Fun Fact about Lava Beads

Fun Fact about Lava Beads

Many people believe that certain gems and stones emit energy. Others believe that surrounding yourself with crystals can affect your life. Similarly, a lot of people use rocks for their calming properties. Lava Rock Beads have an intimidating name but they are actually used in certain types of therapies. Keep reading to find out more about these rocks!

What exactly are lava beads?

Lava Rock Beads are cooled magma. When the hot red volcano erupts, a lot of mineral rocks are exposed to the surface of the Earth in the form of magma. When Basalt, an igneous rock that is a part of this magma, cools down, it forms a sponge like structure. This is basically what lava beads are. They are porous and colored black. Lava beads are super light in weight.

Why are some lava stone beads waxed?

Of course, when the magma cools down, you don’t get piles of perfectly round lava beads. The cooled rocks are extracted and treated to reach their final stage which varies depending on the use of the stones. Lava stone beads are famously used for jewelry and aromatherapy. For this purpose, the Basalt is shaped in a round shape since that is the most convenient. As previously mentioned, these beads are porous. To eliminate the roughness, they are waxed.

What’s the difference?

Lava beads are most commonly known for their aromatherapy. This feature us dependent on the quality of diffusion of the rock. Waxed lava beads retain their essential oils for a longer time period since wax doesn’t diffuse. However, beads that aren’t waxed will lose their oils within a few hours of exposure. Along with that, waxed beads are more comfortable to wear as jewelry.

How can lava stones be used as aromatherapy essential oil diffuser?

Essential oils have gained a lot of exposure recently. People have become more aware of the numerous benefits of these oils. One of the uses is aromatherapy in which the oils are diffused in the air. When the people around inhale these oils, they avail the benefits without much hassle. Lava beads are a great source to perform this therapy. You can simply put 3 to 4 drops of your favorite essential oil on the lava bead. It will absorb within a few minutes and keep diffusing in the air later.

What is Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser Jewelry?

Aromatherapy oil diffuser jewelry is what aids the process of diffusion of the essential oils. The aforementioned process is very easy to follow. The only issue is, where would you keep the soaked lava beads? A simple solution to this is using lava bead jewelry. You can wear the beads as a pendant or a bracelet. We offer an 8mm bracelet with around 40 beads that can be soaked with the oil. Just make sure your skin isn’t allergic to the oil that you use. Also, let the oils completely soak in or else, you could stain your clothes. Click Here to Purchase our bracelet on Amazon and make the most of this process!


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