• SIZE AND QUANTITY: Mix sizes box set includes jewelry making jump rings in outer diameter 3mm (1100pcs), 4mm (400pcs), 5mm (300pcs), 6mm (200pcs), 7mm (130pcs), 8mm (90pcs) and 10mm (50pcs). Numbers of open jump ring per each size are approximates, with total rings around 2270pcs.
  • MATERIAL AND COLOR: Open jump rings are made of iron wire, gold plated.
  • STORAGE BOX: Open jump rings are packed in a plastic box to avoid damage or bent in storage. Compartments of storage box separate open jump rings and allow you to find the right one easily.
  • INCLUDE IN THE PACKING: The storage box not only keeps the jewelry making jump rings neat in storage, with a complementary anti-tarnish paper included, it also keeps the open jump in a great condition.
  • DIY FAVORITE: Jewelry making jump rings are great for DIY your special & unique jewelry, Excellent for suspending small items from delicate necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets. These open jump rings are not only for jewelry making, but also for repairing jewelries, necklaces, bracelets, craft projects etc.