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Two different minerals go by the name “Jade,” but Purple Jade or Lavender Jade is a type of Jadeite. Jadeite is a challenging and shiny sodium aluminum silicate. Unfortunately, this more exclusive and valuable Jade is also the hardest to come by.

You can put an end to blindly following orders thanks to the wisdom and initiative instilled by purple Jade.

Purple Jade will aid you in letting go of the need to conform to social mores. In addition to being an excellent personal talisman, lavender Jade is a powerful ally in the workplace. When faced with a career crossroads, you’ll be better equipped to choose the path forward with this guide. Teachers and those working in the medical, veterinary, or educational fields can benefit greatly. You’ll be able to make more informed decisions about treatment and care, and you’ll have an easier time passing on information that can positively impact tomorrow’s minds.

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What Is Purple Jade?

Photo from flickr by James St. John

Purple Jade can be found in a variety of lavender tones. To cleanse your soul, you need a Lavender Jade. It is a beautiful stone to use on retreats or during meditations to enhance one’s spiritual experience. It will encourage you to let go of your cynicism and pent-up anger and replace them with an attitude of calm acceptance.

Where Is Purple Jade Found?

Purple Jade is a popular gemstone. There is a wide range of mottling throughout the base colors of gray-purple to deep purple. These color gradations, along with the deep green dots and red streaks, make for a visually arresting background against which the gem’s signature patterns can shine. The perfect color is a mottled, deep purple somewhere in the middle. In some cases, you may notice bright splashes of color, including green and orange.

Turkish Purple Jade is ideally cut ‘en cabochon,’ resulting in smooth domes with ideal proportions, shape, and symmetry and a superior polish that exhibits excellent luster. In addition to China and Burma, Jade can also be found in the US, New Zealand, Turkey, Taiwan, Japan, and Siberia in Russia.

Due to its relatively low Jadeite content (40-60%), Turkish Purple Jade lacks the radiance of other, more common lavender/purple Jadeites. To be sure, Turkish Purple Jade shares the same scarcity and high cost as its Chinese counterpart. The quality and price of Turkish purple Jade vary widely based on color and inclusions, making it difficult to track down. The last of the world’s Turkish Purple Jade will be gone once our stockpile is gone. No crystals were discovered until digging down several feet, and the deposit near the surface was relatively small. Even though more resources have been poured into exploring the Bursa Province, their efforts have not paid off so far.

What Is The Meaning Of Purple Jade?

Traditional purple jade meaning focuses on its calming effect that works even in the most hectic environments to help you focus and relax. This stone has the power to restore your vitality and safeguard your health. It helps lessen the impact of shock or fear when dealing with the unexpected. It will also help you feel cared for and appreciated even when you’re separated from your loved ones by distance. Lavender jade is a beautiful stone for letting go of negative emotions like grief, worry, and guilt. As a result, your mood will be lifted, and you’ll develop an indomitable can-do spirit.

How Will Purple Jade Help You?

Purple jade properties can also help you let go of your need to conform too much. This stone will help you see that changing who you are to please other people never ends well. The stress of trying to make everyone happy will eventually take its toll on your body. Get the confidence to make changes and accept the parts of yourself you can’t alter by wearing this stone. Lavender Jade can help you let go of the past and embrace the present. You’ll feel more optimistic about the future as a result.

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How To Use Purple Jade?

The best way to meditate with this stone is to lay flat on your back, breathe deeply and slowly, and place it directly over your third eye. Maintain a state of mental tranquility and openness, and let your thoughts wander where they will. The thoughts that are currently entering your head are indicative of the intuitive effects of Purple Jade. Do you regularly think these things? Or did your mind come up with something new? Each time you meditate and ask yourself this question, keep in mind the potential for change in the material world that your soul has just unleashed. You may not know your spiritual mission yet, but by tapping into the energy field of Purple Jade, you can start to get a sense of what you’re supposed to be doing on this planet.

In addition to stimulating and tuning the astral body, the enlightening properties of purple Jade also encourage mental clarity and growth. Working with this stone will help you recognize your soul’s growth and awakening aspirations. The vibratory field of Purple Jade is directly responsible for this internal effect. It draws on extradimensional energies that can facilitate telepathy, astral projection, and communication with other worlds. Anyone can have these things happen to them if they are willing to put in the necessary time, effort, energy, and love. Each of us is uniquely positioned on Earth to further our galactic soul mission. A remarkable stone to progress and understand your nighttime dreams, all of these effects can occur in both a conscious and unconscious state.

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How To Cleanse Purple Jade?

You can cleanse and recharge your stone whenever you like, not just during specific times of the solar or lunar cycle. However, it’s best to put your stone out before nightfall to soak up the moon’s and sun’s rays and then bring it back inside before 11 a.m.

The stone’s surface could fade if left in the sun for too long, so come back in the morning to retrieve it. Put your stone as close to the ground as possible. Because of this, additional purging will be possible. Make sure they won’t be bothered by local critters or bystanders wherever they are. Then, after you’ve finished using the stone, please rinse it to remove any remaining dirt and grime. To dry off, pat.

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