Free Online Pattern Making Tool

You can create a pattern with just 2 clicks, or you can modify the size and color to your favorite style.  The pattern can be used for many craft projects, such as beading, cross-stitch, Lego, fuse beads design.

Select Image: Click “Select Image”, select an image file you want to convert into a pattern. Then the pattern will be created. If you think the pattern is unclear and unexpected, images and selected size affect the result. Please try to use other images or adjust the number of grids.

Boards: You can adjust the size of the pattern. You can choose the size (29×29/50×50/57×57) of each broad from the pull-down menu, you can also adjust the number of boards. More boards will make the pattern clearer. The default is  2 x 2 boards (each board is 29 rows x 29 Columns).

Save & Export: It is free to export the pattern for your own use. Choose the format (PDF, SVG, PNG JPG, XLSX) as you like, then click “Export”. Select” Use Symbols” that show symbols instead of palette numbers for the colors.

Palettes: You can select the type of palettes you want to use. Default is Hama bead.

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Advanced: You can edit the color of the image, such as brightness, contrast, saturation, grayscale.

Usage: It shows the number of beads you need and the colors for the pattern you created.

Let’s Create Your Own Pattern Now!