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Like most body piercing there is no legal age restriction. Thus when come to how young children can get ears pierced, the decision is up to their parents. Generally, we do not advice piercing an infant for one simple reason. She or he has not built immune strong enough to fight an infection, if it occurs.

Basically the age when you can pierce a baby’s ears safely is around 6 months, but carrying out the piercing at such a young age has been a debate between two side of parents. “Babies wearing earrings might be cute, but why don’t you let the child to have a say?” Parents suggest ear piercing for child only at late stage, around 9 or 10 years old, when they are old enough to understand the process and take responsibility for keeping their ears and the new studs clean. Arguments for ear piercings at a young age is that babies can’t localize pain, plus they are not big enough to fiddle the studs actually helps healing.


Regardless which side you are on in this debate, these are few things good to keep in mind when your children have their ears pierced –

  • Piercing should be done by professional piercers, hand washed and gloved. All equipment should be sterilized. Aftercare for piercing should be explained and provided in writing.
  • Starter jewelry should come in sterile packaging. Some families may have their traditional starter jewelry, in this case the starter jewelry needs to be sterilized.
  • Aftercare for piercing requires extra care and hygiene. Clean the area regularly twice a day using saltwater solution. Hands should be always clean and dry before touching the ear.
  • Be aware of signs of infection like swelling and redness in the area of the ears. In case of an infection, remove the earrings and clear the area. Visit doctor if the symptoms continuous.
  • Avoid swimming until the piercing wound has properly healed.