hit these past few years because of fatigue from life, using selenite is a good way to rejuvenate your spiritual energies and bring back your zest to connect with realms beyond our own.

According to New Age texts, selenite may be used to ascend to angelic consciousness, too. Angelic consciousness can give you a better capacity to communicate with entities and spirits. If you already have access to natural psychic talents such as clairvoyance, selenite may amplify these natural talents. Selenite has a positive impact on magical and spiritual practices in general.

Physical Healing of Selenite

Selenite also has powerful healing abilities. It perfectly aligns with the spinal column and its related systems. It can help heal deformations, defects, and injuries of the bones and joints. Posture problems and back problems are definitely on the list of the things that selenite can heal.
Deep in the cellular structure, the Moon’s healing power brings better handling of free radicals or metabolites that pose a risk to our cells. In essence, selenite can help slow down aging by saving cells from premature cellular death. As you can see, it is one of the most comprehensive healing crystals around, even if it is not one of the most popular gems around.

The regenerative healing properties of selenite can help people overcome a variety of secondary conditions associated with poor cellular health. For example, cancer patients may feel more energy with their chemotherapy sessions if they keep a selenite crystal nearby. The presence of tumors in any part of the body may be remedied or even reversed with a combination of crystal healing powers from various gemstones, once combined with the leading crystal, selenite.

How to Activate Selenite Crystal?

Selenite activation is easy: meditate with selenite, and it will do the rest. Due to its primary chakra associations, selenite’s activation provides the space for higher consciousness and honesty. Selenite brings a person face to face with himself so that he becomes more genuine and open to others and the world. Honesty is purifying and removes many emotional and psychological burdens from people.

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After activation, selenite may be used for higher purposes, such as communicating with ancestors and spirit guides. It must be used frequently for psychic and spiritual activities so that the user will be able to bond well with his/her new selenite gemstone.

Another possible use of selenite is establishing an energy grid at home. An energy grid is essentially a transmutation grid that purifies energy and transmutes it to faith and love. Like quartz, selenite has powerful transmutation properties that can take on the worst negative energies in a given space and provide an adequate level of protection to the user. As an awarding stone, it prevents toxic energies from harming people.

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Selenite crystal meaning and healing properties

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