BEADNOVA 100Pcs Orchid Clips Large Orchid Support Clips Vine Clips Plant Clips for Flower Orchid Vine (2cm, 100PCS)

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  • SIZE AND QUANTITY: BEADNOVA orchid clips provide great support for orchid or any vine crawling flowers. Pack includes 100pcs green orchid support clips in size 20x23mm or 0.79×0.91 inch, large size holding spare around 10mm.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT VINE CLIPS: Made with light weighted plastic, our vine clips do not weight the plant down. These vine clips for flower are durable and reusable.
  • HOLD FLOWER SPIKES ERECT: Orchids put out flower spike that can become top heavy. If you do not stake and clip them, they can end up hanging down over the side of the pot. Staking the flower spikes and using our easy to adjust orchid support clips is the best way to shape and protect the developing blooms. Use orchid clips to gently secure the flower spike every few inches, avoiding the nodes on the spike.
  • WIDE USAGES: Butterfly vine clips can be used not just for orchids, they are perfect support clips for any crawling flowers, vine vegetables, tomato, beans. Work better than Velcro and twist ties, these orchid clips take no time to wind or unwind when adjusting. Versatile use for clipping small wires or holding up a string of holiday lights on a wire shelf.
  • VALUE PACK: Include in a pack 100pcs orchid clips. Use them as flower clips, garden clips, tomato clips, beans clips, tomato trellis clips, vine clips. Suitable for securing stem to a pole, sticks or other stakes. Easy to use and open for adjustment.

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