What to Consider for Crystal Combination? 

Powerful healing crystal combinations can be made by using at least two different crystals at a time. We present to you effective crystal pairings for various purposes.

There are factors to consider so that the pairings or combinations do not backfire on you. When you start with combining gemstones, you may become overwhelmed with all of the stats you need to keep in mind. The metaphysical properties of gemstones are complex as can be, and the wrong pairing can lead to less than ideal results.

However, crystal pairings are useful for energy practice and fun as you will be building your collection as you go along. Sometimes, you will need to acquire additional gemstones for particular pairings, and aligned stones can be combined four or even six as time depending on your needs and temperament.

crystal combinations

The risk with not knowing the right combinations is you might end up pairing crystals that cancel each other out. There has to be harmony between the glasses that you pick, and they need to complement and not compete with each other.

Certain stones are paired best with specific stones.

First, think of your desires and what you want to achieve in creating or using a crystal pairing. Focus on that thought so the stones will call to you naturally. Crystals can be combined based on their color, family, and by element. Crystals can also be combined based on the intention you have in mind, and by the properties that the gemstones have.

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6 Crystal Combinations for Different Intentions

Amethyst & Rose Quartz

Amethyst and rose quartz can help unearth secret deficiencies in your energy profile and correct these deficiencies before it’s too late. The combination serves as a chakra energy scanner that zeroes in on imbalances and blockages and attempts to correct these for you. Amethyst and rose quartz are also linked to the crown chakra and the heart chakra.

The crown chakra is the seat of the most powerful energies in the body, while the heart chakra deals with your power, self-confidence, and ability to express all forms of love. This combination also naturally boosts or strengthens both physical energy and spiritual energy.

Black Tourmaline & Selenite

The black tourmaline and selenite combination is excellent for purging negative energies and improving your overall energy profile and aura.

Black tourmaline, particularly, can help you rid yourself of manifestations of darkness such as anger, unhappiness, shame, regret, and grief. Heavy negative emotions can be destructive if you don’t temper these, and handling them for long periods can leave a psychic scar on you that won’t go away quickly.

Save yourself from a period of long recovery – use this combination instead. The selenite will take care of the cracks and fissures that will emerge after black tourmaline has cleansed you of negative energies. Selenite will fill you with warmth and light necessary for recovery and for moving forward in life.

Carnelian & Rhodochrosite

Carnelian and rhodochrosite is the prime combination or crystal pairing if you feel you have lost connection to your heart (and love in general), and you think that your heart is withering. A dead center is a closed one because it won’t let anyone in.

This crystal pairing can help remove the blocks and the scabs of the past that are preventing you from socializing and possibly falling in love.

Carnelian, specifically, can also help unleash your true self, genuine creativity, and zest to pursue your passions.

Rhodochrosite, on the other hand, can help you open up and “be vulnerable” again to love. These two work hand in hand to make people feel human again.

Citrine & Aventurine

Citrine & Aventurine

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The citrine and aventurine pairing is powerful and responds to the constant need to be grounded to the Earth. These earth stones are capable of boosting and then amplifying the central life force that you keep you alive and kicking on this Earth.

This crystal pair can also help you sense and experience life, which will improve your understanding of your potential. Life is a series of constant changes that leads to wisdom and abundance. If you have never felt this way before, then perhaps this crystal pair can help you unleash this feeling of being alive.

Clear Quartz & Hematite

Clear Quartz & Hematite

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The turmoil that emotional and mental fog can bring you down so much that your zest for life disappears. The clarify of clear quartz and the grounding power of hematite can help solve these problems and improve your handling of life in general. This crystal pairing can help you with grounding, balancing, and rooting yourself to the Earth, so all that is negative and harmful is siphoned away so that the Earth can neutralize it. Think of being stable again, and finding equilibrium in the things that you love doing. This is the real power of being grounded and calm. You will never look at life the same way again.

Like all crystal pairings, this pairing can be used in all sorts of meditation from Zen meditation to yoni meditation. Use them to set your intention and improve your sense of direction and well-being in your pursuit of happiness.

Blue Lace Agate & Smoky Quartz

blue lace agate and smoky quartz

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The blue lace agate and smoky quartz pairing is a shifting paradigm of crystal energy that helps people get out of their former states. Whether the old configuration is mental, emotional, or spiritual, this crystal pairing can help transmute what you have now into something that is pure good.

The blue lace agate can help you, whether depression and anxiety, so you can function with more peace and stability than ever before.

Smoky quartz, on the other hand, helps release whatever is bothering you daily. This gradual shifting can result in life-changing outcomes for anyone who wants to use this crystal pairing.

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