BEADNOVA Floral Frog Kenzan with Rubber Gasket Ikebana Flower Frog for Arrangements Ikebana Vase (1.6 Inch/40mm, 2pcs)

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  • SIZE OF KENZAN: BEADNOVA Kenzan flower frog in medium size ?C diameter 40mm/ 1.57 inch. Pins are 11mm long, 91 pins per Kenzan. Sturdy flower frog, easy to carry and store. Perfect floral frog for florist, home, kitchen, bedroom and classroom teaching. Pack includes 2pcs Kenzan.
  • DURABLE & REUSABLE: Our ikebana Kenzan flower frog consists of a heavy metal platform with erected brass pins for securing flowers. High quality brass pins are strong enough for woody material, as well as plants. Using Kenzan reduces consumption of materials like mud, grass or plastic foam, this reusable floral frog saves cost and waste on floral arrangement.
  • USAGE: Kenzan is the most useful and intriguing ikebana tool for beginners and advanced ikebanists. Flower frog pins hold stems in place and, at the same time, expand the stems. This hydrates them more thoroughly, thus extending the life of your floral arrangement. Ideal for doing floral arrangement or DIY flower crafts to decor home, kitchen and bedroom.
  • EASY TO USE: Place Kenzan in a vase or other container, secure flowers or branches by pushing the ends onto the flower frog needles. Cut stem at a very sharp angle or in a point for easier placement of plant material onto the Kenzan. You can also cut a portion of stem away to wedge it between the pins.
  • RUBBER GASKET: Each Kenzan has a detachable rubber gasket which fits around the base to protect the vase or container. The rubber gasket also functions as providing better placement of the Kenzan.

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