Which Leather Cord is Better? Round or Flat?

Which Leather Cord is Better? Round or Flat?

Leather cords are used in various DIY crafts, but their most common uses are in making bracelets and necklaces. If you’re thinking of making bracelets or necklace out of leather cords, you should know that there are several different types of leather cords available for you to choose from. Depending on the style that you want for your bracelet or necklace, it’s important that you choose the right type of cord.  Two of the most common types of leather cords that you’ll come across with are the round and flat leather cords.


But which among them is the best? Read on to find out.


Round Leather Cord

From the name itself, the round leather cord is a round-shaped cord made of leather that’s ideal for bracelets or necklaces. This versatile cord is also available in different texture and finishes such as matte, shiny, and roughened finish. Just like with other types of leather cords, you’ll find the leather cords in different colors. This durable stringing material can be used in heavy bracelet components such as beads, charms, and other heavier components. It’s ideal for making unisex necklaces or bracelets. A lot of times, the round leather cords are combined with metal cord ends to create a rustic look.


Here are the best features of the round leather cord:


  • Available in different textures and finishes.
  • Could fit with different types of metal cord ends.
  • Made of thick and strong leather material.
  • Ideal for making unisex jewelry pieces.


Flat Leather Cord

The flat leather cord is more common for bracelets and necklaces. As the name implies, this cord is flat, which makes wearing it more comfortable. Just like the round leather cord, the flat leather cord is also used in making unisex jewelry pieces. It’s perfect for creating accessories that are bohemian-inspired and ideal for people who love the outdoors. The flat leather cord can be used for simple stringing DIY projects and it’s sometimes attached with metal cord ends for a more stylish look and a more secure finish.


Here are its best features:


  • Ideal for making DIY unisex jewelry pieces.
  • Gives off a stylish and natural, rustic look.
  • Can fit different kinds of cord ends.
  • Versatile material that can be used for bracelets, necklaces, and different arts and craft projects.


Which Leather Cord is Better?

Both the flat leather cord and round leather cord are great for making bracelets or necklaces. The choice will mainly depend on your personal preferences and the style that you want for your bracelet. Unleash your creative side and incorporate this into the design of the bracelet or necklace that you are making. Keep in mind that your choices are not only limited to flat or round leather cords. There are several other leather cords out there, such as the braided leather cord, microfiber cord, suede cord, and many more! The choice will mainly depend on your personal preferences. For a more stylish design, consider combining both flat and round leather cords.



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