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Are you curious if you can use crystals for sleep, or healing crystals for insomnia? You can, thanks to the natural healing energies of crystals. There are several crystals worth exploring if you are interested in crystal healing for sleeping problems.

1. Selenite


Selenite is an ideal crystal for improving sleep. It locks onto blocked energy channels in your body and allows positive energy to begin freely moving again. This is essential, especially for people who experience long nights of fitful sleep or disturbed sleep. Fitful sleep may be the result of grave energy imbalances in your body.

The only way to fix it is by living a happier and less stressed life, and by using the subtle energies of healing crystals to unblock and restore function to blocked chakras gradually.

Use selenite if you want to improve your capacity to recharge or regain the lost energy from the day. Many people don’t feel well-rested after a night’s sleep, and much of this has to do with the fact that not all sleep is restful, to begin with. Place selenite in the bedroom or meditate with it throughout the day to speed up its effects.

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2. Rose Quartz


The quartz family is well-known for improving the quality of sleep. Quartz is the base or core material for the orgonite generator, and the esoteric device used to capture “orgone,” a kind of energy that is very similar to chi. It is believed that negative orgone can cause physical and spiritual malaise, and the power of quartz can be used to transmute negative orgone into positive or helpful orgone.

In the context of sleep improvement, you can also use rose quartz (a most helpful variety of quartz) to improve your sleep. Create a space for your rose quartz with some pink candles and roses to amplify its effect. Please place it in the bedroom for a good night’s sleep.

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3. Amethyst

Amethyst Healing Properties

Amethyst is only secondarily a stone for better sleep. The main use of amethyst is for establishing inner peace and calmness. Amethyst can be used for deep meditation to realign spiritual energies and cleanse oneself of other people’s negativity. This gem is the stone of clarity because it was widely believed, even back in ancient times, that amethyst can counteract the effects of alcohol. It is the ultimate stone of sobriety, and people even put amethyst on mugs to protect themselves from drunkenness.

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4. Moonstone


Moonstone is beautiful, and just looking at it with a bit of light can make you sleepy. This fact is interesting, but it is not the main reason why the moonstone is good for sleep. Moonstone works on emotional tensions, so the person won’t overthink and end up awake all night. Emotional tension can either be from the day’s events or layovers from other periods.

Everyone can experience emotional tension, and some people are good at dealing with it. However, if you are not good at dealing with emotional tension, we highly recommend using a moonstone. Remember to charge your moonstone in the evening up to early morning before you start using it. This way, it will be able to soak up the moon and sun’s energy, rendering it ready to aid you with your sleep issues.

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5. Howlite


Howlite has a powerful soothing and calming effect, like other healing crystals that have a powerful impact on sleep. It aids in removing emotional tension and negative energy. Howlite will help manage your stress (even the deeply rooted kind of stress) and reduce your ability to express rage or anger. Anger is particularly harsh on the sleeping cycle. It can rob you of precious sleep. Anger also reduces the quality of sleep, which can damage your physical health in the long term.

Howlite’s naturally calming effect can also help reduce friction with other people. Its peaceful energies can be felt by anyone who is interacting with you. Carry Howlite with you wherever you go, and be sure to place it near your bed to absorb its subtle healing energies continuously.

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6. Labradorite


Labradorite is a highly spiritual healing crystal. This crystal helps improve the restful quality of sleep and enjoins the cosmos to allow you to dream more vividly. Labradorite can also help you recall your dreams so you can glean wisdom from them.

Additionally, the labradorite is an expert in unclogging and breaking down excess energy in the body. This helps the energy flow more freely within. This aids in the restoration of the body’s energetic balance, which can have a severe impact on sleep if you allow the imbalance to remain.

Using a labradorite regularly can also greatly improve your mental focus and the state of your mind. If you want calm, happiness, and peace, labradorite can help you achieve it by improving your mind and emotions if you suffer from imbalances in your brain chemistry, which may contribute to sleeplessness or insomnia, use this crystal in conjunction with other appropriate or aligned crystals. Place labradorite in your bag or purse, or wear it if you wish.

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7. Lepidolite


The mystical purple lepidolite is a high-level peace stone that can bring much-needed calm to your life. Lepidolite’s energy is soothing, and it heals people in such a way that they can enjoy better rest and sleep afterward.

Lepidolite acts on your emotional profile and makes it easier for you to let go of unwanted or negative energies and thoughts. It prevents people from worrying and overthinking at night. These two negative practices are the most common causes of sleeplessness. Leave lepidolite in the bedroom so it can soak up any remaining negative energies.

Use lepidolite in creating a powerful, soothing energy grid at home for the best results.

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Remember to trust your instincts when buying and using healing crystals. Some crystals have more affinity to you than others. Trust your instinct when drawn to a particular stone, but don’t forget to research how to use each healing crystal properly.

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