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Every DIY candlemaker wants to make the candle smell stronger, because aromatherapy is such a tremendous benefit of lighting candles regularly, and no one should miss its benefits.

If you want to make strong scented candles at home, you need to understand the mechanics of fire and wax, to understand how you can enhance the experience. We will also be discussing tips on using your candles more efficiently if you don’t find the scent throw satisfying.


Why Your Candle Do Not Smell Strong?

why your candle do not smell strong

If you are new to the candle-making world, you may have wondered why your candles do not smell as strong as the ones you buy from stores. After all, your candles look beautiful and burn nicely but you can’t seem to get that same level of fragrance. Don’t worry—you are not alone! Let’s explore some of the possibilities for why your candles don’t smell as strong.

1. Fragrance Oils

One reason why your candles don’t smell strong is because you may be using too little fragrance oil in your wax. Fragrance oils should always be added in small increments and can vary depending on the type of wax being used. Too much fragrance oil will cause the flame to flicker and smoke so it is important to find a balance between too little and too much. Experiment by adding a few drops at a time until you reach the desired scent strength. You can also consider using more concentrated fragrance oils which pack more punch than regular ones!

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2. The Type Of Wax

Another factor that could affect how strong your candle smells is the type of wax used. For example, soy wax has a lower melting point than other types of wax so it won’t hold as much scent as paraffin or beeswax for example. To get around this issue, consider blending different types of wax together or even adding beeswax to increase scent throw if needed. This will help boost the overall intensity of the aroma in your candle!

3. The Type Of Wick


Lastly, having the wrong wick size can also impact how strong your candle smells. A wick that is too large will draw more scent from the wax than necessary while a wick that is too small can limit how much scent reaches the flame and be released into the air. Make sure to use an appropriate sized wick for each candle according to its diameter or consult with an experienced candle maker if needed!

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4. The Burning Time Of  Candle Is Not long enough

We all know that candles provide a soothing and warming atmosphere in any home, but did you also know their fragrance depends on burning time? To get the most out of your candle’s scent profile, let it burn until its melted wax completely covers the surface. This way more aroma will be released into your living space and create an even cozier ambience!

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5. The Size Of Candle Is Not Big Enough For Room

big room after the smell of candle

Even when you light the perfect candle, it may seem like its scent is getting lost in a big room. If your space has high ceilings or if it’s an open-plan flat, this could be why. Also, if it’s near an open window or vent, the smell can escape easily.


6. The Environment Is Too Hot or Humid

If the environment surrounding your lit candle is too hot or humid, this can significantly reduce its scent throw. This is because heat and humidity can cause fragrances to evaporate quickly and disperse into the air before the human nose has time to detect them. To prevent this from happening, try keeping your candles away from direct sunlight or other sources of heat such as radiators or heaters.


4 Tips for Making Stronger Scented Candles

Making scented candles is a great way to create something beautiful and unique. But sometimes, the scent of your candle can be too subtle or not last very long. If you’re looking for ways to make your scented candles smell stronger, you’ve come to the right place! Follow these helpful tips and tricks to get the most out of your scented candles.


1.Choosing Wax with Good Hot Throw

The type of wax used can also determine how much scent is released from your candles. Soy wax has better hot throw than paraffin wax and will hold more fragrance oil, making it ideal for those looking for maximum scent throw. In addition, adding beeswax or other additives such as vybar and stearic acid can help improve hot throw performance when paired with soy wax.

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2. Add More Fragrance Oil

add more Fragrance Oil to make candle smell stronger

The amount of fragrance oil you add will directly affect how strong your candle smells. Most recipes recommend adding about 1 ounce of fragrance oil per pound of wax, but if you want a stronger scent you can increase this amount up to 2 ounces per pound. You can also try blending different types of oils together for a unique aroma. Just be sure not to overdo it as too much oil can cause burning issues and discoloration in your candles.


3. Use High Quality Fragrance Oil

The quality of the fragrance oils you use will also impact how strong your candle smells when lit. Choose oils that are specifically made for candle making as they tend to have higher concentrations of scent molecules which results in a more powerful aroma when burned in a candle. Cheaper oils may have fillers or additives that won’t produce as strong of a scent as pure fragrance oils do.

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4. Using A Proper Candle Container Size

proper candle container size

The size of the container you use also determines how much scent will be released from your candle. Smaller containers are not able to disperse as much scent because there isn’t enough room for hot air pockets created by burning wicks to circulate around them, while larger containers allow more space for circulation and thus release more aroma into the air when lit up. So if you need extra oomph in your candle scents, try using larger containers or multiple smaller ones instead of one big one!


Making scented candles with an intense smell doesn’t have to be hard; just follow these simple tips! Choose waxes like soy or beeswax that are known for holding onto fragrances better than paraffin does; add more fragrance oil (up to 2 ounces per pound); and use high-quality oils specifically made for candle making purposes if possible. With these tips, your scented candles should be smelling stronger than ever before! Happy candle making!

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