BEADNOVA 6mm Briolette Crystal Glass Beads Mix Lot For Jewelry Making (750pcs)


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Briolette crystal bead has a unique doughnut shape with 48 triangular facets which reflect light brilliantly. These sparkling doughnut shaped look beautiful on their own or become amazing components when paired with crystal rondelles or bicones.
Mix Value box set, Assorted faceted crystal glass beads, with amazing bling bling colors, are excellent for gentle womanly jewelry design, adding fashion style and decent beauty to beadwork.

1.What size needle and string would be needed for stringing these beads?
A 1: Anything up to 1.59mm
A 2: About 1.59mm of wire. So it’s a bit larger than regular seed bead wire, but not big enough for leather cord, but kite string ok. Using kite string to gauge the size
2.Do these beads come with the plastic container?
A: Yes,comes with a free plastic box, which keeps them separated perfectly and has a snap lock on it

Kindly Note:
Since the size above is measured by hand, the size of the actual item you received could be slight different from the size above.


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