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Tiger’s eye is a powerful ward and cleansing gem and is considered one of the most ancient of extant protection stones in gemstone history. Let’s discover the benefits of wearing tiger’s eye and which hand to wear the bracelet

Along with gems like the labradorite, which is a mythic stone of the Inuit (they say it hails from the frozen fires of the fiery Aurora Borealis itself), Tiger’s eye is definitely one gemstone to add to your current collection, because it brings a lot to the table in terms of raw gemstone power and healing. Let’s get started.

When should you wear the tiger’s eye stone?  Let’s discover the benefits of wearing tiger’s eye, if the benefits are actually what you want, you can start to wear tiger’s eye jewelry or place the stone near you.

Why People Wear Tiger’s Eye Stone?

Tiger’s Eye Stone Benefits

Raw tiger eye stone

The most protective stone

The Tiger’s eye is strongly associated with the Sun and it has a dual connection with both Fire and the Earth. What does this mean?

Precious stones that are associated with Sun and Fire have a most positive impact on how people react to their emotions and difficulties in life. The Earth connection, on the other hand, means that the Tiger’s eye is capable of cleansing excess or negative energies from the user.

Let’s talk about this for a bit: why do we have to get rid of excess energies or negative energies?

The principle of spiritual energy is this – that we are capable of transmitting and receiving vibrational energy from the world around us.

So you and me, we are capable to transmit vibrational energies to the Source/Universe, and vice versa. However, since we are basically these gigantic transmission towers of spiritual energy, sending and receiving energies even when we are asleep, we can also pick up negative energies from the people around us.

You can consciously try to avoid the transfer of negative energies, but the fact of the matter is that its hard work and no one really spends their entire day doing that.

The simpler solution is to protect yourself with gemstones like Tiger’s eye that have essential properties that protect you from the negative vibrational energies around you.

In addition to being able to remove negative energies, Tiger’s eye is also capable of shielding you from negative vibrational energy. So this is very important because if those energies come from consistent sources at home or where you work, you will eventually fall ill from exposure to such negativities.

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The Tiger’s eye is particularly useful for people who wish to recover from years of mental fog as a result of poor handling of emotions and negative energy. The following are the Tiger’s eye’s mind-boosting qualities:

  1. It can help you focus more on the things that matter to you, especially creative pursuits related to your passion. You probably already know how challenging it can be to pursue something if you can’t focus on it at all.
  1. It can provide much-needed mental clarity, which is helpful in moments when you need to make important decisions.
  1. Thirdly, it can help you quell strong and harmful emotions that may actually be preventing you from living your life to the fullest. Take note that emotions are a double-edged proposition: it is in how you regulate or tune your emotions that you can benefit from them. Otherwise, the situation might be that your emotions are controlling you, instead of the other way around. Think about this carefully – how much control do you have over your emotions nowadays?

Powerful emotional ward

Tiger’s eye’s protective capabilities extend to the deepest core of every person, where creative and emotional energies abound. What this means is that by simply wearing a Tiger’s eye bracelet, you can begin protecting yourself from strong waves of harmful emotional events that may have already been making your life miserable.

The warding properties of the Tiger’s eye can also help remove the symptoms of disease caused by excess emotions. Unwarranted fearfulness, as well as anxiety attacks – can also be remedied by the proper use of protective wards that can be worn in the form of jewelry, such as Tiger’s eye bracelets, necklaces, and the like.

Did you know that you can also cut down the probability of having painful or violent mood swings with the help of precious stones like the Tiger’s eye?

Shielding stones have the capability to not just remove negative energies from the body – they can also help re-balance and heal you in the process.

What this means is the longer you proceed with energy cleansing and balancing, the better your overall wellness will be throughout the year. If people can get really good results from just a few weeks’ use of precious stones, then imagine the results when you are able to continuously heal and cleanse yourself for a year or more?   Using powerful gemstones to rebalance one’s life is definitely a win-win situation for everyone.

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Everyone needs the courage to achieve their goals and dreams. One of the oldest associations of the Tiger’s eye is that it gives the bearer courage of the purest kind – spiritual courage – the kind of courage that you cannot simply dispel or reduce just because the environment is stressful or changing. A truly courageous person is capable of relieving excess stress and tension while maintaining his courage in the most difficult of circumstances.

Healing bracelets are the most popular items for people who want to try energy healing and energy gemstones for the first time, so let’s assume that you found a nice Tiger’s eye bracelet and would like to know how it works, and how it can actually help you. Check out our tiger eye jewelry.

Gemstones, whether precious or semi-precious, are actual naturally imbued with spiritual energies that people can just tap and use any time.

Who Should Not Wear Tiger’s Eye Bracelet?

Tiger’s eye is a type of chalcedony, like the black onyx, and it is sensitive to moisture and strong vibrations. If you work in an environment that has a lot of vibration and you constantly knock your wrist on hard surfaces, we do not recommend that you wear your Tiger’s eye bracelet to work.

If you already have the bracelet, no worry, you can just put your Tiger’s eye bracelet on your table, or pocket, as that would have the same effect anyway.

What Hand To Wear Tiger’s Eye Bracelet?

In mystical lore, the right hand and the left hand have different meanings. The left hand is the receiving hand that absorbs positive energy into body, while the right hand is the giving hand that releases negative energy outside the body. Deciding which hand to wear your crystal bracelet depends on what you do you want to bring from the crystal.

Left hand:  it gives the bearer courage of the purest kind – spiritual courage – the kind of courage that you cannot simply dispel or reduce just because the environment is stressful or changing. A truly courageous person is capable of relieving excess stress and tension while maintaining his courage in the most difficult of circumstances.

Right hand: it is known as a protective stone that can avoid the transfer of negative energies, protect you from the negative vibrational energies around you.

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