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Crystals have many purposes in the mystical world. Crystals can be used to drive away bad spirits or entities, shield you from negative energy and transmute negative and evil energies or imprints into positive energy or love. Purity is the name of the game of crystals, and the more you bond with the crystals in your collection, the more powerful they get.

Part of the process of owning and using energy crystals is cleansing and recharging them. Usually, the cleansing process already recharges the crystals, so you won’t have to worry about the recharging part if you know how to cleanse them in the first place. There are many cleansing and recharging crystals, and one of them is using other crystals to deep-charge and deep-cleanse crystals that are spent or require cleansing.


Crystals that Cleanse Other Crystals

A few special crystals in common use worldwide are known for absorbing the negative energies from other stones. This being the case, it would help if you have at least one of these special crystals that vibrate at a higher frequency and have more power to deflect evil and negativity. This way, your entire crystal collection will benefit from the presence of these other gemstones. The most useful stones, according to energy practitioners, are the following:

  • Crab fire agate – Crab fire agate is used to eliminate overpowering negative emotions, so your body will become a more peaceful and powerful vessel. If you feel that you are being overwhelmed all these years by emotions that you can’t control, those emotions are gaining the upper hand.
  • Quartz – The quartz family is the most powerful and potential family of gems for clearing and even exorcism. Having at least one large quartz crystal in your collection is highly recommended.  (Shop our Quartz jewelry)


  • Amethyst – In addition to being a great shield against bad luck and negativity, amethyst is best known for its physical healing properties. Use amethyst to regulate your hormones, improve your recovery time from headaches and migraines, regulate your digestive process, cleansing your skin of allergies and other diseases, improve the performance of your endocrine system, and improve your immune system levels.  (Shop our Amethyst jewelry.)

Amethyst Healing Properties

  • Black Tourmaline – Black tourmaline is known for bringing peace to the mind and enhancing one’s ability to roll with the blows. This is a must-have if you constantly attract toxic or negative people in your life.


  • Selenite – Selenite is best known for improving one’s peace of mind and introducing a deep and lasting calm into the spirit. When you have selenite, you can have improved memory, sharper judgment, and better handling of life, in general.

It is another must-have in any gem collection. Even if you are not a mystical healer or practitioner, have some selenite at home because it benefits everyone, not just those engaged in energy healing.

Selenite is always used to cleanse other crystals.

  • ObsidianObsidian is an incredibly protective stone, and it exudes enough power to keep evil at bay. Obsidian can also be used to remedy extremely powerful emotions that can damage your mind, spirit, and body.

It allows people to quickly go through the motions of processing harmful emotions, which leads to better situations for everyone concerned. If you have problems with anger, sadness, depression, and grieving use obsidian to modify how you respond and cope with the emotions, so you are no longer trapped by emotional baggage.



  • JasperJasper is a stone of strength, so it is not surprising that it can also help cleanse other stones and provide innumerable benefits to people who use it. We highly recommend jasper to people who have trouble regulating their physical health and their life force in general. This can often be measured by the waves of energy that are detectible through a person’s aura. It’s important to keep your aura healthy, and jasper can help improve the energy balance that animates your aura in the first place.

  • TurquoiseWhile turquoise can look very low-key and gentle compared to other crystals, it is one of the most notable stones in any collection because it is intrinsically linked with all of the chakras of the corporeal body. What this means is you can use this stone to engage actively and repair all your chakras. Whether you have a blocked chakra that prevents you from freely expressing yourself or an overpowered chakra that is causing you to repel others, turquoise is a useful spiritual aid indeed. (Shop our Turquoise jewelry.)

Turquoise Stone

  • CitrineCitrine is notable for balancing and forming a new DNA for a person’s psychological formation. The powerful, positive force from citrine penetrates each person’s core, causing them to change for the better. Use citrine not just for clearing negativity and clearing other crystals but also for improving your capacity to create a new you.citrine
  • Tiger’s eyeTiger’s eye functions much like black tourmaline and quartz, and it can also help attract good luck! (Shop our Tiger Eye jewelry)

Tiger Eye

How to Use Crystals to Cleanse Other Crystals?

It’s very easy to perform crystal cleansing using other stones. Place the cleansing crystal with the stone that needs to be cleansed and recharged side by side. Please wait at least seven hours before putting them back to their usual places in storage.

Moonlight is a powerful aggregator of energy as well, so if you can, expose your stones in the moonlight as the air, and the moon can recharge and cleanse both.


Do You Need to Cleanse Quartz Crystals? Why?

Do these crystals need to be cleansed?

Quartz crystals are self-cleansing, but it takes time to complete the self-cleansing in the first place. Please wait a day or more before quartz can be reused for more serious energy-related activities. However, if you keep a large quartz crystal at home for clearing and not for other activities, you can probably hold off on cleansing for a few weeks unless there is constant conflict at home.

 Crystals that Cleanse Other Crystals

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