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Crystals are often touted for their purported ability to improve mental health, particularly in calm, happiness, and concentration. Still, they can also boost immunity and alleviate physical discomfort—if you know how to use crystals and what to do with crystals.

Shape, color, and crystal type are just a few factors that determine the energy emitted by a particular crystal; however, it is common knowledge that different crystals can be used to enhance different facets of one’s life. So, it’s better to have additional knowledge about how you use crystals.

Due to the intense pressure and heat required to form them over millions of years, crystals and so many gems have a potent ethereal energy. A single crystal requires a tremendous amount of energy to form, and crystal healing tenets say that this vast concentration of energy is imbued in the stone indefinitely.

However, this is true of the vast majority of alternative treatments. Despite this, there are many reports of crystals having a curative impact on their owners. We must decide whether this is a placebo effect, practical on a level that research has not yet uncovered, or completely bonkers.


What To Do With Crystals: Selecting The Right One For You

Crystals are fascinating, and so is their world. If you’re getting into crystal collecting and want to get started or add to your collection, this is the location.



Newcomers and seasoned crystal collectors agree that amethyst is a must-have addition to their collections. It symbolizes monarchy and spirituality and is widely recognized for its calming and sleep-inducing properties. Know more about Amethyst Meaning and Healing Properties.



Selenite is an essential part of every beginner’s crystal collection. Due to its simple interface and inability to foul or drain, this stone is among the most convenient. Know more about Selenite meaning and healing properties.


Rose Quartz

Due to its association with romantic feelings and the divine feminine, rose quartz is often recommended to those just beginning their crystal collection. A huge chunk of rose quartz placed in your home’s center will strengthen the bonds between you and your loved ones. Know more about Rose Quartz meaning and healing properties.


Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is still one of the best crystals for beginners. The wearer of this stone will find it remarkably easy to let go of their concerns and expectations of the past. Know more about Black Obsidian meaning and healing properties.


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How To Use Crystals: 8 Methods To Know

There is a newfound acceptance of crystals in today’s society. However, what helps one person in crystal practice may not work for another, just as one person’s diet or exercise plan may not work for another.

Fortunately, these incredible gems can be used in various practical applications daily. Listed below are the first eight possibilities:


1. A crystal grid must be created

Crystals’ energy is amplified when arranged in a sacred geometrical grid. Therefore, you can increase the potency of your intention by incorporating the spiritual energy of geometrical patterns and crystals.

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2. Try using crystals as part of your daily self-care ritual

The healing powers of crystals can be incorporated into a wide variety of self-care practices. Bring your gemstones into the bath with you, or soak them in the water you use to wash your face for a relaxing at-home spa experience.


3. Keep a crystal on you at all times

The longer you spend near a crystal, the more you’ll feel its power. If you need to refocus your energy or find your center, you may always pull out a crystal from your purse or pocket and use it this way.

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4. To your altar, add crystals

Crystals are a lovely way to bring earth energy into your home shrine. For example, you might increase the power of your wishes by simply laying some of them on top of a paper on which you have written your goal.


5. As you meditate, try holding a crystal

Meditation is an excellent approach to establishing a bond with crystals, and it’s also one of the simplest. Start by closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing while gripping your crystal inside one or both hands. The sensation of being rooted to the ground may overwhelm you.

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6. Apply crystals to your skin

Crystals have a distinct effect when worn on the body than when held in hand. This helps to awaken the healing emotions associated with that chakra.


7. Create an upbeat atmosphere with your home decor

Crystals have always been an integral part of meditation and yoga spaces, but they have recently appeared in various interior design magazines. Even if you can’t afford a single giant crystal for your home, you may spread peace and tranquility throughout your space by clustering smaller ones.


8. How Do You Use Crystals: Additional Inputs

Crystals take on the energy of their owners’ intentions and manifest those qualities. However, they will assist you in maintaining a connection to the purposes you sow.

When you first bring your crystals home from the store, it’s essential to cleanse them to remove any negative energy they may have picked up along the way. If you are going through a particularly trying period and could use as much healing energy as possible, now would be an excellent time to cleanse them.


Lavender, sage, cedar, and sweetgrass are just a few herbs used in smudging, another time-honored practice. Smudging is excellent since it can be done with any crystal, even pyrite, wherein you don’t want to dull its sparkle.



Before you turn in for the night, set your crystals out on a windowsill. This will ensure your jewel has plenty of time to bask in the luxuriant light. All stones benefit greatly from this way of cleaning, but notably those that tend to be damaged by water.



Using saltwater to get your jewels moving in a calm current and tap into the tidal energy of trust and transformation is ideal. There are some crystals that despise water, so keep that in mind. Stones that are harder and less porous, like amethyst and quartz, will fare better.

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