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Purple crystals names are also known for their therapeutic and spiritual properties, making them a popular gift choice. Purple crystals meaning have long been revered for their mystical properties, which are said to aid the wearer in their quest for health and well-being. Since the beginning of history, purple has been associated with aspiration, excess, enthusiasm, riches, luxury, royalty, and power. Purple gemstones have also been shown to have a calming impact on the mind and to promote clarity of thought when worn as jewelry. The birthstone is the purple crystal for individuals born in the new year or after the winter solstice.


Purple Crystal Healing Properties

The pituitary and pineal glands are the primary targets of purple crystals. Depression, concussions, anxiety, headaches, and even mental disease can be alleviated with their use. These crystals can help with mental fortitude and inner power when overcoming dependency. These purple crystals will bring you serenity and harmony and lift your spirits so you can feel confident and strong.

Inspire you to communicate your sense of humor with others and brighten your day. In addition to sharpening the conscious mind, these gems boost mental abilities. They’ll help you remember things better and keep your ideas on track toward your long-term objectives.

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List of Purple Crystals Names

purple crystals

The purple gemstone is probably one of the most underrated types of gemstone in each family of minerals because of its darker hue. However, people are warming up to the color more and more, because you can select a dark purple gemstone or light purple gemstone depending on your preferences.

  1. Amethyst

purple crystal amethyst

Amethyst is the foremost and most easily recognizable purple gemstone in the world. Before, it was considered as being just as valuable as more expensive stones like diamonds and rubies.

The largest deposits of high-quality amethyst stones can be found in Brazil, which, like India, holds the record for many crucial gemstone deposits.

Amethyst comes in many hues of purple, from the lightest purple to purple so dark that stone looks black. Either way, this gemstone is a truly magnificent piece of original art and is a worthwhile addition to any collection. Find more about Amethyst meaning and healing properties.

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2. Lolite

While the humble lolite can be just as pretty as amethyst, this mineral is more abundant in nature, and thus, it commands a lower price. It is an affordable purple gemstone with a formidable Mohs scale rating of seven to 7.5. Because of its durability, lolite can be used for any jewelry, from bracelets to pendants to fancy earrings.

When set on rings, lolite is often placed on single-bezel arrangements or halo arrangements. These two arrangements provide the maximum level of clarity or fire to the lolite, as it also exhibits the visual effect called pleochroism. Lolite can be purchased from ten to fifty dollars per weight in carat.

3. Lavender Fluorite

Lavender fluorite is part of an industrially relevant family of minerals. Fluorite crystals are comprised of fluorine and calcium, and care is used in metallurgy, industrial product, and jewelry.

The high level of diaphaneity of colors in lavender fluorite and other colored variations of fluorite make these gem a must-see when they are cut and polished well. Fluorite gemstones can also be processed to become multifaceted – they show exceptional brilliance that is surprising for such an abundant mineral. Find more about Fluorite meaning and healing properties.

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4. Purple Jasper

Jasper regularly occurs in nature as a blue gemstone, so purple jasper is rare and unique. Fortunately, nature has blessed us with different purple shades in the purple jasper line, and this mineral is a formidable crystal with a Mohs scale rating of 6.5 to seven. What makes purple jasper stand out from the crowd is its vein network and intricate patterns that make it unique and inspiring when setting on jewelry.

The most common type of cut for purple jasper is the cabochon, as it highlights the best qualities of purple jasper, including its unusual internal inclusions and internal characteristics. Find more about Jasper meaning and healing properties.

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5. Ametrine

purple crystals ametrine

Ametrine, or in some countries, bolivianite, is a quartz type that contains additional notable inclusions such as citrine and amethyst. Ametrine is cut along color zones, which means specimen or sample of ametrine will have two colors: purple in one region and yellow on the other. These unique and inspiring natural designs have made ametrine a must-see when you want to add variety to your collection of purple gems. This gemstone is only found so far in Bolivia, which makes it a rare purple gem. The deeper the colors of the gem, the higher its value. Find more about Ametrine meaning and healing properties.

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6. Tanzanite


Tanzanite’s old name was blue zoisite, but the jewelry magnate thought that tanzanite had a more beautiful ring to it. The name is associated with Tanzania, the country that has the only significant deposit of this mineral. The base colors of tanzanite are blue and purple, and there exist different hues and shades of these two colors in between. No two tanzanite pieces are the same, which makes this mineral fun to collect if you are a passionate enthusiast and collector. Find more about Tanzanite meaning and healing properties.

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7. Sugilite

purple crystal - sugilite

In terms of purple and pink colors that are as vibrant as the sun, few other minerals come close to the natural color saturation of sugilite. Sugilite is a lithium silicate mineral that has low inclusions of manganese. The manganese’s interaction with the other chemicals in the crystalline structure of the sugilite is responsible for the intense and vivid pink and purple colors. Sugilite has a Mohs scale rating of 5.6 to 6.5, making it a nominally durable stone that is slightly harder than kitchen knives.

Sugilite was first unearthed in 1944, but it took almost thirty years to respond to its presence in the jewelry market. By then, larger sugilite quantities were found in South Africa, making it easier for jewelry magnates and manufacturers to adapt the mineral to their jewelry production. Find more about Sugilite meaning and healing properties.

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8. Stichtite

Stichtite is a carbonate mineral that combines magnesium and chromium. This class of gems produces the most vivid lilac and lavender colors in the gemstone world, and they can just as easily match the vividness of other purple gems in this list.

The inclusion of additional minerals like serpentine and chromite enhances the purple qualities of stichtite. It was first unearthed in Australia in 1910, and it is often found as a bicolor mineral, with green serpentine zones throughout.

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9. Charoite

Charoite is a rare form of silicate mineral that was first formally described in 1978. Charoite occurs naturally as a deep purple crystal with natural white inclusions. The natural intensity of the colors of charoite had led people to believe in the beginning that it was somehow synthetically created when, in fact, it was completely natural. Some specimens of charoite exhibit chatoyance, while others feature the fantastic white matting that gives charoite such character. Find more about Charoite meaning and healing properties.

10. Purple Aventurine

Purple aventurine is a class of translucent quartz that is speckled with tiny flecks or flakes of minerals. When tumbled, purple aventurine will exhibit a special schiller effect that will highlight the reflection of light on its internal inclusions. This schiller effect is also known as “aventurescence.”

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11. Lavender Jade


Minerals with the same name, jadeite, and lavender jade, are two different types of jade. Lavender jade is a beautiful stone to eliminate negative emotions like melancholy, worry, or guilt. This stone will help you to see that trying to be someone you’re not only to get people to like you won’t work.

Lavender jade’s healing powers are also helpful for removing your overwhelming need to fit in with the norm. Having this stone in your collection will give you the courage to face your fears.

With the help of lavender jade, you’ll be inspired to stop dwelling on the past and start looking toward the future. It is possible to overcome your difficulties and remain unfazed by setbacks with the help of lavender jade. Find more about Lavender Jade meaning and healing properties.

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12. Purple Tourmaline

Tourmaline is said to have been born from the uncommon energy of a rainbow, which ripples with inventive play, happy generosity, and flawless wealth.

Tourmaline crystals can be found in various colors, including black, pink, emerald, lavender, and even a rainbow potpourri of colors, such as watermelon or a watermelon-pink color combination.

Chronic pain, anxiety, sadness, sleeplessness, irritability, concentration during meditating, and defense from the psychic attack can all be helped using purple tourmaline crystals.

Because of their anchoring effect on the emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies, including the root chakra, they are frequently worn or carried while meditating.

In addition to its anchoring and protective qualities, this stone is an excellent gem for letting you feel entirely at ease and ready to let go of emotional attachments.


13. Purpurite

Purpurite has a deep connection to the spiritual world, and it will shield you from psychic attacks and help you grow spiritually. This gorgeous stone gives you more self-assurance in your ability to express yourself effectively and without any hindrance.

The negative energy will be transformed into happy thoughts, and you’ll be able to better ground yourself with this stone. Increase your intuition and consciousness by working with this mineral. You’ll also have a better knowledge of this newly discovered power stone.

The violet flame therapeutic potential of purpurite is one of its most striking features. Transform negative energy into positive, darkness into light, and make your aspirations become a reality with the help of this stone’s healing properties. You can use this stone if you’ve been conscious of any ego situations that might impede your growth.


14. Purple Sapphire

Your beliefs and spirituality will be connected to the higher dimensions of reality if you wear purple sapphire. Purple sapphire is a good tool for meditation since it enhances telepathic or psychic growth and clears the road for kundalini energies to arise.

Your crown chakra, the spiritual center of your being, will open up due to its magnificent powers. This crystal is for you for those who want to understand their connection with themselves and everything better. It will foster a sense of unity and harmony.

You’ll be able to remove yourself from your excessive anxieties and restore harmony to your existence as a result of using this technique. This stone will help you understand your role in the cosmos and learn to accept the reality of things.


15. Purple Agate

Tiny quartz crystals arranged in elegant layers create intricate patterns of white and purple. Some indigenous cultures think that their physical features indicate that they can be bits of the gods’ souls being sent to earth.

Purple agate is part of the silicate mineral family known as chalcedony or quartz. Students and artists benefit from the stone’s ability to balance subtle energies, protect them from harm, and boost their creativity.

It’s best to use agate if you’re in a position where you need to keep your cool and persevere to attain your goal. We believe that these encircling layers can illuminate all of the hidden truths and obstacles that keep us from progressing.


16. Purple Tiger Eye

A member of the quartz family, the purple tiger’s eye has long been regarded as a sacred stone. Many people consider it as a stone of courage, power, protection, and the ability to retain one’s presence in this life. It’s one of the most straightforward stones to recognize, thanks to its unusual and eye-catching color.

As a talisman, the tiger’s eye has long been considered intriguing and powerful due to its ability to see and know everything. The tiger’s eye may be found in various colors and patterns out of a simple purple-stripe patterning to the tiger stripe.

As a lucky talisman, their earthy hues and flowing movement have won them a place in jewelry design. Human energy fields are enhanced, and a sense of vitality and strength is exuded when the gemstone is worn.


How To Use Purple Crystals?

In addition to giving travelers confidence when traveling for the first time, they can shield you from harm, illness, injury, or flawed individuals when they are wearing them.

Having these crystals with you eliminates the need for self-denial: you don’t have to be widespread or indispensable if you have these crystals around.

Purple crystals can help you sleep better and keep nightmares at bay if you put them under your mattress or wear them to bed. These purple gemstones can protect you against danger, illness, injury, or evil individuals when they are put on and worn. So that your thoughts do not become fixed, carry a piece of purple crystal with you.

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purple crystals

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 Purple crystals

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