BEADNOVA 8mm Natural Watermelon Cherry Quartz Gemstone Round Loose Beads for Jewelry Making (45-48pcs)

  • SUPERIOR QUALITY GEMSTONE: Natural Watermelon Cherry Quartz Beads with Highly Polished, Smooth, Shiny Surface
  • STANDARDIZED SIZE & QUANTITIES: Bead size 8mm, Hole size 1.0mm; 1 Strand (15.5 inches/Strand; approx. 45-48pcs/Strand)
  • UNISEX STYLE: Round Loose Beads with Standardized Hole size 1mm Center drilled style. This Natural Watermelon Cherry Quartz gemstone style fits well for UNISEX style jewelry making, MEN or WOMEN JEWELRY.
  • WIDE USAGE: BEADNOVA's beads are excellent for Beading, Jewelry Making, Jewelry Design, DIY gifts, Arts & Craft, Necklaces, Bracelets, Yoga bracelets, Earrings, Ring, Home & Wedding Decoration.
  • Watermelon Cherry quartz is a lovely variety of quartz with a rich pink colour. Like all varieties of quartz, cherry quartz is cleansing and healing. It is believed to help heal emotional wounds and aid spiritual growth, making it a great stone to have near you. We also have a full range of healing crystals including many rare and speciality crystals.